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D-Day: Global Campaign
Score Counter
Global Campaign Final Week! Click Here!

It's the final week of the D-Day: Global Campaign and things are close. Each Sector in the final week is worth 2 points to whichever side controls it at the end of Week 6- and with the two sides only 1 point apart, every point counts to determine the final winner!

Be in to Win
Be sure to post your batte reports over Week 6: On top of our Battle Report of the Week competition, we will also be giving away a Dice and Token set to the author of one battle report each day during Week 6. 

D-Day: Global Campaign Map Week 6

News From The Front

Stars & Stripes: Issue Five

Signal: Issue Five

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Click here to read the LATEST issue of Stars & Stripes! Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Click here to read the LATEST issue of Signal!

Click here to read Stars & Stripes: Issue Five...

Click here to read Signal: Issue Five...

 Click Here To Go To D-Day Global Campaign to Sign Up... 

Battle Report of the Week

Battle Report Of The Week

Escape From The Soviet Bear
Von Doooom

Congratulations to Von Doooom, whose fantastic Soviet battle report wins the Battle Report of the Week competition!

This Report has it all- Mission maps, video, great photographs, and a handsome Soviet Army.

Battle Report Of The Week: Escape From The Soviet Bear...

21st Panzer Spotlight
The 21st Panzer Division is one of the more colourful divisions to fight in the Normandy Campaign. Descended from Rommel's legendary Afrika Korps, they would have attracted attention anyway. On top of this, their equipment with rather unique modified French tanks and half-tracks ensured their lasting interest to wargamers.

While it would have been great to be able to include the division in the D-Day: German book, the fact that little of their equipment actually matched that fielded by any other division made that difficult. Instead, we opted to give them their own booklet and release window highlighting this unusual division and its equipment.

Click here to read the 21st Panzer Spotlight...

21st Panzer Spotlight

21st Panzer Spotlights
Click here to view the Hotchkiss (7.5cm or 10.5cm) Spotlight Click here to view the Lorraine Schlepper Spotlight
Click here to view the Marder II (7.5cm) Tank-Hunter Spotlight Click here to view the Lorraine Schlepper Spotlight
Click here to view the U304(F) Half-track Spotlight Click here to view the Reihenwerfer (8cm) Spotlight
Click here to view the U304(F) Half-track Spotlight Click here to view the Reihenwerfer (8cm) Spotlight
Click here to view the S307(f) (7.5cm) Spotlight
Click here to view the S307(f) (7.5cm) Spotlight

Click here to view the Parachutist Mortar Platoon Spotlight Click here to view the Parachutist 47mm Anti-tank Platoon Spotlight
Click here to view the Parachutist Mortar Platoon Spotlight Click here to view the Parachutist 47mm Anti-tank Platoon Spotlight
Death From Above

In July 1943 the Allies invaded Sicily, and against fierce German and Italian resistance finally fought their way to Messina at the top of the island by August 17. By then the Germans and Italians had skilfully evacuated a large proportion of weapons and men from the island. In the meantime the Italian government had had enough of Mussolini’s war, and his own Fascist Grand Council voted him out of power. After negotiations Italy’s new leader General Badoglio announced the unconditional surrender of Italy to the Allied Powers The Germans immediately took moves to secure Rome for themselves, forcing the Army Comandosupremo to set-up 30km to the east of Rome at Monterotondo in Orsini Castle. 


First Belgian Grand Tournament
The first Belgian GT took place on the 23rd and 24th of November in a unique venue. Located in a over a century old fortress remains, part of the defensive belt around Antwerp ,the GT took place in the clubhouse and private museum of Belgian retired Paratroopers.

First Belgian Grant Tournament...

BGT first place

Flames Of War Digital

Death From Above and All American Now On Flames Of War Digital And Forces
You can now download Death From Above and All American on the Flames Of War Digital App. The Flames Of War Digital App has been designed to allow you to carry all of your Flames Of War and Team Yankee books in one place without having to break your back.

Find out how to get the most from the app here…

Download the app from the iTunes Store here (iPad only)...
Download the app from the Google Play store here...

Death From Above and All American are also now live on Forces. You'll find the Fallschirmjager in Ghost Panzers, the US Paras and Rangers in Fighting First, and the Italian Paras in Avanti.

Click here to head to Forces of War... 

The Big Four Of Late War 
 The Big Four Of Late War

The Big Four On Instagram
Want to keep up with everything as it happens, including all the behind-the-scenes action, then make sure you follow the Big Four Instagram.

See what is on our painting tables each week, let us know what you think of what we are up too, and well as regular competitions! There is always something new and interesting to check out!

Big Four Of Late-War Instagram...

 The Big Four Of Late War
World War III: Team Yankee
World War III: Team Yankee - Pre-orders Now Open
Click here to go to the Pre-order Page for World War III: Team Yankee...

WWIII: Team Yankee Free on Digital

WWIII: Team Yankee Free on Digital
Players who already have a copy of Team Yankee on Flames Of War Digital will be able to download a copy of, WWIII: Team Yankee, for free on the app. 

If you haven’t already got the Flames Of War Digital app on your phone or tablet then now is a great time to get on board with it. All the books in the Flames Of War, WWIII: Team Yankee, ‘Nam, Fate of a Nation, and Great War are available for instant download on the app at a discounted rate from print copies. 

Below you will a link to a step by step guide to upgrading your copy of Team Yankee into World War III: Team Yankee.

WWIII: Team Yankee Free on Digital...

