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Kampfgruppe Khairul

Kampfgruppe Khairul
With Khairul

When I first saw the units available in this box I just knew I had to paint it up. 5 panzer IVHs, 2 Tigers, 3 StuGs, an armoured panzer grenadier platoon, 2 8.8 guns and a Nebelwefer battery. Did I mention 2 Tigers…This box has a good mix of everything, the best Late War Starter Force in my opinion.

I decided to try something different when painting this force. I wanted it to immediately catch attention by using brighter colours, less emphasis on realism but more on a cartoony effect.  I wanted it to pop when it’s on the table waiting to annihilate my opponents with style. 

To achieve this I decided not to use any washes on the vehicles. And to brighten the models I carefully painted lines on surface edges. Am very happy with how everything turned up. 

I present to you Kampfgruppe Khairul!

Kampfgruppe Khairul Kampfgruppe Khairul

X 4 Panzer IV. The Starter Box comes with only 3 panzer IVs. I added another one to complete a 50 points list. HQ of 2 panzer IVs, a platoon of 4 panzer IVs and 3 StuGs 7.5cm completes a 50 points list of nine teams shooting at AT9 and FP 3+. Show me those Shermans!!

Kampfgruppe Khairul Kampfgruppe Khairul
Kampfgruppe Khairul Kampfgruppe Khairul

The force so far:

Kampfgruppe Khairul
All that’s left is to paint the 10 infantry teams and 4 halftracks.

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Last Updated On Friday, September 6, 2019