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D-Day British Preorders
D-Day British Preorders are Now Live
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Click here to view the Desert Rats Squadron Spotlight
Click here to view the Desert Rats Squadron Spotlight

D-Day British Spotlight

D-Day: British Spotlight
On June 6th, 1944 the Allied forces launched one of the largest amphibious assaults ever. This book follows the British and Commonwealth forces that overcame the German defences and claimed Sword, Gold, and Juno beaches as well as the breakout after. The forces in the book are broken down into three major groups: you have your regular war weary units that form the backbone of your forces, you have your Desert Rat veterans and lastly you have your elite troops like the Commandos and Airborne units. These archetypes are perfect to build any list for D-Day and the breakout.

D-Day: British Spotlight...

D-Day: British Unit Cards
For a limited time only boxes of Unit Cards will be available for each Flames Of War Late War book. The packs will contain one of each Unit Card that relates to their book. The packs have been designed to assist existing players that have already bought our miniatures and built their armies under previous editions and want cards to help transition to V4.

D-Day: British Unit Cards (FW264U)...

Late War Unit Cards

The Art of Reserves

The Art of Reserves
Reserves in Flames Of War can often be misunderstood. “It’s a huge disadvantage in missions where you have to defend”, or “The Attacker has such an advantage, I only get 60% of the force they do!”Well, what if I told you that I often get excited for reserves? That the reserves in Flames Of War is just as much an advantage for the prepared player as it is a disadvantage for the unprepared one? You might call me crazy, but I firmly believe that having reserves can be a huge advantage.

The Art Of Reserves...

The Big Four Of Late War 
Big Four Of Late-War Website... Big Four Of Late-War Instagram...
 The Big Four Of Late War

Touch Me, And You Burn*
The upcoming release of the D-Day: British book has Chris looking over what lists he can build. This week he is diving into his current project, a late Churchill Armoured Squadron filled with an interesting mix of tanks. Who can resist such an iconic and heavily armoured tank anyway!

Touch Me, And You Burn...

*Fear Naught Qui s’y frotte, s’y brule (Touch me, and you burn) – the moto of the 9th Royal Tank Regiment

Want To Win A Copy Of The D-Day: British Book?
'Course You Do!

Head over to the Big Four Instagram and let Chris know what you are looking forward too from the D-Day: British book and you might win a copy. Make sure you Follow the channel to keep up with everything going on behind the scenes.

Big Four Of Late War Instagram...

The Big Four Of Late War

The Fox Armoured Car

The Fox Armoured Car
As many of you will know, the new British book for World War III: Team Yankee brings many fascinating and exciting new units.Today I’d like to discuss one of the most radical changes of all – the Fox. Firstly, there is a very exciting turning point happening in the game. One thing not many people have picked up on is the Fox. Yes, it’s a new reconnaissance vehicle for the British Army. But what people haven’t noticed is that this is NOT a regular British Army vehicle. The vehicle was run entirely in combat roles by Territorial Army units. 

The Fox Armoured Car...

Team Tversky Goes to Cancon
The Australia Day long weekend holiday in Australia sees Cancon – Australia’s largest gaming convention – held in Canberra. For several years now there has been a WWIII: Team Yankee event, featuring 7 or 8 games over three days, with forces of 85 points each.This year I decided to take an Israeli Merkava II Company to Cancon. Cancon would be my first WWIII competition using Version 2 of the rules.

Team Tversky Goes to Cancon...

Team Tversky Goes to Cancon

Click here to view the Harrier Close Support Flight Spotlight
Click here to view the Harrier Close Support Flight Spotlight

Click here to view the Tornado Strike Flight Spotlight

Click here to view the SU-25 Frogfoot Aviation Company Spotlight
Click here to view the Tornado Strike Flight Spotlight Click here to view the SU-25 Frogfoot Aviation Company Spotlight

English Nationals 14th - 15th November

English Nationals 14th - 15th November
We are excited to announce that this year's English National will be hosted by Wargames Association of Reading at their yearly 2 day wargames show Reading Warfare 2020. This year's national will be a Late War 100 point 5 game tournament played over 2 days. 

Reading Warfare has been hosting a Flames Of War tournament for a number of years and this year will be moving to the fantastic new venue at the Ascot Race Course. 