Aces Campaign Survey

Aces Campaign Survey
If you haven’t already, please fill out our Bloody Omaha Aces Campaign survey to let us know how we’re doing with products like these and what you’d like to see in the future.

Click here to take our Aces Campaign Feedback Survey...

WWIII: British Delay
WWIII: Team Yankee version 2 will launch on December 7, 2019. It was initially planned that WWIII: British would be released, along with its accompanying Army Deal, alongside the launch of the WWIII: Team Yankee rulebook. 

Due to issues with the manufacturer of these specific plastic kits, the Challenger and Warrior kits have not been produced to a standard that we are satisfied with and that you have come to expect.

WWIII: British Delay...

Team Yankee 2 British Delay

2019 North American Points and locations

2020 North American Points and Locations
We are pleased to announce our recommended points values for the remaining 2019 tournaments. As usual, final points levels are left up to the TO, and the Battlefront Team does not dictate or change points limits for any tournaments not directly run by Battlefront. Check with your tournament organiser for any information you need. 

Click here to see the 2020 North American Points and Locations...

Battlefront and Battle Rankings Second Annual Toy Drive
This year Battlefront is again proudly supporting Toys For Tots. An excellent cause providing toys for children in need, the Toys For Tots drive is a great way to support those who need it and play a few games.

Battlefront and Battle Rankings Second Annual Toy Drive...

Toys For Tots

Paint All The Minis -  Flames Of War D-Day - The Battle Report

Click here to go to the Battlefront Events Website

Battlefront Events Website
Tournament and Event organisers can now publish their events on a dedicated event calendar that keeps all the fixtures of tournament season in one place. Easy to navigate for those searching for events to attend, events.battlefront.co.nz is designed to allow organisers to share the details of their events on a comprehensive tournament calendar.

Click here to go to the Battlefront Events Website... 

Battlefront Miniatures Beeston Thursday Games Night

Battlefront Miniatures Beeston: Thursday Games Night 
Thursday 1700 to 2200 - Battlefront Miniatures Europe Ltd, Unit 4C Tissington Close, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 6QG, United Kingdom

Every Thursday night, in the hobby club at Battlefront HQ, we hold a games club. There’s a thriving D&D group, and several tables to play any of our games on, Star Trek Ascendancy, Dr Who,  or if you’re a fan of Serenity/Firefly, we’ve got Brigands and Browncoat’s or Firefly the game.If table top gaming is your thing, we’re all about 15mm, with Great War, Team Yankee, Flames of War and ‘Nam and Fate of a NationWe’ve also got a dedicated hobby area where you can build or paint your models, and get advice on modelling tips too.So why not come and join us every Thursday.

Battlefront Miniatures Beeston: Thurday Games Night...

Looking For More Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire website dedicated to tournaments and events, you can use it to find events near you or even sign up to promote your own. check it out.

Battlefront Events Website...
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?

August Releases
Small Pine Wood (BB510)
Small Summer Wood (BB542)
Small Autumn Wood (BB551) 

Cafe (BB201)
European House - Munich (BB159)
European House - Cologne (BB160)

September Releases
Estate House (BB202)
European House - Dresden (BB161)
European House - Dusseldorf (BB162)

October Releases
Clock Tower (BB200)
European House - Falaise (BB153)
European House - Dunkirk (BB154)

November Releases
Municipal Building (BB206)
European House - Antwerp (BB157)
European House - Arnhem (BB158)

Mid War Airborne Forces Releases
All American: A4, Booklet
Death From Above: A4, Booklet

Out Now US
Parachute Rifle Company (Plastic) (UBX64)
Parachute Rifle Platoon (Plastic) (US792)
Parachute 75mm Artillery Battery (Plastic) (UBX66)
Parachute Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (US794)

Out Now German
Fallschirmjager Company (Plastic) (GBX136)
Fallschirmjager Platoon (Plastic) (GE768)
Fallschirmjager Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (GE769)
Fallschirmjager HMG Platoon (Plastic) (GE770)
Fallschirmjager 7.5cm Tank Hunter Platoon (Plastic) (GBX139)

German Releases
Marder II (7.5cm) Tank-hunters (Direct Only) (GE103)
Fallschirmjager 3.7cm Tank-hunter Platoon (Plastic) (Direct Only) (GBX137)
Fallschirmjager 5cm Tank-hunter Platoon (Plastic) (Direct Only) (GE514)
Fallschirmjager 7.5cm Artillery Battery (Direct Only) (GE576)
Fallschirmjager 10.5cm Recoilless Battery (Direct Only) (GE562)
Fallschirmjager 2cm Anti-aircraft Platoon (Direct Only) (GE541)
Fallschirmjager 7.5cm Recoiless Gun (Direct Only) (GSO528)

Italian Releases
Parachutist Platoon (Direct Only) (IT743)
Parachutist Breda MG Platoon (Direct Only) (IT744)
Parachutist Mortar Platoon (Direct Only) (IT745)
Parachutist  47mm Anti-tank Platoon (Direct Only) (IT563)

D-Day 21st Panzer Releases

December Releases
D-Day: 21st Panzer Booklet+Cards (FW268)
Hotchkiss 7.5cm or 10.5cm (Direct Only) (GE127)
U304(F) Halftrack (Direct Only) (GE245)
Reihenwerfer (8cm) (Direct Only) (GE212)
S307(f) 7.5 Gun (Direct Only) (GE214)
Lorraine Schelepper (Direct Only) (GE149)
21st Panzer Token set (x20 Tokens, x2 Objectives (GSO905)

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