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Our site lets you set up your Club login and club locator entry. Just register like a normal user, but keep in mind your details will be displayed as your Club details in the Club locator.

So keep in mind:

  • The Address should be the location of your Club meetings.
  • Username: is your login.
  • First and Last Names: are the club representative
  • Display Name: Your Club’s name.
  • Email Address: Your Club’s contact email address (this will be displayed in the Club locator).

Once Registered you can request to become a Club through your “My Profile” page. One of our team will contact you if any additional information is required.

Once you have been approved as a Club you’ll be able to add additional information about your club to your profile through the “Manage Profile” link.

You may like to consider setting up a separate registration for your personal use.

If you'd like to add a photo or further details you can use the HTML editor. These will appear on the left of your Club Locator entry.

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