About Us  


Battlefront Miniatures Limited is a New Zealand company which manufactures 1:100 (15mm) Scale models and miniatures from World War II for wargaming and collecting.

The Flames Of War WWII range includes tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, artillery and anti-tank guns, infantry and support weapons for eight nations: Germany, the USSR, The United States of America, Great Britain, Italy, France, Hungary, Finland, Romania and Poland. The range currently consists of hundreds of vehicle, infantry and gun packs and is constantly expanding. It will include other nationalities in the future.

Our vehicles are unique in that they are made of two mediums. The hulls are cast in polyester resin, which gives a sharp attention to detail, while more delicate components are cast in white metal to provide robustness. This allows you to easily and quickly construct your army in readiness for many future battles. Models assemble using Superglue or a two-part Epoxy Resin glue. They paint up well with any easily available model paint range.

Flames Of War is our WWII miniature game. You command a company level force in Europe or North Africa, re-creating actual battles, or fighting missions verses other Flames of War armies. There is always a new challenge behind the next hedgerow!

We take pride in the quality of our products and constantly research accuracy. We are committed to giving you the most detailed range of scale WWII models on the market. We aim to bring alive the atmosphere of one of the greatest conflicts of the 20th century.