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Battlefront will be supporting the Hobby League with regular prizes for gamers who share their Hobby League photos to Instagram and Facebook.
Battlefront Instagram
Battlefront Facebook Page
tag @battlefrontminiatures and use the #HobbyLeague hashtag. Visit our Facebook page, and post your photos to our Woobox to enter
During the league, three winners on Instagram and three winners on Facebook will be randomly selected each month to win the following awesome prize! • a Flames Of War double-sided Mat (4'/120cm x 6'/180cm), • D-Day Landing Terrain Set, and • their choice of either D-Day Landing Craft or D-Day Beach Bunkers.

Hobby League First Month Winners!
Congratulations to the winners of our first month of Hobby League competition! We will be running a new competition starting next week for the second month of Hobby League and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s armies grow to 75 points!

Winners- contact [email protected], everyone else get ready to enter month two!

  Facebook Winners  
D P Ward Gareth Birierly Andrew Schylock
Woobox Winners Woobox Winners Woobox Winners

  Instagram Winners  
Estaliacordoba Gufxeno  Woodygk3164
Instagram Winners Instagram Winners Instagram Winners
The Cavalry Annihilate!

The Cavalry Annihilate!
My Cavalry Squadron’s light tank company took the field again. This time their spearhead seems to have taken them a little far eastward — all the way to the Russian Front to face Cameron’s Soviet Hero T-34 Tank Battalion.For this battle, even though we were playing with just 50 points, I swapped out some of my first 50 points for the next batch on the painting table. I thought that my M5 Stuarts would find it a bit difficult to hurt anything he had other than the T70s, so I brought along a platoon of M10 tank destroyers, and one of  M8 cavalry recon in place of a platoon of M5 Stuarts and the M8 assault guns.

The Cavalry Annihilate...

Hobby League US
The US has jumped onboard and is running their own Hobby League! Read about what they are planning for their Hobby League forces in the link below.

Hobby League US...

Hobby League Malaysia
We’ve started our own hobby league for the Malaysia office. Don’t want UK and NZ to have all the fun! There’s six people joining this league so far. Check out some pictures of what we've done so far in the link below.

Hobby League Malaysia Introduction...

Click here to view Alex's Hobby League Progress Click here to view Andrew's Hobby League Progress Click here to view Ashleigh's Hobby League Progress Click here to view Cameron's Hobby League Progress
Click here to view Luke's Hobby League Progress Click here to view Patch's Hobby League Progress Click here to view Phil's Hobby League Progress
The Hobby League is a great way to create a community that plays and enjoys Flames Of War! Watch Andrew explain how you can win multiple prizes and hold Flames Of War tournaments in your local hobby stores, ready for the OnTableTop Global Campaign!
Click here to view Alex's Hobby League Progress

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