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Ashleigh's Hobby League

Ashleigh's Hobby League
Hi, I’m Ash and I’ve never played Flames of War before! I decided I wanted to play a British force - mostly because when I was flicking through the Fortress Europe book I liked their introduction the most. So far I’ve made a few Stuarts, I’ll make some Shermans next. For my 50pt list, I’ve decided to take some Shermans, a Firefly, Stuart Recce Patrol, Universal Carriers, a couple of M10’s and a few Churchills!

Andrew's Hobby League Andrew's Hobby League

This week I’ve been busy clipping and glueing with a side of some more clipping and glueing, trying to get my first 50pts assembled and ready for painting this weekend. Only 1 more Sherman and 3 more Universal Carriers to go!

Ashleigh's Hobby League

Finally my first 50pts are assembled! This weekend I’m going to get them all undercoated and ready for me to start painting a whole lot of Olive Drab. I wasn’t sure what colours to go for so I’ve decided on using the Colours of War book as a guide to do the British Late-War Armour.

Ashleigh's Hobby League

My first 50pts are all undercoated! I thought I’d use my Stu's as the guinea pigs for learning how to paint tanks and I’m stoked with how they turned out. I’ve got a goal for this weekend and next week to paint up my Shermans and Churchills so my Stuarts have some more green buddies.

I haven’t quite met my goal of getting all my Shermans and Churchills painted this week but the production line has well and truly begun! I need to finish up some details on my Churchills and that will be another 12 points I can tick off my line on the Hobby League board. My Shermans and Firefly I’m definitely going to finish this weekend for my first ever game next week! Poor M10s and Universal Carriers will just have to stay black for now.


Ashleigh's Hobby League 
Ashleigh's British Armour

Ashleigh's Hobby League 
This week was the week to start assembling the next 25 points - I’ve started with the Rifle Platoon, just another 3 bases to do before they’re done. I spent way too long picking and choosing from the different poses to make up the teams but in the end I think they’ll look pretty cool!

Ashleigh's Hobby League

After last weeks loss to Phil, today was another loss to Andrew versing his Americans - borrowing dice seems to be unlucky for me?! Nevermind, on to the next 25 points for Hobby League. Adding on to my 50 pts of tanks, I’ve decided on a 25 pdr Field Troop (2 x 25 pdr guns) for 7 pts, a Rifle Platoon (7 x Bren Gun & SMLE rifle teams, 1 x PIAT anti-tank, 1 x 2-inch mortar) for 10 points and lastly a Motor Platoon (4 x Bren Gun team, 1 x PIAT anti-tank, 1 x 2-inch mortar) for 7 pts! I’ve got a little more painting to do on my M10’s and Carriers so I’m going to finish that up this weekend ready to start the next lot of assemblies.

While I’m still assembling a Motor Platoon and some 25 pdrs, I’ve started to look at how I want to paint them. Flicking through the Colours of War book, there was some options for how the infantry looked so I’ve decided that I’ll keep in theme with Late War and follow this example! Secretly I quite like painting infantry so I’m hoping to do a bit of a production line this weekend to get what I can painted up for next week.

British Late War Rifleman

You know what’s a real pest? When your undercoat doesn’t arrive in time! I was hoping to have everything all pretty and painted but it’s not looking like that’s going to work out this week. My Motor Platoon, Rifle Platoon and 25 pdr Field Troop are all glued and assembled at any rate.

For my first 50pts, I thought I was being very clever taking all tanks - though I found out they didn’t fare very well against Andrew’s infantry (was it just bad dice? I’ll never know). I figured for my next 25pts that I’d take a leaf out of his book and see how infantry worked out for me. Rifling through the British section of the Fortress Europe book, it sounds like I’ve got a good shot next time I play, they’ve got a bonus in both Assault and Counterattack so they might have a chance against other infantry and (hopefully!) they won’t run away so easily!

The painting production line has started on the infantry! I’m already having small amounts of regret about having already glued them to the bases but oh well. I’ve painted all the skin tone with Iraqi Sand and I’m in the middle of hacking away at all the uniforms in English Uniform. They don’t look terribly fancy just yet but when I add the greens and detail-y colours, drown them in some wash to bring out all the little details again I think they’re going to look great!

I played a quick 50pt game on Monday - it was a little bit of the blind leading the blind because my opponent hadn’t ever played before and I had a grand total of 2 games in my repertoire, so we did a lot of looking back into the rulebook to see if we were playing it right. My idea of bringing some infantry instead of all tanks really helped, whether or not that was just because we were both newbie players or if it actually was a great plan is probably up for debate. Up next while I hustle to finish these 25pts, I’m going to have to start thinking about the next 25 to get me up to a 100pt army.

Ashleigh's Hobby League

I’ve been racing to finish painting up my Motor and Rifle Platoon, I’m quite proud of them! I had done the bases with just green flock but they ended up looking a bit like they were all on a cricket pitch rather then…say…on a battlefield, so I subbed in a little bit of dead grass on their bases. Hopefully it did the trick? I still have the 25pdrs to paint to round off this 25pts but 66pts painted so far isn’t bad.
Last night, I stayed behind with the boys for a lil hobby night at work, I made a small start on assembling my final 25pts - a whole bunch of friendly neighbourhood Shermans.

Ashleigh's Hobby League

Ashleigh's Hobby League

Last Updated On Friday, October 18, 2019