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How To Play is your introduction to the exciting world of Flames Of War, the world’s most popular World War II miniatures game.

Join Alex and Calum In Tools of the Trade they show you what you need in order to play Flames Of War.

In Game Setup, they will show you how to set up the battlefield, ready for a game of Flames of War.
In Army Creation, they will show you how to create a points based army so that your battles are fair.
These videos covers the Movement Step with how to move your forces, using cover, movement orders and staying in command in Flames of War.
In Shooting Part 1, they cover checking range, establishing line of sight and determining if an enemy is concealed.

In Shooting Part 2, they cover declaring targets, rolling for hits and assigning hits.

In Shooting Part 3, they explain how rolling for saves works.
  In this video on Artillery, Alex and Calum will teach you exactly how artillery works on the battlefield.
In Assaults Part 1, they cover launching an assault by moving into contact and defensive fire

In Assaults Part 2, they cover fighting and counter attacking.

In Assaults Part 3 they explain breaking off and consolidating.
In The Starting Step they will run you through how the first step of your turn works!
In Advanced Rules Part 1, they will explain how troop transports and reinforcements work.
In Advanced Rules Part 2 they cover ambushes, smoke ammunition and smoke bombardments.

Flames Of War allows you to refight the enormously varied battles fought around the world from 1939 to 1945. The participants in these battles were almost as diverse as the terrain, and Flames Of War reflects this by giving each country its own own formations allowing you field these different forces. Check the link below to learn how to build a Flames Of War force.

Click here to learn how to Pick Your Force...

Last Updated On Monday, July 4, 2022