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Count Down To Late War

Count Down To Late War
In anticipation for the launch of Late-War, we will be counting down the days until June 6. Every day for fifty days, we will be sharing content on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages as the 75th Anniversary of D-Day draws ever closer.

Each week, on each social media stream, we will be giving away a copy of the upcoming D-Day: American book, so you can start your Late-War journey with a bang with Fortress Europe, and then be ready for the US releases with D-Day: American.

To win all you need to do is follow our page on the social media streams of your choice, like the post, and then leave a comment to be in the draw at the end of the week- that’s one entry a day on each social media platform for a total of 21 entries a week if you want to maximise your chances of getting your hands on this book before anyone else.

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Fortress Europe Pre-orders Are Now Live!
Fortress Europe Logo

With Late War looming on the horizon, the first wave of releases are now available for preorder! Starter Forces, Card Packs, and Fortress Europe are available for preorder ahead of their June 6 release date. Our Starter Forces are a great value entry point for new players or as a starting point for a returning player’s new army. FURY and Hit the Beach are the perfect two-player sets to get started in Flames Of War with a friend.   

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Battlefront UK Open Day 2019
June 29th 2019, Cleve Lodge, Long Eaton, Nottingham, UK.

Tickets for the Battlefront Open Day are on sale! Be sure to pick yours up in the online store so you can come along to Cleve Lodge on 29 June to catch up with the Battlefront UK office and get the inside scoop on upcoming releases.

Also we have updated information about the UK Open day as well as info about some of the atendee swag you can get for coming along.

Battle Front UK Open Day 2019

Come and meet the team, have a look behind the scenes, find out what we have been working on, as well as playing our games. Join Peter, John-Paul, John Matthews and the rest of the UK office for a day of fun, information, and presentations.

Tickets are limited so don’t miss out!

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Fury and Hit The Beach Preview

Fury and Hit The Beach Preview
Late War is just around the corner, and to help new players join the fight and to entice old hands to have a crack at a new army, we’ve developed two great-value, low-cost two-player starter sets. Check out the link below for a look at what you will find in Hit the Beach and Fury as we begin our journey into Late War.

Fury and Hit The Beach Preview...

Italian Forces in the Defence of Sicily - 1943
Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily by the Allied forces in 1943 was one of the major campaigns of World War 2. Now that all of the major Mid War books for Version 4 have been released and we are moving into the late war period later this year, it would seem appropriate to look at this campaign. Just as we are currently in between periods in Flames of War, so is the Invasion of Sicily an interlude between the war in the desert and the fighting in Europe proper.

Italian Forces in the Defence of Sicily - 1943...

Italian Forces in the Defence of Sicily - 1943

Renault R35 – Infantry Support Tank

Renault R35 – Infantry Support Tank
 After the fall of France the Germans gave approximately 124 Renault R35 tanks to the Italians, to bolster their armoured forces as the Italians were lacking in modern tanks and armour in general after their losses in the desert. Check out this article for fielding your R35 tanks in Mid War.

Renault R35 – Infantry Support Tank...

Semovente 90/53 SP Battery
Given the success the German 88 anti-aircraft gun had against Allied armour in the desert, the Italians had a similar weapon, the 90 mm Cannone da 90/53 anti-aircraft gun, which they thought could be used to provide a very powerful mobile anti tank weapon. Check out this article for fielding your Semovenete 90/53 SP Batteries in Mid War.

Semovente 90/53 Self-Propelled Battery...

Semovente 90/53 Self-Propelled Battery

Battle of Kiev 1943

Battle of Kiev 1943 – The Czechoslovak Assault
On the 3rd of November 1943 the attack on the German defensive line on the Dnepr river began, and with it the liberation of Western Ukraine. The 7th was the anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution and Stalin wanted the city of Kiev back in Soviet hands by that date, liberated from the German occupation which had reduced its pre-war population by 80% over two years thanks to the SS.

Battle of Kiev 1943 – The Czechoslovak Assault

Colours Of War II
Take a look at the new edition of Colours Of War. Everything that you loved about the original version just got bigger and better, growing from 88 pages to a massive 136 page tome. In this article you can get a look at our new Colours Of War book which covers both our Flames Of War and Team Yankee ranges and gives you all the information you need to pain your Battlefront Minatures.

Colours Of War II...

Colours Of War

Firestorm Kursk

Firestorm: Kursk
Battlefront has brought to you the ability to fight this climatic battle for the future of the Eastern Front.  Will the Soviets be able to smash the German offensive?  Will the Germans be able to crush the Soviet stronghold? This Firestorm pack has everything needed for your club to enter into the thick of battle! 

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Click here to view the M113 Platoon Spotlight

Click here to view the M109 SP Artillery Battery Spotlight

Click here to view the M113 Platoon Spotlight

Click here to view the M109 SP Artillery Battery Spotlight

Click here to view the Recce Jeep Platoon Spotlight

Click here to view the Redeye SAM Platoon Spotlight

Click here to view the Recce Jeep Platoon Spotlight

Click here to view the Redeye SAM Platoon Spotlight
Click here to view the Jeep (TOW) Platoon Spotlight
Click here to view the Jeep (TOW) Platoon Spotlight

Sale Ends May 26th - Click here to the Great War Store

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition
Last Updated 20 December 2018
A new rules set always results in questions about how the finer points of the game should work so Lessons From The Front is the place to go to find answers to some of the harder questions.

This latest update includes a number of recent questions from the community as well as the updates from Early and Late War Update.

