Vietnam Missions

Veitnam Missions Vietnam Missions

Tour of Duty, Battlefront’s new book on the Vietnam War, includes eight missions tailored specifically for Vietnam, but these aren’t the only missions available. The standard missions from the Flames Of War rulebook are equally applicable to Vietnam, along with special missions and scenarios you develop for your own games.
This document contains the missions from the Flames Of War rulebook, modified to make them easier to use in Vietnam.They have had the Guerilla Reserves special rule added, the victory conditions adjusted, and other small changes that help Vietnam War gamers. You’ll notice that these missions don’t use the Fire Support Base special rules by default. This gives you the choice as to whether you want to have your artillery on the table in classic Flames Of War style, or whether you want to keep your artillery safe off table. Discuss which option you prefer with your opponent and adjust the mission to suit your preferences.

Happy gaming, and enjoy your tour of duty!

~ Phil.

Download a PDF version of the Vietnam missions here...

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