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Welcome to the Stores section of the Flames Of War website. Here you can find your local store or find out how to add your store to our locator.

Are you a customer looking to find a FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store)?

On the left you will find our Store Locator which will help you track down your local gaming store. There are two ways to use this.

1. Using the Store Locations (top left) you can select your part of the world down to a region, country, or even state and hit the search button to see a list of stores.

2. Go straight to the Store Locator (bottom left), type in a store name or location and hit "go".

You will see a list of stores that fit your search criteria, click on them to see more information about the store including contact information, address and even what events are happening in their store.

Or are you an FLGS looking to add your details to the database?

Click here to find out how...

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