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Kem's Hobby League

Kem's Hobby League
I’m new to 15mm gaming and have never put a model together in my life. So I am on a steep upwards curve learning what guns go on what tanks and trying to make sure everything is correct for the army lists. But I have managed to stick together the whole of the German Army Deal already and it is now ready for painting. My plan is to jump start on the painting all at once rather than piecemeal.

Kem's Hobby League

As a person not only new to Flames Of War but also to wargames in general, I feel like I’m finally starting to find my feet in terms of playing the game and also towards building my miniatures. I played a nail-biting German v German game with Xander, consisting of tense, panzer on panzer action, blitzing tigers and some outrageous double 6 rolls! I am now building further on my squad and getting some Stugs assembled, looking forward to my next battle!

Xander vs Kamba

This week I’ve focused on building more units for my army. I’ve built a few StuGs now to add to my Panzer IV list, and need to build some more of my troops so I can have more of a diverse fighting force. I am looking forward to having my next game so I can try out my growing army. Going well so far with nearly 90 points ready for battle, but the troops are scaring me as I’ve never built or painted any models before this Hobby League and so it is all a learning curve for me!

Xander and Kemba playing a game Xander and Kemba playing a game

Last Updated On Friday, September 27, 2019