Lessons From The Front: V4...
Lessons From The Front: V4 - Printer Friendly...

To avoid confusion we have removed the V4 FAQ from the front of the Early and Late-war PDFs. To find just download the V4 PDF above.

Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war... 
Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war - Printer Friendly...

Force Diagrams
Force composition in V4 Mid War allows for a huge variety of armies to built, mixing and matching all sorts of support options to represent forces from many different theatres and battles, as outlined in Phil’s Companies Accompanied. 

To help illustrate these changes, and to make building your forces simple and straightforward, we will be sharing with you a series of Force Diagrams showing all the different options you have available to you. As Mid War develops and evolves, we will expand on these diagrams, adding new formations and support options for Fallschirmjagers, Paratroopers, Online Briefings, and Minor Axis. 

Click here to view the Force Diagrams download page...

Force Diagrams

Flames Of War: Late War Journey

Flames Of War: Late War Journey
Come June 2019, Battlefront will be bringing Flames Of War Late-War to V4. Beginning in Normandy and the Liberation of France. V4 Late War is a journey we will be on for the next 4 years as we cover the major campaigns of Late War, unveiling the great weapons of war for each book as they appeared on the battlefield and taking players step-by-step through the climactic final stages of the Second World War.

Find out more about the Late War Journey here...

Breakthrough Assault - New Recruits Late War Starter Sets
Breakthrough Assualt has a look at the new Late War starter sets with Hit The Beach and the Soviet, British, US and German army boxes

Breakthrough Assault - New Recruits Late War Starter Sets...

Breakthrough Assault

No Dice, No Glory

No Dice, No Glory - Keep Calm and Brit On: Fortress Europe
No Dice, No glory can hardly contain their excitement as they look at the British forces in Fortress Europe.

No Dice, No Glory - Keep Calm and Brit On: Fortress Europe...

Breakthrough Assault - Upgrading the T-34 Battalion
Martin takes a look at how Fortress Europe allows the re-equipping his T-34 Battalion from the Hero force that ended 1943 (Red Banner) into the late war period equipping and preparing them for Operation Bagration 

Breakthrough Assault - Upgrading the T-34 Battalion...

Breakthrough Assault

Click here to go to the Battlefront Events Website

Battlefront Events Website
Tournament and Event organisers can now publish their events on a dedicated event calendar that keeps all the fixtures of tournament season in one place. Easy to navigate for those searching for events to attend, events.battlefront.co.nz is designed to allow organisers to share the details of their events on a comprehensive tournament calendar.

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2019 North American Points and Locations

2019 North American Points and Locations
It’s that time again, here are the points for the 2019 tournament season and We are currently taking proposals for the 2019 Southern Nationals: Rick Parrish in Florida did a great job stepping up this year, but the 2019 tournament season is fresh and so we need proposals from interested parties by the end of October to make the decision as to where it will be held next. Check out the link for full details.

2019 North American Points and Locations...

Panzerschreck XIX 2019
held 13 - 14 July, Riverdale School Hall, Slacks Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Proudly presented by the Manawatu Duellists’ SocietyPanzerschreck XIX. Being held this year at Riverdale School Hall, Slacks Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand. This will be a 140 pt. Team Yankee DoublesTournament with 5 rounds. All Team Yankee Army lists published prior to 1st July 2019 can be used (including “Oil War”).

Click here for full details and how to register for Panzerschreck XIX 2019...
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Panzerschreck XIX 2019

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events? Looking For More Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire website dedicated to tournaments and events, you can use it to find events near you or even sign up to promote your own. check it out.

Battlefront Events Website...

Team Yankee April Releases

Oil War (FW917)

Army Deals
Kahalani's Warriors (Israeli) (TISAB01)
Hussain's Republican Guard (Iraqi) (TIQAB01)
Ayatollah's Revolutionaries (Iranian) (TRNAB01)

Unit Cards
Iraqi Unit Cards (TIQ901)
Iranian Unit Cards (TIR901)

Mid April Releases
Gaming Aids
Israeli Dice Set (TIS900)
Isreali Token Set (TTK11)

Iraqi Decal Set (TIQ950)
Iraqi Dice Set (TIQ900)
Iraqi Token Set (TTK12)

Iranian Decal Set (TIR950)
Iranian Dice Set (TIR900)
Iranian Token Set (TTK13)

Late April Releases
Magach 6 Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TIBX02)
Pereh Anti-tank Platoon (TIBX05)
ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA Platoon (TIBX06)
M48 Chaparral SAM Platoon (TIBX07)
Skyhawk Fight Flight (TIBX08)

Early May Releases
M113 Platoon (Plastic) (TRBX01)
Anti-tank Jeep Group (TIR120)
Mechanised Infantry Platoon (TIR702)
Basij Infantry Company (TIR703)

T-62 Tank Company (Plastic) (TSBX19)
Mech Company (TQBX01)
Mech Platoon (TIQ702)
Mech Weapons Platoon (TIQ703)

Mid May Releases
Merkava Tank Platoon (Plastic) (TIBX01)
AH-1 Viper Attack Helicopter (Plastic) (TIBX09)
VCR/TH HOT Anti-tank Platoon (TQBX03)
ZSU-57-2 AA Company (TQBX03)
Israeli Infantry Platoon (TIS702)

Late May Releases
M113 Platoon (Plastic) (TIBX03)
M109 SP Artillery Battery (TIBX04)
Jeep TOW Platoon (TIS120)
Recce Jeep Platoon (TIS121)
Redeye SAM Platoon (TIS704)

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