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Pre-order Bagration: Axis-Allies - Hungarian, Romanian and Finish Forces On The Eastern Front

Bagration Axis Allies Live Launch - 13th June 2021 -
STARTS: 8:00am - PST / 3:00pm - GMT

The Live Launch is this weekend starting on 13th of June. Join us on the day as we update the Live Launch Website throughout the day with new articles and videos all about the new forces you will find inside in Bagration: Axis Allies. We also have the live hobby hang out with the Big Four Of Late War which will be starting 1.30pm PST / 8:30pm GMT on Twitch on be sure to tune in!

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Pre-order Bagration: Axis-Allies - Hungarian, Romanian and Finish Forces On The Eastern Front

Inside You Will Find: 

  • Background on the Finnish, Hungarian, and Romanian Armies during the epic battles for the Eatern Front in 1944 and 1945.
  • Instructions on how to build a Finnish T-26 Armoured Company, Sturmi Assault Gun Company and Infantry Company, or a Hungarian Panther Tank Company, Tiger Tank Company, Turán Tank Company, Panzer IV Tank Company, Zrinyi Assault Gun Company, StuG Assault Gun Company, Hetzer Assault Gun Company and Rifle Company, or a Romanian R-2 Light Tank Company, T-4 Medium Tank Company, TA Assault Gun Company, and Motorised Rifle Company.
  • Painting and Basing guides.
  • Three new Bagration themed Missions.

Order Bagration: Axis-Allies today!

Bagration Axis Allies - Finnish Preview... Overveiw: Bagration Axis Allies... Bagration Axis Allies - Hungry for Hungarians...
To The Finnish: List Building LW Finns... What have the Romanians Ever Done for Us?... Bagration Axis Allies Hungarian Command Cards... 
  Huszar: Late War Hungarians in Flames Of War...  

New Releases

New Releases

New Releases

New Releases
New Releases New Releases

New Releases

New Releases
New Releases

Bagration: Axis Allies Spotlight
with Wayne Turner

In 1944 Stalin’s Red army is on the attack. While it throws the Germans out of Byelorussia, it also goes about defeating Germany’s allies; Finland, Romania and Hungary. The Romanians hold off the first Soviet attacks, but a second massive offensive in August 1944 sees them overwhelmed. They surrender and swap sides to fight alongside the Soviets.

Meanwhile, the Finns also fight for their survival as the Soviets attempt to steamroll them out of the war. They fight the Soviets to a standstill and agree a peace, but are forced to turn on the Germans.

Bagration: Axis Allies Spotlight...

Bagration: Axis Allies Spotlight

The Big Four Of Late War 
 The Big Four Of Late War

Victor's Zrínyis Hit The Front
The release of the new plastic Zrínyi had the entire Big Four team excited. After some debate Victor won and grabbed every test shot inside the building to construct and paint the start of his new army. Check out all the extra pictures over on the Big Four website.

Victors Zrínyi Formation...

Big Four Of Late-War Website... Big Four Of Late-War Instagram...

New Releases

Twitch Plays WWIII: West German LIVE wrap-up

Twitch Plays WWIII: West German LIVE wrap-up
With the launch of the new WWIII: West German range came a first for the team here at Battlefront HQ: A live battle report where the viewers control one army! We decided that there was no better way to show you the awesome new models than to let you control them over the internet.

Twitch Plays WWIII: West German LIVE wrap-up...

WWIII: West German Spotlight

New Releases New Releases
New Releases New Releases

WWIII: West German Spotlight
World War III: West German is the latest supplement for World War III: Team Yankee. It introduces the forces of West Germans to the turbulent battles of World War III from 1985. World War III: West German and the West German range of Team Yankee models contains everything you need to hold back the red menace.

Inside you will find background on the West German Bundeswehr (armed forces) and Heer (army) and their role in the initial stages of World War III. You will also find the stories of Panzer Division 1 and Kampfgruppe Müller as they fight to defend their country from the invading communist forces

WWIII: West German Spotlight...

WWIII: West German Spotlight

Battlefront Army Bag Patches

Battlefront Patches 
Check out our national symbol patches and custom name patches that accompany our bags for up pre-order. Each patch is aprox 84mmm x 84mm with symbols for the Allies, German and SS forces and national flags for America, United Kingdom, Soviet Union and West Germany as featured in World War III: Team Yankee.

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Custom Patch Info
The standard font for these custom patches lets us fit up to 10 characters. The smaller font size will let us fit a maximum of 15 characters on the patch. Note each space is considered a character. Battlefront staff will contact you to confirm name preferences and spelling once order is placed.
Battlefront Army Bag Patches

GF9 Econo Bases
Got bases? Need any? Well we've got em! We have a massive range of MDF bases. The GF9 Econo Bases are a great value and easy way to base your army or switch up their existing terrain, and get ready to hit the table.

GF9 Econo Bases...

GF9 Econo Bases

Share Your Hobby - Week Fifty-Nine
The Battlefront Lockdown Competition

Across the world there are people stuck at home, making the best out of a strange situation by spending time doing what they love – building and painting models.

We wanted to launch a competition to reward people for their hard work, but more importantly to encourage them to share their efforts with the world.
For more information check out the Share Your Hobby article here...

So get started, take a photo of what you are working on and comment in the regular Facebook Announcement post.
Share Your Hobby Announcement...

Or check out a selection from Week Fifty-Nine over on our Facebook Page.
Share Your Hobby Week Fifty-Nine Gallery...

