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Zul's Army

Soviet Surge 
with Zulhadzrin

When I chose the Soviet starter set, it never crossed my mind that the Soviets will have a lot of tanks to assemble and paint. Honestly, I chose it because it had no infantry teams. Being new to wargaming I thought that painting tanks would be easier compared to infantry teams. Initially, I was planning to build my formation literally based on the Soviet starter set box.

But 18 tanks and 4 trucks came to only 66 points! I still needed to come up with 34 points. Soviets to my surprise have pretty cheap units compared to other nations.

Because of that, Khairul suggested to tweak my list.  He introduced me to Forces of War, which easily allowed me to explore units available to the Soviets and create a new formation. It is very convenient and easy to use! Perfect list building tool for a beginner. 

Zul's List

Currently, I have completed assembling all the tanks needed for my 100 points list. Up next is the painting process. I’ve only painted 35 points so far. The best units I have in my list are T-34 (85mm), SU-85 Tank-killer Battery and SU-152 Heavy SP Battery. These are the key units that have helped me a lot in the matches I have played so far.
These are the tank units that I have painted so far (35 points)

Zul's Tanks 
Zul's tanks Zul's Tanks
And this will be my 100 points formation. 27 tanks in total. Quantity has a quality of its own!
Zul's Full Force Zul's Full Force

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Last Updated On Friday, October 18, 2019