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Avanti: Italian Forces In North Africa 1942-43

 Churchill Tank Deployed

Armoured Fist: Churchill Tanks Deployed

This is going to be another amazing year for Mid War players with the much anticipated release of Avanti next month where M14/41 tanks and Semovente SP guns will return to the battlefield.

In April our British players will be able to reinforce their armies with impressive Churchill, as well as Valentines, Shermans and Priests thanks to the release of Armoured Fist.

Later this year we will also be turning our attention to the Eastern Front as the skilful German army goes head to head with the might of Mother Russia!

Armoured Fist: Churchill Tanks Deployed... 

Battlefront UK Open Day
June 30th 2018 Cleve Lodge, Long Eaton, Derbyshire NG10, UK.

Come and meet the team, have a look behind the scenes, find out what we have been working on, as well as playing some of our games. From Team Yankee to Doctor Who, it will all be there to check out.

We are currently working on a detailed schedule of events so hold on for more info.

Show Stall

Join Peter, John-Paul, John Matthews and the rest of our UK office for a day of fun. We will even have some fantastic swag for attendees so make sure you book your leave passes now!

Battlefront UK Open Day..

Avanti: Italian Forces In North Africa 1942-43

Avanti Pre-orders Now Open
The Italians learned about modern warfare the hard way in 1940. Now they are back, showing the world what the Italian soldier can do. Fighting under the famous ‘Desert Fox’, General Rommel, they form a crucial part of the Italian-German Panzer Army. Tough, determined, skilled, and aggressive veterans, the Italians broke through the British Gazala Line to save the trapped German Afrika Korps, held the line at El Alamein, and opened the way at Kasserine Pass, before holding up the American offensive at El Guettar. Fight or die for the new Roman Empire!

Avanti Pre-orders Now Open...

LAV Platoon (Plastic) (TUBX16) 

LAV Platoon (Plastic)
The Light Armoured Vehicle, or LAV, is one of the newest vehicles in the Marine Corps’ arsenal. Based on the Swiss MOWAG Piranha and built by General Motors in Canada, this vehicle offers the Marines a fast, highly mobile reconnaissance and light fire support vehicle.

Introduced in 1983, the Marine Corps have organised a number of light armoured vehicle battalions equipped with the LAV and assigned to the Marine divisions. Each battalion has four light armoured vehicle companies equipped with LAV-25, LAV-AT and LAV-M vehicles.

LAV Platoon (TUBX16)...

AAVP-7 Platoon
The AAVP7 (Assault Amphibious Vehicle, Personnel Mark 7) is a fully tracked amphibious landing vehicle used by the assault amphibian battalions to land the infantry assault elements and equipment during amphibious operation. They can also conduct mechanized operations ashore.

 AAVP-7 Platoon (TUBX15)...

AAVP-7 Platoon (TUBX15) 
M551 Sheridan Tank Platoon (TUBX17)

M551 Sheridan Tank Platoon
The M551 Sheridan Armored Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicle, or ARAAV, is fitted with the M81 dual-purpose gun/missile launcher. It can fire conventional HEAT antitank ammunition for shorter range targets, or the MGM51 Shillelagh (pronounced shil-laylee) anti-tank guided missile, which was more effective at longer ranges.

M551 Sheridan Tank (TUBX17)...

Many key battles can take place around or on roads. An overpass provides a unique set of advantages for a commander, providing cover below at the sides and high ground of the bridge from which to fire upon the enemy.

Overpass (B233)...

Overpass (BB233) 

No Dice, No Glory

AVANTI SAVOIA! Italians vs DAK Free-for-All 71pts
Dennis over on No Dice, No Glory have done a battle report with the new Italians. The game is 71 points with the opponent being the Afrika Korps. Check out which of these armies came out on top.

AVANTI SAVOIA! Italians vs DAK Free-for-All 71pts...

Italians in Mid War: AVANTI Reviewed and Spoiled...

List Building from Avanti - Damo's Carri Compagnia
Damo at Behind Enemy Lines has done an article about building his Italians using the new Avanti book with a focus and love of Italian tanks!

List Building from Avanti - Damo's Carri Compagnia...

Here Comes Il Duce! BEL Reviews Avanti!...

Behind Enemy Lines

Beasts Of War

Beasts Of War - 3 Colours Up: Flames of War – British Crusader
Beasts Of War does a painting tutorial for our British Crusader tank seen in Desert Rats. Even if you're not painting British mid war tanks there are still plenty of tips and tricks you can apply to just about any painting project so make sure you check it out.

3 Colours Up: Flames of War – British Crusader...

Breakthrough Assault: Italian Forces in North 1942 - 1943
Jersey at Breakthrough Assault team takes a first look at Avanti: Italian Forces in North Africa noting the new special rules and the various formations avalible to our Italian players.

Breakthrough Assault: Italian Forces in North 1942 - 1943...


