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This week for my British Armoured Force, I have been feverishly pouring over colour plates to see what insignia and markings my Churchill tanks would have had applied by 1944.

 This means that although all my tanks are built and undercoated, I’ve stalled slightly in adding washes and decals! However I am still confident in my list and have managed to squeeze 5 Churchills and an M10 support into my 50pts. It might be armour heavy, and I might need to add in a Motor Rifle platoon, but for now I am confident that I can destroy the various German Panzers arrayed before me.

 This week will be getting a game in versus Matt Sulley to learn the rules, and making a decision on what division to put on my tanks, so I can get them washed and highlighted
Chris's Hobby League

Having a major organ removed this week (no jokes) has not deterred our young lass from Nottingham. She has been seen to actually wash her Churchills and has been furiously highlighting them in anticipation of a long awaited game versus Matt ‘Overlord’ Sulley to teach her how to play. As Laura has never played Flames Of War and is a complete newbie to the hobby as well, she is trusting that Matt shows her the right way to roll those dice…

I’ve got myself some Brit infantry as the Churchill swarm list is quite unwieldy and I’ve been struggling to get all of them painted as it is a serious grind to do 16 tanks worth of details, highlighting and tracks. However, the infantry are a breeze from the British Army Deal for Fortress Europe and I am having a blast painting all the details on the uniforms. It’s been quite interesting learning about PIATs and what they were used for in the war, and what they mean in gaming terms to pay the extra points for more more more!

Last Updated On Friday, September 27, 2019