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Kursk Live Launch Next Week
Click here to read the Ghost Panzers Spotlight

Click here to read the Red Banner Spotlight

Click here to read the Ghost Panzers Spotlight
Click here to read the Red Banner Spotlight

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Premium Property Deal 2019
Great War Pre-order
Click here for a preview of the new edition of Great War, coming March 2019...

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Enhancing Your Premium Trees and Hills
The good thing about pre-painted terrain pieces is that they can be used straight from the boxthat's probably the main reason you bought them. With a small amount of time and effort however you can quickly tailor them to match your current scenery collection through the addition of flock or other scenic material.

Check out how to enhance your Premium Trees and Hills here...

Table Top Terrain

The Great War, an Introduction

The Great War, an Introduction
Just over a century ago the guns of the Great War fell silent and the world started an uneasy period of peace that would last just over 20 years. While the guns of 1918 are dormant, they can come alive once again on your gaming table with the new Great War book from Battlefront. This new edition updates the rules of the Great War game to Version 4 standard and match the rules seen in the ‘Nam and Fate of a Nation releases. This article will explain why you should collect an army and game the Great War.

The Great War, an Introduction...

1st Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive
40+ Stores Have Now Signed Up - Find One Near You
This year we are pleased to announce a merging of our annual “Tanksgiving” event with a Toys for Tots Charity event into our “1st Annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive”. Support Toys for Tots and get your Tanks on the table through the month of November. Check out the link below for full details on how you can get involved and find a store near you.

Updated 21 November 2018 - Check out the article for what's happening near you.

1st Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive...

1st Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive

Nova Open

NOVA Foundation Raffle
Drawn November 25 
The NOVA Open Foundation ia a fantastic organisation that helps tabletop wargamers contribute to charity by raffling off professionally painted fighting forces.They currently have two Battlefront armies beautifully painted by long-time NOVA artist Steve McCuen to be raffled off.

The raffle is happening this weekend so this your last chance to get into the draw!

Click Here for full details...

Dealing With ATGMs
As many a player, veteran and new alike, take to the field of battle one of the most popular and effective weapons, the ATGM, has proved a difficult enemy to overcome. As a tank formation commander, massed ATGM fire is a terrifying prospect. How then, does one deal with ATGMs quickly and efficiently? Today Scott looks at and answers this question.

Dealing With ATGMs...

Dealing With ATGMs

Unboxing TANKS: The Modern Age Starter Set - M1 Vs T-64 

Enemy at the Gates Production Delays

Enemy at the Gates Production Delays
Due to issues with moulding tools, the first run of flexible plastic Soviet Infantry could not be shipped according to schedule and our Soviet Infantry will ship in DecemberOur plastic Stalingrad buildings have also been delayed. We are expecting to have the Plastic Stalingrad Buildings shipping by February 2019.

Enemy at the Gates Production Delays...

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition
Last Updated 20 September 2018
A new rules set always results in questions about how the finer points of the game should work so Lessons From The Front is the place to go to find answers to some of the harder questions.

This latest update includes a number of recent questions from the community as well as the updates from Early and Late War Update.

Lessons From The Front: V4...
Lessons From The Front: V4 - Printer Friendly...

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition

To avoid confusion we have removed the V4 FAQ from the front of the Early and Late-war PDFs. To find just download the V4 PDF above.

Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war...
Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war - Printer Friendly...

No Dice, No Glory

No Dice, No Glory - Red Banner and Ghost Panzers Previews
The team at No Dice No Glory has their hands on the latest Eastern Front Mid War books and they've put up their previews of both books covering the Germans and Soviets. Check them out in the links below

No Dice, No Glory - Red Banner Spoiled...
No Dice, No Glory - Ghost Panzers Reviewed And Spoiled...

Breakthrough Assault - Red Banner and Ghost Panzers Previews
Breakthrough Assault has their first previews up. They take a look at the new units and formations in Ghost Panzers and Red Banner. they also have their hands on the command cards to look at what options they have. Check em out below.

Breakthrough Assault - Ghosts Of Big Cats...
Breakthrough Assault - Za Rodinu! Red Banner Overveiw...

Breakthrough Assault - Soviet Shuffle - Red Banner Cards...
Breakthrough Assault - Das Kartenspiel - Ghost Panzer Command Cards...

Breakthrough Assault

Shifting Sands 2019

Shifting Sands 2019
On January 18th and 19th, 2019, AZDRFOW and AMGAS will be presenting this year's Shifting Sands 2019. The theme is Operation Market Garden. Shifting Sands: Market Garden will let you help decide the outcome! Will the Allies achieve ultimate victory and secure a bridgehead into Germany? Or will the Germans crush the overly ambitious British and Americans before they accomplish their goals? You get to decide.

Click here for more information about Shifting Sands 2019...

2019 North American Points and Locations
It’s that time again, here are the points for the 2019 tournament season and We are currently taking proposals for the 2019 Southern Nationals: Rick Parrish in Florida did a great job stepping up this year, but the 2019 tournament season is fresh and so we need proposals from interested parties by the end of October to make the decision as to where it will be held next. Check out the link for full details.

