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Soviet Forces

Bagration: Soviet Spotlight

Bagration: Soviet Spotlight
With the D-Day series of books coming to a close it is time to shine the spotlight on the Eastern Front. The first in our series of three Bagration books is Bagration: Soviet covering the Soviet forces on the Eastern Front in 1944.This book is jam packed full of interesting Soviet Formations and Units, as well as plenty of background, and three new river crossing themed missions.

The Bagration: Soviet book starts with background covering the pivotal events of Operation Bagration, the Soviet Army’s massive offensive against the Germans centred on Byelorussia that began on 22 June 1944.

Bagration: Soviet Spotlight...

Soviet Starter Force - Heavy Assault Group (Plastic) (SUAB13)
The Soviet 11th Guards Army (11-ya Gvardeyskaya Armiya) and 31st Army (31ya Armiya) fell upon Orsha on 26 June 1944. A solitary Soviet tank brigade from the 2nd Tank Corps swept around to the west of the city, completing the encirclement. The German remnants of General Volkers’ 27th Army Corps were now trapped inside the city and prepared for a tenacious defence of the city centre.

Soviet Starter Force - Heavy Assault Group (Plastic) (SUAB13)...

Soviet Starter Force - Heavy Assault Group (Plastic) (SUAB13)

T-34 Tank Battalion (Plastic) (SUAB12)

T-34 Tank Battalion (Plastic) (SUAB12)
The T-34 possesses an unprecedented combination of firepower, mobility, protection and ruggedness. The T-34 is the mainstay of any Soviet army. Armed with an 85mm gun, the T-34 is able to go toe-to-toe with any German vehicle, and they are cheap enough that you can field an entire battalion of them!

T-34 Tank Battalion (Plastic) (SUAB12)...

IS-2 Guards Heavy Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX62)
The IS-2 is lighter and faster than the heaviest KV model tanks, with thicker front armour and an improved turret design. It is armed with a powerful 122mm gun that can penetrate the front armour of German Tiger and Panther tanks.

IS-2 Guards Heavy Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX62)...

IS-2 Guards Heavy Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX62)

T-34 Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX66)

T-34 Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX66)
The T-34 possesses an unprecedented combination of firepower, mobility, protection and ruggedness. The T-34 is the mainstay of any Soviet army. Armed with an 85mm gun, the T-34 is able to go toe-to-toe with any German vehicle, and they are cheap enough that you can field an entire battalion of them!

T-34 Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX66)...

Valentine Tank Company (SBX69)
Britain and Canada shipped over 3000 Valentine tanks to the Soviet Union as part of their lend-lease aid. The Valentine was not fast, but it was well armoured and capable of long marches. It was so well liked that, when the Soviet Union eventually ceased production of light tanks, they continued to request shipments of Valentines to fill their need for light tanks.

Valentine Tank Company (SBX69)...

Valentine Tank Company (SBX69)

T-70 Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX68)

T-70 Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX68)
The T-70 light tank used automobile engines and easily-manufactured components to create a tank that didn't need a heavy-machinery factory to build. Despite its small size.

T-70 Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX68)...

SU-76 Light SP Battery (SBX65)
As Soviet factories began to turn out enough T-34 tanks to equip the tank brigades, production of light T-70 tanks switched to SU-76 self=propelled guns instead. Cheap and simple, they allowed the artillery to roll forward with the tanks and infantry, engaging the enemy over open sights.

SU-76 Light SP Battery (SBX65)...

SU-76 Light SP Battery (SBX65)

ISU Heavy SP Battery (Plastic) (SBX63)

ISU Heavy SP Battery (Plastic) (SBX63)
The role of the ISU-122 and ISU-152 is as direct fire artillery, closely following the advance to knock out enemy guns and dug-in infantry. They can also fire bombardments at great ranges and are very effective tank killers. They are well-protected against most anti-tank guns and their thick top armour makes it hard for artillery fire or infantry anti-tank grenades to damage it.

ISU Heavy SP Battery (Plastic) (SBX63)...

SU Tank-killer Battery (Plastic) (SBX64)
The medium assault gun regiments are expert tank-killers. Armed with powerful weapons such as the SU-85, SU-85M, and SU-100, these troops can engage the enemy’s tanks at long range with deadly accuracy

SU Tank-killer Battery (Plastic) (SBX64)...

