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Gareth's Hobby League

Xander's Hobby League
I’ve got about 50 points of tanks built and painted and I’m working on getting some infantry now done. I’ve built and painted up some half tracks, just need to make the actual soldiers now. Finally, I’ve played 3 games with my 50 points, won 2 lost 1. Very happy with my pole position for both painting and achievements on the tracker

Xander's Hobby League

Xander's Hobby League

Currently I'm playing a game against Dan with his Americans. He has had some lucky roles with his artillery and has pinned my panzer 4s with his Stuarts. Also there is a bit of a stale mate between his up gunned Shermans and my Tigers. 

I also have a game on hold with Kem its been an interesting one with a lot more manoeuvring for position and not too many shots fired yet. Kem did get a good save on his Tiger's side armour rolling 2 6s to save it from harm. As for building, my entire 100 points are now done. My list now consists of 5 panzer 4s, 2 of them being my HQ. 4 Tigers, 4 Half tracks with full complement of infantr,y 2 battle flights and, 2 8.8cm AA guns. I have all my Tigers painted now and I've started on the infantry.

Kem V Xander

Kem V Xander 2

I’ve got a lot of things built this week – including some HS129 planes. But it dawned on me that I am behind on painting when I totted up my 100pt FE German Force. I am loving taking a Fortress Europe list to access the support slot of planes, and then take a support formation from German DDAY so that I can get some StuGs onto the table. And when the Fallschrimjager arrive in the warehouse I will be grabbing some of those to ensure that I have another option when putting together some lists for games

Last Updated On Friday, September 27, 2019