Breakthrough Assault

UK Battlefront Open Tournament

UK Battlefront Open Tournament 2018 
held 24 - 25 March 2018 at Boards & Swords Store, 3 Jubilee Parkway, Jubilee Business Park, Stores Road, Derby DE21 4BJ, UK.

Taking place at Swords & Boards is a Flames of War Late-war  tournament. Army lists will be 1780 points and taken from any army from the Armies Of Late-war book. 5 games will be played over the two days with lunch being served on both days.

Flames Of War - Modelling and Painting

Flames Of War Painting and Modeling Facebook
Having seen some of the growth of Flames Of War over the last few years we've decided launch a new Facebook page for Flames Of War just for painting and modeling. 

It's been amazing to see some of the creativity of the community and this gives everyone a great place to share ideas, tips and their projects. Everyone is welcome, from the freshest recruit to the most hardened veterans. Join in today!

Click here to see the Facebook page and join up...

Battlefront Customer Service Update

Battlefront Customer Service Update
During the year we came to realise that we had lost some of the personal side of dealing with our customers as we became overly reliant on technology and systems, that as good as they can be still are never quite the same as having a real person to help you out.

This led us to evaluate our customer service and direct ordering systems so we decided to take a step forward by taking a step back and put real people in the mix again. Starting immediately we will now have dedicated staff, before this was handled by the entire warehouse team, whose sole job it is to handle your orders and your customer service issues.

For more details go here...

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition
Last Updated 28 September 2017
A new rules set always results in questions about how the finer points of the game should work so Lessons From The Front is the place to go to find answers to some of the harder questions.

This latest update includes a number of recent questions from the forums as well as the updates from Early and Late War Update.

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition

Lessons From The Front: V4 (6 pages; .pdf; 445KB)...
Lessons From The Front: V4 - Printer Friendly (6 pages; .pdf; 338KB)...

Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war (16 pages; .pdf; 1.4MB)...
Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war - Printer Friendly (16 pages; .pdf; 1.2MB)...

Job Opportunity at Battlefront Maryland

The Battlefront Team Needs You!
The Battlefront Group are looking for new team members in both the American and European offices. If you think you have what it takes to join a fast paced dynamic company then have a look at the roles available below:

  • Customer Service Representative / Direct Sales (USA)
  • Account Manager (USA)
  • Account Manager (Europe)

For more information and contact details click here...

Battle Rankings
Battle Rankings is a new site that has started up that is dedicated to our events and tournament scene for Flames Of War and Team Yankee. There are sections for News, Community, resources for organizsers as well as the rankings themselves. 

Click here to visit Battle Rankings...


Battle Rankings

International Warlords Challenge 2018 Brussel

International Warlords Challenge 2018 Brussel
held 20 - 21 January 2018 at Mandela Room, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Boulevard De La Plaine, Entrance 13, B1050 Ixelles, Belgium.
players can now register online for the next Team Yankee and Flames Of War tournaments in Brussels in January 2018. Forpoints totals it's 85 points for Team Yankee and 1650 Points Late war for Flames Of War.

Flames Of War Players Event info here...

Team Yankee Players Event info here...

ValleyCon 2018 - Upper Hutt (NZ)
held 27 -28 January 2018 at Expressions Art and Entertainment Centre, Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt.
The Hutt Miniatures Wargames Club is hosting a Flames of War Tournament to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Games will be with V4 Mid War armies using the new campaign books - Desert Rats, Afrika Korps, Fighting First and Avanti. Army lists will be 80 points and playing six rounds. Find out all details in the links below.

Hutt Miniatures Wargames Club Event Page
ValleyCon 2018 forum thread

ValleyCon 2018

Grand Tournament 2018

Russian Grand Tournament 2018
held 3 - 4 March 2018 at Geek Wars Store, 5-y Monetchikovskiy per., 3?1, Moscow 115054, Russian Federation.
Ilya invites Flames of War players to brave the Russian winter. The event will be an Early-war competition open to one and all and will be held at the Geek Wars store in Moscow, the heart of Mother Russia. Thery will be also providing an opportunity to visit the famous Kubinka Tank Museum on the 2nd of March, the day before the tournament starts.

For more information click here...
Or view the forum thread here...

UK Battlefront Open Tournament 2018 
held 24 - 25 March 2018 at Boards & Swords Store, 3 Jubilee Parkway, Jubilee Business Park, Stores Road, Derby DE21 4BJ, UK.
Taking place at Swords & Boards is a Flames of War Late-war  tournament. Army lists will be 1780 points and taken from any army from the Armies Of Late-war book. 5 games will be played over the two days with lunch being served on both days.

More details on the event to follow...

UK Battlefront Open Tournament

Daycon 2018

DayCon Flames of War Tournament
held 7th April 2018 at Rona Banquet Hall, 1043 Rona Parkway. Fairborn, Ohio 45324, USA
Anthony Burger is hosting a Flames Of War Mid War Tournament. Lists will be 100 points with up to two formations with Allied formations allowed. See below for full details of the events and games being played on the day. Get in contact below to get a place.

