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Bagration: Axis-Allies - Hungarian, Romanian and Finish Forces On The Eastern Front

Finns, Hungarians, but where are the Romanians? - 2nd July 2021
Battlefront’s factory is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, an area which is currently fighting another wave of COVID infections, and is under a strict lockdown, meaning our factory is currently closed.

Obviously this will have quite an impact on our schedule, with the Romanians delayed by at least a month, as well as the next book, Bulge American.

Please join us in keeping ALL appendages crossed that we can re-open and back to business as usual on these ASAP.

We will keep you updated as we know more, and thank you in advance for your patience.

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Bagration: Axis Allies Spotlight
with Wayne Turner

In 1944 Stalin’s Red army is on the attack. While it throws the Germans out of Byelorussia, it also goes about defeating Germany’s allies; Finland, Romania and Hungary. The Romanians hold off the first Soviet attacks, but a second massive offensive in August 1944 sees them overwhelmed. They surrender and swap sides to fight alongside the Soviets.

Meanwhile, the Finns also fight for their survival as the Soviets attempt to steamroll them out of the war. They fight the Soviets to a standstill and agree a peace, but are forced to turn on the Germans.

Bagration: Axis Allies Spotlight...

Recent Releases

New Releases

New Releases

Colours Of War

Colours Of War

Hungarian Steel: Mid-war Hungarian Forces 1942-43 Spotlight
with Wayne Turner

The Hungarians joined the war against the Soviet Union in June 1941, first contributing a mobile corps of light tanks, motorised infantry and cavalry. By 1942 they had committed an entire field army of 220,000 men made up of ten divisions in three corps. The freshly raised force was made up of young Hungarian recruits with little combat experience, but they were soon proving themselves in hard fighting on the Don River. They were backed up by the 1st Armoured Field Division who had many veterans of the fighting in 1941.

Hungarian Steel: Mid-war Hungarian Forces 1942-43...

Hungarian Steel: Mid-war Hungarian Forces 1942-43

White Death: Mid War Finnish Forces 1942-43 Spotlight

White Death: Mid War Finnish Forces 1942-43 Spotlight
with Wayne Turner

The Finnish Army had become famous across the world for its epic defence against the 1939 Soviet invasion of the Winter War. In 1941 they joined the Germans in the war against the Soviet Union. The bitter lessons of the Winter War had been well learned. These were further reinforced during the hard fighting of 1941 as they recaptured lost territory and pushed the Red Army back to their original frontiers. With hard-fighting infantry, skilled light infantry, and their newly formed armoured units, the Finnish Army are more than prepared to fight the Soviets to a standstill again.

White Death: Mid War Finnish Forces 1942-43 Spotlight...

Building a Hungarian Assault Battery With the New Starter Force

Building a Hungarian Assault Battery With the New Starter Force
With the launch of the Bagration: Axis Allies release, I thought I would look at how a new player, or someone on a budget, can get a Hungarian force on the table that would be semi -competitive or at least hold its own with the focus on the new Zrinyi Assault-gun.For the new player, it opens the door to playing Flames of War without needing to buy, assemble or paint too much and get into playing the game quicker.

Building a Hungarian Assault Battery With the New Starter Force...

Phil At Panzerschreck XIX 2021

Phil At Panzerschreck XIX 2021

Phil At Panzerschreck XIX 2021
As some of you may already know we had Panzerschreck this year and in attendance were some of the Battlefront staff. Phil took some photos and notes throughout the event and today we are publishing them here. His partner was Ian Alejandro Madrid and they ran British armies with Churchills supporting British Airborne. Read on to see how they did in their five games

Phil At Panzerschreck XIX 2021...

Building a Bagration Hungarian Turan Tank Company
With the launch of Bagration: Axis Allies release, there are several unique forces to play including the Turan Tank Company.  The Turan Tank was Hungary’s home-produced tank, and the formation also includes the home grown Toldi II Light tank and Nimrod Self-Propelled AA Guns. 

Building a Bagration Hungarian Turan Tank Company...

Building a Bagration Hungarian Turan Tank Company

The Big Four Of Late War 

Stalin’ Around!
Over the past 8 weeks Casey has been working hard to finish the army that he and Chris are going to take to Panzerschreck, and it is finally ready to show off...

Check out the IS-2's, ZSU's and captured half-tracks over on the Big Four Of Late War website.

Stalin' Around!...

The Big Four Of Late War
Big Four Of Late-War Website... Big Four Of Late-War Instagram...

Share Your Hobby - Week Sixty-five
The Battlefront Lockdown Competition

Across the world there are people stuck at home, making the best out of a strange situation by spending time doing what they love – building and painting models.

We wanted to launch a competition to reward people for their hard work, but more importantly to encourage them to share their efforts with the world.
For more information check out the Share Your Hobby article here...

