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German Maus

Late-War Just Got Bigger!
The Leviathans are Coming!

During the course of World War II all the major powers were working on new and radical designs of weapons and equipment, the most famous of them being the German Wunderwaffen, Wonder-Weapons, like the Maus superheavy tank. The Allies were also busy developing the new designs incorporating lessons learned from the fighting as well as newly developed technology. Many of these new weapons were armoured vehicles like tanks and assault guns.

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How to Field Late-War Leviathans in Flames Of War

Clash of Steel is the exciting new game of armoured warfare from Gale Force 9 where the mightiest tanks from World War II and beyond clash on the battlefield. These mighty tanks will be joining Flames Of War battlefields with the release of Late-War Leviathans book later this year. This book will contain a wider variety of Formations and Units that you can incorporate into your games.

The temporary PDF download in this article gives you all the information that you need to rush your new wonder weapons to the front line early and turn the tide of battle whilst you wait for the full book. The simple Formations included have been designed to make it easy to build a Leviathan force with a small number of the new tanks making it very easy to try out these miniatures for yourself!

Late War Leviathans

Leviathans is our catch-all name for all of these weird and wonderful tanks and vehicles. Sometimes new tanks were evolutionary steps to give the soldiers in the field better and more powerful equipment such as the U.S. M4 Sherman Easy Eight and Jumbo, or they were new developments like the M26 Pershing, or the T29 and T30 heavy tanks developed from it.

Other fighting vehicles were designed with specific tasks in mind such as the U.S. T28 assault tank and the British Tortoise. Both these assault guns were designed for the assault on the Siegfried Fortified Line on the Franco-German border.They were fitted with big guns able to penetrate heavy concrete bunkers and very thick armour to withstand anything the fortified guns could throw at them. Their powerful guns would prove to be equally good at punching through enemy tank armour.

British Centurions

The British had been busy designing a new universal tank to fill the two roles of cruiser and infantry tank their doctrine had divided their armoured forces between. The new Centurion universal tank had the armour and terrain crossing abilities of an infantry tank like the Churchill, and the firepower of a cruiser tank like the Comet or Challenger.

 Soviet ISU-130

The Soviets had a prolific tank and armoured vehicle design program with rival bureaus producing a great number of designs from heavy tanks like the IS-3 and IS-7 to assault guns like the ISU-130, all further developments of successful vehicles like the IS-2 heavy tank and ISU-122 assault gun. The Soviets also further improved on their very successful T-34 series, first with the T-43, then the T-44, which retained the mobility and firepower of the T-34/85 with much improved armour. This was developed further into the T-44/100 mounting a 100mm gun which then became the T-54-1 medium tank with further armour improvement and the firepower of the SU-100 assault gun.

German Panther 8.8

The Germans designed a great number of improved and new armoured vehicles. The Maus mounted a powerful 12.8cm gun in a very heavily armoured turret and hull, giving it the ability to destroy almost any tank and be pretty much invulnerable from the front. Several upgrade programs were also underway to further develop the Panther, resulting in a new narrow turret and plans to arm a variant of it with the same 8.8cm gun as the Tiger II.


Many of the heavy tanks in development at the end of World War II are heavily armoured and armed with powerful guns. These Leviathans are expensive, making it hard to get a large number of them in a standard Late-War Flames Of War game of around 100 points.

Big Games with Leviathans is a way to play games with a good number of these large expensive tanks, without running the risk of overwhelming your game with too many units of other types. Inside the PDF you will find a table that splits the total points pool of the game into a Leviathans points total and an “Other Units” total, along with a list of Formations and Units from previous Flames Of War books that count as Leviathans do you can now play epic match-ups with hordes of IS-2 or Tiger II tanks verses the mighty Maus or T-29.

Late War Leviathans

Late-War Leviathans owes a massive thank you to Flames Of War players from around the world who planted the initial seeds for this project almost 15 years ago when we released Mid-War Monsters.

Not only did the Flames Of War community come up with the name “Leviathans” but they also encouraged us to go down this path and in the process, create a range of wonderful plastic miniatures that we would have never dreamed of doing all those years ago.

Thank you for all of your encouragement over the years.

Download the Late-War Leviathans PDF...

Check out the range of Leviathans on the GF9 store...

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