SU Tank-killer Battery (Plastic) (SBX64)

Rifle Company (Plastic) (SBX79)

Rifle Company (Plastic) (SBX79)
The Strelkovy (riflemen) form the bulk of the RKKA, the Red Army. Their role is to break through enemy defences for the mechanised troops to exploit and to follow them to hold their gains.

Rifle Company (Plastic) (SBX79)...

SMG Company (Plastic) (SBX80)
The sub-machine gun is already a deadly close assault weapon. Putting it into the hands of Soviet heroes creates some of the most deadly assault troops in the world.

SMG Company (Plastic) (SBX80)...

SMG Company (Plastic) (SBX80)

Storm Group (Plastic) (SBX81)

Storm Group (Plastic) (SBX81)
The actions of the Storm Group are short, fast and daring. The commander prepares his Storm Group for the mission at hand, tailoring his unit to suit what is needed to defeat the enemy and take the objective.

Storm Group (Plastic) (SBX81)...

Engineer-Sapper Company (SBX67)
Engineer-Sappers are the elite arm of the Red Army’s engineer corps. These well-trained engineering assault troops are called on to overcome the most difficult enemy defences. Assault groups are formed based upon the nature of the enemy defences faced by the advancing Soviet army.

Engineer-Sapper Company (SBX67)...

Engineer-Sapper Company (SBX67)

Maksim MG Company (Plastic) (SU780)

Maksim Machine-gun Company (Plastic) (SU780)
Fire support from the old, reliable Maksim machine-gun gives the rifle battalion the ability to keep the Germans pinned to the earth and unable to fire while the riflemen close and overrun their positions.

Maksim MG Company (Plastic) (SU780)...

82mm And 120mm Mortar Company (Plastic) (SU781)
When the heavy guns of the artillery batteries are otherwise occupied, it is useful for the infantry to have their own indirect-fire weapon. The 82mm And 120mm Mortars can be just as good as the bigger guns at digging infantry out of cover. Soviet mortars have built-in wheels, so the mortars can move quickly to keep up with the infantry that they are supporting.

 82mm And 120mm Mortar Company (Plastic) (SU781)...

82mm And 120mm Mortar Company (Plastic) (SU781)

Il-2 Shturmovik Assault Flight (SBX77)

Il-2 Shturmovik Assault Flight (SBX77)
The Ilyushin-2 Shturmovik ground-attack aircraft was one of the most important Soviet combat aircraft of World War II. The Il-2 was a well-designed, effective aircraft and was produced in great numbers.

Il-2 Shturmovik Assault Flight (SBX77)...

Heavy Tank-Killer Company (SBX71)
Motor rifle brigades fielded the 57mm and the 76mm ZIS-3 gun as combined direct-fire artillery and anti-tank weapon. While not as mobile as the 45mm guns, the 76mm had the penetration and firepower to deal with a wide range of targets, and the mobility to accompany the infantry in attacks.

Heavy Tank-killer Company (SBX71)...

Heavy Tank-killer Company (SBX71)

Light Tank-killer Company (Plastic) (SBX70)

Light Tank-Killer Company (SBX70)
The 45mm obr 1942 gun is the standard Soviet anti-tank weapon, with each motor rifle battalion fielding a small company of them. These small, light-weight guns keep enemy medium tanks from assaulting the infantry and pick off unwary tanks that expose their flanks.

Light Tank-killer Company (Plastic) (SBX70)...

Heavy Artillery Battery (Plastic) (SBX75)
Heavy artillery battalions armed with 122mm model 1938 howitzer  and 152mm model 1943 heavy howitzers pound enemy positions. After the  artillery has finished their brutal bombardments, the frontovik move in to take on the remains of the disheartened enemy platoons

Heavy Artillery Battery (Plastic) (SBX75)...

Heavy Artillery Battery (Plastic) (SBX75)

Katyusha Guards Rocket Battery (SBX74)

Katyusha Guards Rocket Battery (SBX74)
The Red Army was a world leader in the field of rocketry. They used truck-mounted salvo rocket launchers against the Germans right from the start of the war. These saturated a large area with explosives, quickly pinning down the enemy and causing widespread casualties

Katyusha Guards Rocket Battery (SBX74)...

BA-64 Armoured Car Platoon (Plastic) (SBX76)
The light BA-64 armoured car is small and cheap to build. They advance down roads and quickly find and report the enemy’s positions.

BA-64 Armoured Car Platoon (Plastic) (SBX76)...