So get started, take a photo of what you are working on and comment in the regular Facebook Announcement post.
Share Your Hobby Announcement...

Or check out a selection from Week Sixty-twoover on our Facebook Page.
Share Your Hobby Week Sixty-five Gallery...

Week Sixty-five: Random Prize Draw Winners
Click on the images for bigger versions
Winners Winners Winners Winners 

Steve Oakes

 Patrick Rice Gyeong Choel Koh

 Dominik Grabski

Big Four Of Late War - Practise Game for Panzerschrek XIX

Victorum Gaming - Flames Of War - Hit The Beach Unboxing

Miniature Landscape Hobbies - Painting the Hetzer: German Armour Model Painting for Flames Of War

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Battlefront Events Website
Tournament and Event organisers can now publish their events on a dedicated event calendar that keeps all the fixtures of tournament season in one place. Easy to navigate for those searching for events to attend, events.battlefront.co.nz is designed to allow organisers to share the details of their events on a comprehensive tournament calendar.

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The Joy Of Six

The Joy Of Six
7-8 August at Battlefield Hobbies, South March, Daventry NN11 4PH, UK.

The Joy Of Six is a Flames Of War tournament. There will be 28 places (potentially more if demand is met) with lists playing Late War - 100 Points forces from any book released before the event with lists having a maximum Side Armour value of 6. There will be five games played over two days with prizes up for grabs!

Click here for more information on The Joy Of Six event...

Looking For More Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire website dedicated to tournaments and events, you can use it to find events near you or even sign up to promote your own. check it out.

Battlefront Events Website...
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Battlefront Miniatures Needs You!

Battlefront Miniatures Needs You - Multi-lingual Account Managers
The preferred languages for the role which we are recruiting for are Fluent English; alongside German, French, Italian and/or Spanish spoken to a fluent business level.

The role is ideal for enthusiastic, results-driven people, who enjoy building and maintaining long term relationships with customers; and ultimately growing sales with our existing business partners, forging new relationships across a portfolio of accounts and territories and building sales with them toward our products.

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Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition
Last Updated 20 May 2021
A new rules set always results in questions about how the finer points of the game should work so Lessons From The Front is the place to go to find answers to some of the harder questions.

These are living documents that we will update as often as possible but please bear in mind that whilst we listen to feedback in the forums (and other places) we need to take a considered approach before implementing any changes.

Lessons From The Front: V4 (PDF download)...
Lessons From The Front: V4 - Printer Friendly (PDF download)...

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition

More Missions

Missions for Flames Of War - Updated April 2021
With the rulebook now adopting the revised victory conditions from the old More Missions pack, we've updated it (now just called the Missions pack) to reflect this. 

The pack contains Twenty missions: • Annihilation • Breakthrough • Bridgehead • Contact • Cornered • Counterattack • Dust Up • Dogfight • Encounter • Encirclement •  Encounter •  Escape  Free For All • Escape  • Fighting Withdrawl • Free for All • Gauntlet • Killing Ground • No Retreat • Outflanked • Scouts Out •  Spearpoint •  Vanguard •

Each mission has a double page telling you how to play the mission and detailing the mission special rules. You can either print each mission out on a single piece of paper (front and back) or print it as a booklet with each mission on facing pages.

The Battle Plans mission selector allow you and your opponent to choose the most appropriate missions for your forces. Each player chooses a plan (Prepared Attack, Hasty Attack, or Defend) and then you look up a table to see which mission to play and who will be the attacker.

Flames Of War-Missions.pdf...

Flames Of War-Missions (no background texture).pdf...

Bagration: Axis Allies Releases
Romanian Gaming Set (TD043)
Bagration: Romanian Command Cards (FW269RC)
Bagration: Romanian Unit Cards (FW269RU)

Brave Romania: Mid-war Romanian Forces 1942-43
Rifle Platoon (RO702)
HMG Platoon (RO704)
81mm and 120mm Mortar Platoons (RO705)

TACAM T60 Tank Destoyer (Direct Only) (RO100)
TACAM R-2 Tank Destoyer (Direct Only) (RO105)
Cavalry Troop (Direct Only) (RO708)
Artillery Crew (RSO101)

Anti-tank Gun Crew (RSO105)
47mm gun (TAC 47mm Schneider) (RSO106)
75mm gun (TAC 43 Resita) (RSO107)

Flames Of War "Big Four" Limited Edition Collectors Pins

Flames Of War "Big Four" Limited Edition Collectors Pins
Get your hands on the first four of our new Limited Edition Collectors Pins. Featuring the four major nations of Flames Of War, the Germans, Americans, British and Soviets, we’ve nicknamed them the “Big Four” collection – don’t tell the real Big Four!

Flames Of War "Big Four" Limited Edition Collectors Pins...

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