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Battlefront Digital 

Seven years ago we launched FOW Digital to customers as a convenient way to purchase, download and reference Flames Of War books and lists. For some of us it seems like just yesterday but in the software development world that is many lifetimes ago! Despite a number of software upgrades over the years it has become unstable for some Apple users as new versions of iOS are released, rendering the app unusable to them and unfortunately the time is coming where we will need to lay it to rest at some time in the near future.

Dont Panic!

We are migrating customers over to a new website where you can access your content and add more. By moving to a website we give you, the customer, more power with how you can use your Digital content. Want to read your book on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac? Go ahead...

Battlefront Digital

Forces Customers
Don't worry, this migration has nothing to do with the Forces Army Builder
If you are currently not accessing the FOW Digital app on your tablet you can stop reading now.

V3 Content
Our old V3 content has been archived to a Google Drive where you can freely access all of this content. If you would like to review any of this please check out this link...

Go To The Digital Website
Ready to migrate your data over then click here to go to the Digital website...

How Do I Migrate?
Moving over to the new website is a simple process that should only take a couple of minutes.

Step 1.
Go to the new Battlefront Digital Website...

Step 2.
Add the Flames Of War Digital Content Transfer to your Cart

Having trouble finding where to click, click on the images for a larger version.

Battlefront Digital 
 Battlefront Digital

Step 3.
Click on View Cart in the green bar, or Cart in the right hand menu.

This will take you through to the Checkout screen.

Step 4.
If you already have an account on shop.battlefront.co.nz, log in using that account (your www.flamesofwar.com account will not work).

If you do not have an account, continue to check out and the site will create one. If possible, please use the email address that your FOW Digital content was registered under.

In the Additional information panel please enter your User Name that you use in the FOW Digital app. If you cannot remember what this is just complete a password reset in the app and it will email you your login name.

If your new account in the Battlefront Digital website uses an email address that is different to the one you use in the FOW Digital app, please put the email address of your FOW Digital app account in the comments field.

Step 5.
Once you have filled in all the details then you can click Place Order.
 Battlefront Digital
What Happens Next? 

We will process the order and restore your content. Once restored you will receive an email saying “Your Battlefront Miniatures Shop order is now complete” with a series of download links. You can then download your PDFs to any device and view using your favourite PDF viewer.

This process is a manual one done out of our offices in New Zealand so depending on when you place your order it may take a little time for us to work our digital magic.


Can I Access My Content Another Way?
If you lose your confirmation email you can always go to the Battlefront Digital website...

1. Click on My Account on the right menu hand bar,

2. Then click Downloads to access your content that way.

Battlefront Digital 

Questions and Answers:
Q: Will new content be added to the Battlefront Digital website?
A: Absolutely. Much like the old Flames Of War Digital app we will add new content as it becomes available.


Last Updated On Thursday, November 17, 2022