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New Plastics Preview
We've received our first 'hot of the tool' shots of the new Flexible Plastic Mid War American infantry and vehicle crews, as well as the Team Yankee Soviet infantry. These new figures look great and we are excited to be able to share these first pictures with you..

New Plastics Preview...

Fighting First

Fighting First

The Arsenal of Democracy
with Ben Polikoff
The Americans have been supplied with the best equipment American industry can provide. Locomotive factories have retooled to produce tanks, and automotive plants have used their industrial expertise to pump out combat aircraft at a record pace. While not an active combatant, the Americans had been watching the developments in the war and theorized what new weapons will best allow their troops, and those of their allies, success against the crack Axis troops they will face. They have been devastatingly effective against the Vichy French troops they have faced so far, but how will they fare against the Desert Fox?

The Arsenal of Democracy...

MOAB 2017 “Baptism of Fire” Event Photos
MOAB (Mother Of All Battles) is one of the iconic events on the Austalian tournament calender and this year the event was no exception. Patrick Williamson shares the results (and pictures) from the weekends gaming with us.

MOAB 2017 Event Photos...

MOAB 2017

Iron Cross

Iron Cross: Torch to Tunisia
Tony Bates shares an event report from the recent Iron Cross: Torch to Tunisia event. He ran a pretty impressive looking event that combined a strategic campaign with a traditional tournament. His report also includes a pretty impressive set of casualty tallies!

Iron Cross: Torch to Tunisia...

Reluctant Conscripts At Derby Worlds
Most Flames of War players in the UK and some in Europe will be familiar with the Reluctant Conscripts through their long running series of competition events and with the running in recent years of the UK FoW GT and the UK Team Yankee GT. Based in and around Nottingham the Reluctant Conscripts have for several years worked alongside Battlefront to promote the game in the UK and had the pleasure of playing at the Battlefront HQ.

Reluctant Conscripts At Derby Worlds Event...

Reluctant Conscripts

Wayne Prepares for FlamesCon 2017
Wayne is heading to Flamescon this weekend for his first Team Yankee tournament. We've all been playing a lot of Team Yankee games recently thanks to the Firestorm Campaign so he is leaving his Soviets at home and preparing his West Germans for battle...

Wayne Prepares for FlamesCon 2017...

Happy Wayne

Apartment Building

Urban Battlefields - Apartment Buildings
This week Chris plays civil engineer in his Team Yankee town and takes a closer look at how one Apartment Building is good, but three (or four) are better!

Urban Battlefields - Apartment Buildings...

And The Winners Are...
We hope that everyone that played games during our Firestorm: Red Thunder had fun and enjoyed their experience. For a few lucky players around the world there were also some amazing Limited Edition prizes for participating and entering their results into the Global Campaign hosted by the team at Beasts Of War.

Firestorm: Red Thunder Prize Winners...

Firestorm Red Thunder

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition
Last Updated 28 September 2017
A new rules set always results in questions about how the finer points of the game should work so Lessons From The Front is the place to go to find answers to some of the harder questions.

This latest update includes a number of recent questions from the forums as well as the updates from Early and Late War Update.

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition

Lessons From The Front: V4 (6 pages; .pdf; 445KB)...
Lessons From The Front: V4 - Printer Friendly (6 pages; .pdf; 338KB)...

Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war (16 pages; .pdf; 1.4MB)...
Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war - Printer Friendly (16 pages; .pdf; 1.2MB)...

More Missions Pack

More Missions Update
Gamers have played many thousands of games since Team Yankee and Version 4 of Flames Of War were released, many of them played using the More Missions packs. With so many games being played, we’ve received lots of useful feedback on how the packs can be improved. After pondering the feedback and suggestions, we’ve made some changes and now we need you help in testing them.

We have an update to the More Missions Pack last week with the addition of the Contact mission as a replacement for Hasty Attack in the Battle Plans, and changed the Minefields entries to cover both Mid War and Early/Late War periods.

More Missions Update with Phil...