BA-64 Armoured Car Platoon (Plastic) (SBX76)

ZSU M17 AA Platoon (Plastic) (SBX78)

ZSU M17 AA Platoon (Plastic) (SBX78)
Units sometimes received ZSU M17 MGMC lend-lease half-tracks fitted with quad .50 cal machine-guns. These light anti-aircraft weapons were often enough to deter the few remaining German tank-busting aircraft that roamed the skies over the front

ZSU M17 AA Platoon (Plastic) (SBX78)...

M3 Scout Transports (SU206)
The US M3 Scout Car was another piece of Western equipment sent to the Eastern Front to aid the Soviets in their battle against the invading Wehrmacht. Employed by the Red Army’s reconnaissance companies, the M3 Scout Transports were used to dash forward through machine gun fire, returning fire with their own .50 cal MG. Once at close range, the infantry would dismount and assault in a short and bloody attack.

M3 Scout Transport (SU206)...

M3 Scout Transport (SU206)

100mm Heavy Tank-Killer Company (SU521)

100mm Heavy Tank-Killer Company (SU521)
The 100mm BS-3 anti-tank gun is one of the most powerful anti-tank gun produced during the war. Despite mainly being used in an antitank role, the weapon’s calibre means that its High Explosive (HE) round is extremely effective; allowing it to fulfil duel roles on the battlefield.

100mm Heavy Tank-Killer Company (SU521)...

Soviet Guards Gaming Aids
Even though they are toy soldiers, your troops react to heavy fire like real soldiers.Tokens help you keep track of the state of your troops.

Soviet Guards Gaming Aids...

Soviet GuardsToken & Objective Set (SU905)

D-Day: German Command Cards (FW263C)

Bagration: Soviet Command Cards (FW266C)
Command Cards allow Flames Of War generals to field iconic warriors, build new types of units, field new types of equipment, enhance your commander’s capabilities, and bring new tactics and strategems to the battlefield.

Bagration Command Cards (FW266C)...

Bagration: Soviet Unit Cards (FW266U)
For a limited time only boxes of Unit Cards will be available for each Flames Of War Late War book. The packs will contain one of each Unit Card that relates to their book. The packs have been designed to assist existing players that have already bought our miniatures and built their armies under previous editions and want cards to help transition to V4.

Bagration: Soviet Unit Cards (FW266U)...

Late War Unit Cards

City Ruins (Plastic) (BB300)

City Ruins (Plastic) (BB300)
The City Ruins box includes 32 pieces, allowing you to build a large ruined city building. These plastic ruined pieces allow you to construct a wide variety of buildings, making each ruined building or city block look unique. Combine multiple sets to create larger buildings, or vary the level of destruction, to add some new tactical challenges to your tabletop.

City Ruins (Plastic) (BB300)...

Bagration: River Assault Mission Terrain Pack (FW266A)
The liberation of the Motherland is underway. The might of the Soviet Red Army is sweeping across Eastern Europe, from the Baltic in the north to the Black Sea in the south. Along the way numerous rivers will have to be assaulted across and many German fortified cities taken. Get ready to storm the defences or hold the river crossings!

Bagration: River Assault Mission Terrain Pack (FW266A)...

Bagration: River Assault Mission Terrain Pack (FW266A)

Race To Minsk Ace Campaign (FW266B)

Race To Minsk: Ace Campaign (FW266B)
Race to Minsk is the second in a series of Ace Campaigns, a narrative-driven system of Flames Of War battles. Ace Campaigns are extremely flexible in allowing players to tailor their campaign to fit their playgroups needs. There are three different modes that you can play the campaign in: Story Mode, Extended Mode, and Aces Mode. Story mode is your shortest campaign that only uses the Story and Reward cards, while Extended allows you to play longer campaigns by adding in side missions. The Aces mode can be used with Story Mode or Extended Mode and allows players to create their own unique commander with special abilities that will give them an edge during the course of the campaign.

Race To Minsk Ace Campaign (FW266B)...

Battlefront Paint Sets
Each Paint set together with the Utility Paint Set, provides the specialist colours needed to paint your WWII or WWIII force in the appropriate colours all in an easy to grab box. Get everything painted! From the camo paint all the way to the tow cables.

Battlefront Paint Sets...

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The Red Tide: A look at Soviet Infantry in Bagration
Infantry can be sometimes overlooked but when you consider that historically the humble ground pounding foot soldier was the backbone of the Red Army. With that in mind let’s go over the details about the basic infantry choices in the awesome new Bagration: Soviet book.

The Red Tide: A look at Soviet Infantry in Bagration... 

