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Chris's Hobby League

Chris's Hobby League
Despite ‘cheating’ and already painting my US Airborne around Easter in anticipation for the US DDAY book, I felt something else was needed. Leaving my much-loved Airborne  to one side, I took up the mantle of US Armored Commander and set to work on my Sherman Company.

My first 50pts was the Sherman 75mm and Sherman 76mm, before tying the whole force together for 100pts with the support choices of M12 and Sherman 105mm. Now time for my first game!

Week 2
It has been a week of ups and downs. From managing to get a platoon of x4 Sherman 105mm tanks finished in a rather striking Brown and Green Two-tone camo, as well as assembling and putting together x2 M12 155mm Artillery pieces, I managed to lose a game with my Paratroops against Tim Adcock’s Britsh (Polish 1st Army) armoured. However I have managed to take some learnings away from that game, and later this week I want to try out the Shot In The Dark Mission from the American D-Day book to see how my Paratroopers really work as an ‘against all the odds’ force. Still all this gaming (3rd loss in a row) means I am prime candidate for the wooden spoon, though my achievements are stacking up so I might have a slight tactical advantage if I plan this carefully.

Chris's Hobby League

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