The Battlefront Team Needs You!
The Battlefront Group are looking for new team members in both the American and European offices. If you think you have what it takes to join a fast paced dynamic company then have a look at the roles available below:

  • Customer Service Representative / Direct Sales (USA)
  • Account Manager (USA)
  • Account Manager (Europe)
Job Opportunity at Battlefront Maryland

For more information and contact details click here...

M4 Sherman Tank Platoon (Plastic)
The M4 Medium Tank—best known by the nickname ‘Sherman’. Over the course of the war there will be numerous variants, changing the engine and suspension, adding more armour and bigger guns, but all with the same tall, solid shape.

M4 Sherman Tank Platoon (Plastic) (UBX55)...

M4 Sherman Tank Platoon (Plastic) (UBX55)

T28E1 37mm AAA Platoon (UBX61)

T28E1 37mm AAA Platoon
The The T28E1 CGMC (Combination Gun Motor Carriage) was an experimental design to give the armored divisions mobile anti-aircraft support. It featured a 37mm M1 anti-aircraft gun and two Browning .50-calibre machine guns, on a rotating platform, mounted on an M3 half-track chassis. As well as giving armored units their own self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery (AAA or triple-A), the T28E1 can also provide additional infantry support, mowing down soft ground targets.

T28E1 37mm AAA Platoon (UBX61)...

Armored Recon Patrol
Each Armored Recon Platoon has two patrols of four vehicles each. The US Army likes its reconnaissance units to pack a punch. The M3A1 carries three machine-guns—one .50-calibre (12.7mm) and two .30 calibre (7.62 mm) mounted on a sliding rail around the top of the passenger compartment. Before it speeds back to report on enemy positions, it is more than capable of mowing down any enemy infantry caught in the open.

Armored Recon Patrol (UBX59)...

Armored Recon Patrol (UBX59)

P40 Warhawk Fighter Flight (UBX52)

P40 Warhawk Fighter Flight
The Curtiss P-40 is the US Army Air Forces' main fighter-bomber in the North African theatre. It may not be the USAAF’s best fighter—its dogfighting capabilities are outmatched by the Luftwaffe's best fighters—but it is well suited to the ground-attack role, posing a serious threat to both armoured and soft-skinned targets.

P40 Warhawk Fighter Flight (UBX52)...

Ruined Desert Walls
Solid walls are an infantryman's best friend, providing concealment and cover from enemy fire. The Ruined Desert Walls box includes four Tall Ruined Desert Walls, six Ruined Low Desert Wall, one Ruined Tall Gate and one Ruined Well.

Ruined Desert Walls (BB229)...

Ruined Desert Walls (BB229)

2017 Tournament Objective
Otherworldly Sarcophagus
James provides some background and images of the brand new Tournament Objective for 2017. 

2017 Tournament Objective: Otherworldly Sarcophagus...
 2017 Tournament Objective: Otherworldly Sarcophagus

Mid War Nationals at Historicon 2017

New Zealand FlamesCon 2017
held 14 - 15 October 2017 at the Onehunga RSA Club, 57 Prices St, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand.
TCOW, in association with our awesome sponsors, once again present FlamesCon, New
Zealand’s Premiere Flames of War tournament! This year FlamesCon will be playing both Flames Of War Mid War or Team Yankee with 80 point armies.

For more information click here...

UK Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017
held 28 - 30 October 2017 at Battlefield Hobbies, 17 Brunel Close, Daventry NN11 8RB, Northamptonshire, England.
The Reluctant Conscripts, in collaboration with Battlefront Miniatures, are proud to announce the 2017 edition of UK Grand Tournament for Flames Of War. The event will be a Late-war competition open to one and all and will be held at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry, the heart of England.

UK Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017...

UK Flames Of War Grand Tournament 2017

ThreeD6 Games

ACT Grand Tournament 2017 (Aus)
held 11 - 12 November 2017 at Three D6, UNit 6, 38 Reed St North, Greenway (Tuggeranong), ACT, Australia
Three D6 are holding this years ACT Grand Tournament in Australia. Players can register for the event by contacting store@threed6.com.au

This years event will be a V4 Mid War affiar with 100 point forces from Afrika Korps, Desert Rats and Fighting First. Players may have upto 10 points from Command Card upgrades. Contact the store for more information.

