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Andrew Vs Cameron- 50 Point Battlereport

Andrew vs Cameron- 50 Point Battle Report
with Andrew & Cameron

This week Cameron and I had a 50 point game. This was Cameron’s first game of Flames Of War so we didn’t play super competitively, focussing more on playing a learning game. I started off going over the basics with Cameron; Movement, Movement Orders, and shooting rules.

In the game we hit most of the core game concepts, Moving, Shooting, Assaulting, Bailing out and back in, Pinning and Rallying. The game had lots of close calls and it was a really good learning game. The only major rules we didn’t go over were Planes and Artillery but we can cover that in the next game once Cameron has his rockets put together.

For our game we picked a simple mission that had reserves. We went with Cornered as it is a simple mission and it meant that Cameron only had to focus on attacking one corner of the game board. The game started heavily in Cameron’s favor, he was moving in and I was trying to figure out how to deal with all his tanks! I got some lucky shoots off with my 155mm artillery taking out two KV-1s before they were taken out, this gave my army a bit more hope as the KV-1s were my hardest to kill targets. After my heavy artillery was taken out, Cameron’s tanks started laying in the hurt. I thought the game was going to be a quick victory for Cameron when he went to assault my sole survivors on the outermost objective, I only had one bazooka left in that unit and my closest infantry platoon was a turn away from reinforcing the objective. I got lucky, my single bazooka was able to fend off two tank assaults killing three tanks and surviving.

Andrew Vs Cameron- 50 Point Battlereport Andrew Vs Cameron- 50 Point Battlereport

After that it was a gun fight, I ran my infantry through buildings to get my Bazookas in range and started taking pot shots. Cameron stood still and started laying into my infantry but it was slow going and he had to keep close to the objective to stop me from winning. It looked like it was going to be a long stalemate, so I decided to move closer, moving 4 bazooka teams in the most forward building they could get to. In the end it was those bazooka teams taking out 3 tanks in one turn that secure me the victory. Hard fought game, lots of fun.

Andrew’s 29th 50 point Army List
Assault Company HQ 
Assault Boat Section 
Assault Boat Section 
Assault Boat Section 
Assault Boat Section 

M12 155 Artillery Battery (4 Guns) 

And that is the first game done!

Andrew Vs Cameron- 50 Point Battlereport

My Soviet force went head to head with Andrew's Americans in a mission of "Cornered" where I had to push his forces back from either of the two objectives and hold them. 

The game started off well, with my KV-1s supported by my T34s leading the assault on the closest objective from just across the river. Even the arrival of Andrew’s artillery pieces which had been waiting in ambush was dealt with quickly by some lucky dice rolls.

While the main bulk of my for

ce kept the infantry pinned down around the objective, I had my T70 unit head around the back to push from behind at the second objective, which did well with some early kills as they advanced.

And then it all started to fall apart. The arrival of Andrew's reserves made me decide to push forward my tanks and try an assault to get to the objective. His infantry managed to hold the line and take out more tanks than I expected. While my T70s lost their initial string of good luck and their attack stalled.

Andrew Vs Cameron- 50 Point Battlereport Andrew Vs Cameron- 50 Point Battlereport

The next few turns was a constant back and forth between my remaining tanks and Andrew's bazooka teams holed up in the village buildings, with both of us too close to the objective to declare a winner.

This changed when the stalemate broke and Andrew managed to take out three tanks in just one turn, successfully clearing the objective and winning the game.

I learnt a lot about the rules and I'm excited to head back to the board more prepared for the next Hobby League game!

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Last Updated On Friday, August 30, 2019