For more information, website and registration click here...
Daycon Event Facebook page...
Full Flames Of War Tournament Details (word doc)...

Russian Team Yankee Grand Tournament 2018
held 19 - 20 May 2018 atGeek Wars Store, 5-y Monetchikovskiy per., 3?1, Moscow 115054, Russian Federation.
Voevoda club, in collaboration with Battlefront Miniatures, proudly announces the first of its Russian Team Yankee Grand Tournaments. The event will be a competition open to one and all and will be held at the Geek Wars store in Moscow.

It will be 75 points and open to all Team Yankee lists (including those digitally available) without any additional restrictions for army building rules.

Stay up to date with the latest information with the forum thread here...

Grand Tournament 2018

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events? Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Avanti: Italian Forces In North Africa 1942-43

Avanti Forces and Formations
Avanti: Italian Forces in North Africa is our latest book for Flames Of War in our Mid War range. With the coming release and following the same format of Desert Rats and Afrika Korps they use similar formations with a few unique advantages. We’ll be seeing the Formations in the book along with some historical background on the 20th Armoured Corps

Corpo d'Armata Motocorazzato, the 20th Armoured Corps, took a leading part in nearly every battle in the North African Campaign from Gazala to Enfidaville. The core of the formation was the 132nd ‘Ariete’ Armoured Division, the 133rd ‘Littorio’ Armoured Division, and the 101st ‘Trieste’ Motorised Division.

Avanti Forces and Formations...

Getting Started With Fighting First
For a new player starting Flames of War, Patton’s Fighting First offers an ideal gateway to starting a Mid War US force. But once you’ve bought the army box and book, what do you do next? Well this article’s here to give you some suggestions and ideas.

Getting Started With Fighting First...

Getting Started With Fighting First

Game Night Kits

Game Night Organised Play Kits
Flames Of War Game Night Kits are a fun way to spice up your normal casual pick-up games at your local store or club. Each week you will face a new opponent or army-list as you hone your skills and your force. Focus your groups local Flames of War meet ups while competing for with your friends for exclusive rewards.

In each Game Night pack you will find everything you need to support a casual, three-month Flames Of War league in your club or store. During this league, players will collect points that go towards earning the exclusive rewards and prizes included in this pack. The three players who score the most points each month will win a monthly prize and the top three players at the end of the league will earn the overall Game Night prize.

Game Night Kits will be avaliable for purchase from February 2018

Flames Of War Game Night Organised Play Kits...

UK 2017 Grand Tournament Report...

Gaming Reports from Geek Wars in Moscow...

Serbian Early War Event Report...

MOAB 2017 Event Photos...

The Arsenal of Democracy...

Dan's M3 75mm GMC Formation...

The US Army Half-track with Evan...

Changing A Tigers Stripes: Part One...

The Great Patriotic War and Maria Mitrofanova...

Gaming Sidi Bou Zid...

8. Panzerregiment during the Battle of Gazala...

Iron Cross: Torch to Tunisia...

Team Yankee UK GT Report...

Andrew's Fighting First Armored Rifles...

Basing Early and Late-war Forces For 4th Edition...

The Cauldron, 6 June 1942...

Reluctant Conscripts At Derby Worlds Event...

4th Edition Useful Downloads...

Taming The Tiger: How to Deal with a Tiger in Mid War...

Fire Mission: Artillery in 4th Edition...

Battlefront Games Day in Moscow...

Early December (2017) Releases
Armies Of Late War US Unit Cards (FW130U)
Armies Of Late War British Unit Cards (FW130B)
Armies Of Late War German Unit Cards (FW130G)
Armies Of Late War Soviet Unit Cards (FW130S)

Team Yankee December (2017) Releases
Motor Rifle Company (Plastic) (TSBX18)
Motor Rifle Platoon (Plastic) (TSU703)
Motor Rifle Heavy Weapons (Plastic) (TSU706)
Afgantsy Heavy Weapons (Plastic) (TSU727)

Stripes (FW912)
Ryan's Leathernecks Army Deal (Plastic) (TUSAB3)
Marine Tokens Set (22 Tokens) (TTK08)
Rifle Platoon (TUBX13)

IPM1 Abrams Platoon (Plastic) (TUBX08)
M247 Sergeant York AA Platoon (TUBX10)
M48 Chaparral SAM Platoon (TUBX09)
AV-8 Harrier Attack Flight (TUBX12)

Team Yankee Mid January Releases
M60A1 and A3 (Plastic) (TUBX11)
Huey (Plastic) (TUBX07)
HMMWV (Plastic) (TUBX14)
Department Store (BB232)

Team Yankee Late January Releases
LAV-25 (Plastic) (TUBX16)
M551 Sheridan Tank Platoon (TUBX17)
Overpass (BB233)

Chris, Charlie and Luke

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Customer Service...


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