Week Fifty-Nine: Random Prize Draw Winners
Click on the images for bigger versions
Winners Winners Winners Winners

Nicholas Kluftinger

Matthew Doyle  David Susano

Christopher Dominguez

Modelling for Advantage - Flames Of War British Armoured Battlegroup Starter set Unboxing and Review

Click here to go to the Battlefront Events Website

Battlefront Events Website
Tournament and Event organisers can now publish their events on a dedicated event calendar that keeps all the fixtures of tournament season in one place. Easy to navigate for those searching for events to attend, events.battlefront.co.nz is designed to allow organisers to share the details of their events on a comprehensive tournament calendar.

Click here to go to the Battlefront Events Website... 

Manawatu Duellists’ Society Logo Panzerschreck XIX 2021
Proudly presented by the Manawatu Duellists’ Society.

Panzerschreck XIX. Being held this year at Riverdale School Hall, Slacks Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand. This will be a 160 pt. Flames Of War Late War Doubles Tournament with 5 rounds. All Flames Of War Late War Army lists published prior to 1st July 2021 can be used.

Click here for more information on Panzerschreck XIX 2021...
Looking For More Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire website dedicated to tournaments and events, you can use it to find events near you or even sign up to promote your own. check it out.

Battlefront Events Website...
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition
Last Updated 20 May 2021
A new rules set always results in questions about how the finer points of the game should work so Lessons From The Front is the place to go to find answers to some of the harder questions.

These are living documents that we will update as often as possible but please bear in mind that whilst we listen to feedback in the forums (and other places) we need to take a considered approach before implementing any changes.

Lessons From The Front: V4 (PDF download)...
Lessons From The Front: V4 - Printer Friendly (PDF download)...

Missions for Flames Of War - Updated April 2021
With the rulebook now adopting the revised victory conditions from the old More Missions pack, we've updated it (now just called the Missions pack) to reflect this. 

The pack contains Twenty missions: • Annihilation • Breakthrough • Bridgehead • Contact • Cornered • Counterattack • Dust Up • Dogfight • Encounter • Encirclement •  Encounter •  Escape  Free For All • Escape  • Fighting Withdrawl • Free for All • Gauntlet • Killing Ground • No Retreat • Outflanked • Scouts Out •  Spearpoint •  Vanguard •

Each mission has a double page telling you how to play the mission and detailing the mission special rules. You can either print each mission out on a single piece of paper (front and back) or print it as a booklet with each mission on facing pages.

More Missions

The Battle Plans mission selector allow you and your opponent to choose the most appropriate missions for your forces. Each player chooses a plan (Prepared Attack, Hasty Attack, or Defend) and then you look up a table to see which mission to play and who will be the attacker.

Flames Of War-Missions.pdf...

Flames Of War-Missions (no background texture).pdf...

Bagration: Axis Allies Releases
June Releases

Bagration: Axis-Allies: A4, 100 Pages, Hardback (FW269)
Axis Allies Decals( GE943)
Mid War Finnish Booklet & Cards (FW253)
Finnish Unit Card Pack (x30 Cards) (FW269FU)
Finnish Command Card Pack (x30 Cards) (FW269FC)
Finnish Tin (x20 Tokens, x2 Objectives x16 Dice) (TD045)

BT-42 Assault Gun (x1) (FI010)
Landsverk SP AA (x1) (FI160)
Infantry Platoon (FI702)
SMG Platoon (FI703)
Maxim MG Platoon (FI704)
81mm and 120mm Mortar Platoon (FI705)
AT Gun Crew (Direct Only) (FSO107)
Artillery Crew (Direct Only) (FSO106)
Sturmi Add-ons (Direct Only) (FSO120)

Hungarian Starter Force: Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery (Plastic) (HUAB01)
Hungarian Command Card Pack (33x Cards) (FW269HC)
Hungarian Unit Card Pack (37x Cards) (FW269HU)
Hungarian Tin (x20 Tokens, x2 Objectives, x16 Dice) (TD044)

Turan tank (x1) (HU030)
Toldi tank (x1) (HU010)
Nimrod SP AA (x1) (HU160)
Zrinyi Assault Gun (x5 Plastic) (HBX03)
Csaba Armoured Car (x1) (HU300)
Rifle Platoon (HU702)

 July Releases
7/31 MG Platoon (HU704)
81mm and 120mm Mortar Platoon (HU705)
Anti-tank Rocket Platoon (HU707) 
Anti-tank Gun and AA Crew (HSO104)
Artillery Crew (HSO101)
80mm AA gun (Direct Only) (HSO502)
Huszár Troop (Direct Only) (HU708)

Romanian Unit Card Pack (30x Cards) (FW269RU)
Romanian Command Card Pack (27x Cards) (FW269RC)
Rommanian Tin (x20 Tokens, x2 Objectives, x16 Dice) (TD043)

Rifle Platoon (RO702)
HMG Platoon (RO704)
81mm and 120mm Mortar Platoons (RO705)
TACAM T60 Tank Destoyer (Direct Only) (RO100)
 TACAM R-2 Tank Destoyer (Direct Only) (RO105)
Cavalry Troop (Direct Only) (RO708)

Artillery Crew (RSO101)
Anti-tank Gun Crew (RSO105)
47mm gun (TAC 47mm Schneider) (RSO106)
75mm gun (TAC 43 Resita) (RSO107)

Flames Of War "Big Four" Limited Edition Collectors Pins

Flames Of War "Big Four" Limited Edition Collectors Pins
Get your hands on the first four of our new Limited Edition Collectors Pins. Featuring the four major nations of Flames Of War, the Germans, Americans, British and Soviets, we’ve nicknamed them the “Big Four” collection – don’t tell the real Big Four!

Flames Of War "Big Four" Limited Edition Collectors Pins...

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