2019 North American Points and Locations...

2019 North American Points and Locations

Battlefront & Breakthrough Assault 2019 Events

Battlefront & Breakthrough Assault -  2019 Events
Since the UK Open Day, Breakthrough Assault has been considering running some UK events in 2019. We spend a lot of time writing material we hope the Flames of War and Team Yankee community enjoy and decided it was time to start supporting the community in other ways. Check out what is on the horizon below.

Battlefront & Breakthrough Assault -  2019 Events...

3rd GamesCon Flames Of War Tournament - Beograd, Serbia
held 1 - 2 December, Beogradski Sajam Hala 1 (Belgrade Fair Hall 1) Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 1 11000 Beograd, Serbia
The 3rd GamesCon Flames Of War Tournament is on this year and there will be four rounds being played over two days. Games will be 100 points lists for Mid War including Command Cards.

Click here for full details and registration information...
More information about the GamesCon event can be found here...

3rd GamesCon Flames Of War Tournament - Beograd, Serbia

Conflict 2018

Conflict 2018
held 1 - 2 December, Battlefield Hobbies, 17 Brunel Close, Daventry, NN11 8RB, United Kingdom
The Conflict 2018 Flames Of War Tournament will be held this December at Battlefield Hobbies. The games will be Mid War with 100 point lists with five games played over the two days

Click here for full details...
Battlefield Hobbies Website...

Shifting Sands 2019
held 18 - 19 January 2019 at Mesa Conference and Utilities building 640 N. Mesa Dr., Mesa, AZ, 85201, USA.
Brought to you by the Arizona Desert Rats, this year the Shifting Sands 2019 will be a 2 day game event and campaign pitting the Axis versus Allies in a desperate struggle to secure a bridgehead into Germany. Lists are taken from the books Bridge By Bridge For the Germans and Market Garden for the Allies with 1500 points. Check out the links below for full details and sign up. 

Arizona Desert Rats - Shifting Sands 2019 Event Details and Sign Up...
Arizona Desert Rats Facebook Page...
Shifting Sands 2019 Event Details...

Cancon 2019

Cancon 2019

Cancon 2019
held 26 - 29 January 2019 at Exhibition Park In Canberra (EPIC), Australia.
Cancon is one the premier events on the Australian gaming calendar. The 2019 event will feature a 2 day Mid War tournament, a 2 day Team Yankee tournament (both over the Friday and Saturday) with mega battles on the Monday.

Cancon Flames Of War Tournament...
Cancon Flames Of War Tournament Players Pack...

Cancon Team Yankee Tournament...
For more information about Cancon click here…

Corrivalry 2019
held 9 - 10 February, Battlefield Hobbies, 17 Brunel Close, Daventry, NN11 8RB, United Kingdom
The Corrivalry 2019 Flames Of War Tournament is being held at Battlefield Hobbies. The games played  will be Late War with 1750 point lists and with five games played over the two days. Players will also submit a second list with no more than 500 points varriation to their first to take into tables with city fight rules and terrian.

Click here for full details...
Battlefield Hobbies Website...

Corrivalry 2019

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events? Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

October Releases
German Forces
5cm Tank-Hunter Platoon (Plastic) (GBX115)
10.5cm Artillery Battery (Plastic) (GBX117)
sMG34 Machine-gun Platoon (Plastic) (GE759)
8cm Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (GE760)
15cm Nebelwerfer Battery (Plastic) (GBX118)

Grenadier Platoon (Plastic) (GE756)
Panzergrenadier Platoon (Plastic) (GE757)
Assault Pioneer Platoon (Plastic) (GE758)

Soviet Forces
Katyusha Guards Rocket Battery (Plastic) (SBX44)

Rifle Company (Plastic) (SBX50)
SMG Company (Plastic) (SBX51)
Storm Group (Plastic) (SBX52)

45mm Anti-Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX47)
76mm Anti-Tank Company (Plastic) (SBX48)

November Releases
Soviet Forces
T-60 Tank Company (SBX45)
Maksim MG Company (Plastic) (SU770)
PTRD AT Rifle Company (Plastic) (SU771)
82mm or 120mm Mortar Company (Plastic) (SU772)
IL-2 Shturmovik Assault Flight (SBX53)
DShK AA MG Platoon (SBX38)
BA-10 Armoured Car Platoon (SBX46)

German Forces
Panzer II Platoon (GBX108)
StuG (Early) Platoon (GBX109)
7.5cm Infantry Gun Platoon (GE545)
15cm Infantry Gun Platoon (GE567)
Marder (7.62cm) Tank-hunter Platoon (GBX110)
Sd Kfz 221 & 222 Light Scout Troop (GBX112)
Sd Kfz 231 Heavy Scout Troop (GBX113)
Ju 87 Stuka Flight (GBX120)

Double sided City & Rural Gaming Mat (BB956)
Stalingrad Destroyed Building (Plastic) (BB300)
Stalingrad Building Extension (Plastic) (BB301)
Stalingrad Building Base (BB237) (Direct only)

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Battlefront Miniatures NZ Ltd Privacy and Cookie Policy...

Battlefront Miniatures NZ Ltd Terms And Conditions...

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