ACT Grand Tournament 2017...

Sydney Mid War Grand Tournament 
held 2 - 3 December 2017 at Hall of Heroes, 560 Queen Street, Campbelltown, N.S.W, 2560, Australia
Once again the Hall of Heroes in Campbelltown NSW will be hosting the Sydney Mid War Grand Tournament. Find out all the details of the up coming event by following the links below.

Hall of Heroes event page...
Facebook event page...
2017 Sydney Mid War Grand Tournament forum thread...

Hall of Heroes

Grand Tournament 2018

Russian Grand Tournament 2018
held 3 - 4 March 2018 atGeek Wars Store, 5-y Monetchikovskiy per., 3с1, Moscow 115054, Russian Federation
Ilya invites Flames of War players to brave the Russian winter. The event will be an Early-war competition open to one and all and will be held at the Geek Wars store in Moscow, the heart of Mother Russia. Thery will be also providing an opportunity to visit the famous Kubinka Tank Museum on the 2nd of March, the day before the tournament starts.

For more information click here...
Or view the forum thread here...

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?

Flames Of War and Team Yankee
2017 and beyond

It has been six months since the release of Mid War and the new edition of the game that we would like to give you an update on the projects that the Studio team is working on.

Flames Of War and Team Yankee, 2017 and beyond
Part One...
Part Two...

V4 Rulebook

Fighting First
Your Questions Answered

Over on the Flames Of War Facebook group we asked for your questions about the new book. Thanks you guys we got some great ones so Phil and Chris sat down to discuss them.

Dan's M3 75mm GMC Formation...

The US Army Half-track with Evan...

Canadian Nationals 2017...

Fighting First Plastics Preview...

Changing A Tigers Stripes: Part One... 


Team Yankee UK GT Report...

Andrew's Fighting First Armored Rifles...

The “Shtuka” Hobby Festival in Moscow...

Basing Early and Late-war Forces For 4th Edition...

4th Edition Useful Downloads...

Taming The Tiger: How to Deal with a Tiger in Mid War...

Fire Mission: Artillery in 4th Edition...

Battlefront Games Day in Moscow...

Early September Releases
Fighting First Book (FW243)
Patton's Fighting First - Army Deal (USAB08)
Fighting First Dice (20 dice) (US900)
Fighting First Token Set (US901)

Mid September Releases
Armored Rifle Platoon (Plastic)(UBX51)
Armored Rifle Company HQ (US782)
M3 Halftrack Platoon (Plastic) (UBX57)
Rifle Company (Plastic) (UBX58)
Rifle Platoon (3x plastic SO Code) Direct Only (UBX58-SO)

Late September Releases
M3 Lee Tank Platoon (Plastic) (UBX50)
M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon (Plastic) (UBX53)
37mm Anti-tank Gun Platoon (US788)
Mortar Platoon (US785)
Ruined Desert Houses (BB230)

Mid October Releases
Fighting First Command Cards (FW243C)
Mission Cards (FW007-M)
M4 Sherman Tank Platoon (Plastic) (UBX55)
T28E1 37mm AAA Platoon (UBX61)
Armored Recon Patrol (UBX59)
P40 Warhawk Fighter Flight (UBX52)
Ruined Desert Walls (BB229)

Late October Releases
M3 Stuart Light Tank Platoon (5x Plastic) (UBX56)
M4 81mm Armored Mortar Platoon (3x) (UBX62)
Ruined Large Desert House (x1) (BB231)

Coming Releases
M7 Priest Artilley Battery (Plastic) (UBX54)
105mm Field Artillery Battery (4x Plastic) (UBX60)
T30 75mm Assault Gun Platoon (3x) (UBX63)
M1917 Machine-gun Platoon (4x Plastic) (US784)
Afrikakorps Unit Cards (23) (FW242U)

Desert Rats Unit Cards (21) (FW241U)
Fighting First Unit Cards (29) (FW243U)

Chris and Charlie

For product enquiries:

For more information on Customer Service:
Customer Service...

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