The Red Tide: A look at Soviet Infantry in Bagration

Army Building With The Heavy Assault Group Starter Box

Army Building With The Heavy Assault Group Starter Box
With the launch of the Bagration: Soviet release, I thought I would look at both new starter boxes to see what sort of force you can put on the table. This article covers the Heavy Assault Group starter box. This box is ideal for someone either starting out or for the veteran player who needs to add some additional firepower to their existing force. For the new player, it opens the door to playing Flames Of War without needing to buy, assemble or paint too much and get into playing the game quicker.

Army Building With The Heavy Assault Group Starter Box...

Prepare for Urban Warfare - Building the New City Ruins Kit
With Flames Of War focusing on operation Bagration in the coming months, interest in city fighting scenarios is on the rise.  Check out Joe's inspiring article about how to get the most from your City Ruins box.

Prepare for Urban Warfare - Building the New City Ruins Kit...

Prepare for Urban Warfare - Building the New City Ruins Kit

Do Broni! (To Arms!)

Do Broni! (To Arms!)
In the old V3 release 'Red Bear', there existed a list allowing players to field Armia Krajowa as a fully-fledged force; and whilst Soviet Bagration allows you to field the Polish 1st Army, that liberated Warsaw in 1944, there are no entries for the citizen army itself, that fought a bloody and bitter campaign within Warsaw until they were finally relieved. In this article Mark looks at how you can field a Polish 1st Army force using Soviet: Bagration.

Do Broni! (To Arms!)...

Hunting the Big Cats
A Look at the IS Series in Flames Of War

In Flames Of War the IS series of tanks, featured in the new book Bagration: Soviet, provides the Soviet player with some serious tools to fight back against the Tiger and Panther tanks that dominate the game table (and it also works quite flexibly in support of infantry too). While the IS tanks can outfight the German predators the IS vehicles require a different approach.

Hunting the Big Cats...

Hunting the Big Cats - A Look at the IS Series in Flames Of War

Assembling the City Ruins

Assembling the City Ruins
We've put a guide on how to build the brand new Plastic City Ruins. The contents of this box are easy to put together and with a little planning you can create a wide variety of interesting looking buildings. If you want to create a larger, or centrepiece building for your forces to fight over, try combining two or more sets together for even more possibilities.

Assembling the City Ruins...

Multi-Mission Infantry – The Soviet Engineer-Sapper Company
When building army lists in Flames Of War we are often faced with tough decisions, do you pick offensive troops or defensive troops, heavy armour or light armour? As is only proper, there is rarely a military unit available that is appropriate for all missions. With the release of Bagration: Soviets though, there is an answer; The Engineer-Sapper Company!

Multi-Mission Infantry - The Soviet Engineer-Sapper Company...

Multi-Mission Infantry – The Soviet Engineer-Sapper Company

Anything More than a 76mm Is Overkill

Anything More than a 76mm Is Overkill
One of the fun things about a new book hitting the shelves is taking a look at the armies you previously built but have since been eclipsed by something newer and therefore shinier. One of the unloved boxes in my cabinet just happens to be a Light SP Artillery Regiment.

Anything More than a 76mm Is Overkill...

Battle for The Concrete Jungle – City Fighting in Flames Of War
With the launch of Bagration: Soviet a lot of the upcoming focus in Flames Of War will be centred on the Festerplatz– the fortified cities that Hitler had set up while the German forces were in retreat from late 1943 until the Allies finally entered the German heartland.  These cities were converted with bunkers, fortifications, minefields and dozens of other cunning defensive measures.

Battle for The Concrete Jungle...

Battle for The Concrete Jungle – City Fighting in Flames Of War

Victor’s Heroes Ride Again

Victor’s Heroes Ride Again
About 5 years ago Victor  painted a small hero T-34 company for a doubles tournament. With the launch of Bagration: Soviet Victor is looking at updating his force into a full 100 point army

Victor’s Heroes Ride Again...

Returning To The Rodina - T-34 Battalion
A long time ago, Chris built an entire T-34 Battalion before we had our plastic kit. In this article Chris is taking that work and converting his list to the new formations found in Bagration: Soviet.

Returning To The Rodina - T-34 Battalion...

Returning To The Rodina - T-34 Battalion

Bagration Soviet Live Launch

Bagration: Soviet Live Launch
On the 18th of September we had the Soviet Bagration Live Launch. While the live launch might be over now you can still find all of content of the website for you to check out. 

Click here to go to the Live Launch Website...

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