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Tim A.s Hobby League

Tim A.'s Hobby League

I am completing a British Armoured Force around the Polish 1st Army for the end of the War. Currently I have completed my M10 Achilles and some support choices as I am still putting Churchills and Armoured Cars together. My plan is to keep adding to the army when the British book comes out in February, but for the meantime I will defeat the Huns with my Army in Exile


Tim A.s Hobby League

Tim A.s Hobby League

Tim managed to get several Lunchtime games in this week and there is a definite rumour of some sneaky list-building ideas around spearhead and batteries (plural) of 25pdrs to bring devastation to the enemy. Also I have spied some M10s on his desk that are getting a very distinctive paint job. The man himself is not available for comment so it is all speculation at this point!

Still working on my plucky Brits, although I have been distracted by building an Egyptian list for Fate Of A Nation. Also work has sucked up a lot of my time and so the painting queue has lengthened. However, I plan on getting a game vs. Matt Sulley soon so he can test out his German list.

Tim's Week 2 Army

Last Updated On Friday, September 27, 2019