You can find more information about the tournament in future posts and on the forum link below:

Click here to find more information about the English Nationals...

Click here for more information on Warfare 2020...

Battlefront Open Day 11th Of July 2020
Cleve Lodge, Long Eaton, Nottingham, UK
This years open day has moved to July, pop this date in your diary.

More information of what you can expect to see at this year's Open Day to follow.

Battlefront Open Day 11th Of July 2020

Panzer Schule - Flames Of War Battle Report - 'Gie's ah drink'

Click here to go to the Battlefront Events Website

Battlefront Events Website
Tournament and Event organisers can now publish their events on a dedicated event calendar that keeps all the fixtures of tournament season in one place. Easy to navigate for those searching for events to attend, events.battlefront.co.nz is designed to allow organisers to share the details of their events on a comprehensive tournament calendar.

Click here to go to the Battlefront Events Website... 

Battlefront Miniatures Beeston Thursday Games Night

Battlefront Miniatures Beeston: Thursday Games Night 
Thursday 1700 to 2200 - Battlefront Miniatures Europe Ltd, Unit 4C Tissington Close, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 6QG, United Kingdom

Every Thursday night, in the hobby club at Battlefront HQ, we hold a games club. There’s a thriving D&D group, and several tables to play any of our games on, Star Trek Ascendancy, Dr Who,  or if you’re a fan of Serenity/Firefly, we’ve got Brigands and Browncoat’s or Firefly the game.If table top gaming is your thing, we’re all about 15mm, with Great War, Team Yankee, Flames of War and ‘Nam and Fate of a NationWe’ve also got a dedicated hobby area where you can build or paint your models, and get advice on modelling tips too.So why not come and join us every Thursday.

Battlefront Miniatures Beeston: Thurday Games Night...

Salute 2020
April 18 - London Excel, UK
Battlefront will be attending this year and will be on stand TK09.

For Customers looking to place a mail order for collection please place your order through the online store and use the following discount code SALUTE2020. The cut off date for your order to be made in time for the show is March the 20th. Any orders placed after that date will still be picked but we might not be able to get any out of stock items in time.

We will have special items available on the day. The show exclusive objectives and the full range of pre-painted including variant painted houses and buildings for Flames of War and Team Yankee.

Come along to see our upcoming releases and pick up all your hobby supplies. Keep an eye out on future updates for show exclusive deals.

Click here for more info on Salute 2020...

Salute 2020

Salute 2020

Hammerhead 2020
March 14 - The Showground, Lincoln Road, Winthorpe, Newark, Notts, NG24 2NY, UK

We will be attending for our second with the full range of British Team Yankee and Flames of War ranges. 

Click here for more info on Hammerhead 2020...

Looking For More Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire website dedicated to tournaments and events, you can use it to find events near you or even sign up to promote your own. check it out.

Battlefront Events Website...
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?

D-Day British Releases
March Releases
D-Day British: A4, Hardback (FW264)
D-Day British: Unit Cards (FW264U)
D-Day British: CommandCards (FW264C)
British Starter Force: Desert Rats Squadron (BRAB13)
British Decals (Late War)

Parachute Company (Plastic) (BBX49)
Airborne 75mm Light Troop (Plastic) (BBX50)
Airborne 6pdr Anti-tank Platoon (Plastic) (BBX51)
Airborne MMG Platoon (Plastic) (BR814)
Airborne Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (BR815)
6th Airborne Division Dice set (BR906)
6th Airborne Division Tokens & Objective Set (BR907)

Guards Armoured Division Tokens & Objectives (Direct Only) (BSO900)
50th Northumbrian Division Tokens & Objectives (Direct Only) (BSO901)
11th Armoured Division Tokens & Objectives (Direct Only) (BSO902)
7th Armoured Division Tokens & Objectives (Direct Only) BSO903)
6th Armoured Division Tokens & Objectives (Direct Only) (BSO904)
3rd Division "Monty's Ironsides" Tokens & Objectives (Direct Only) (BSO906)
3rd Canadian Infantry Division Tokens & Objectives (Direct Only) (BSO907)
1st Special Service Brigade Tokens & Objectives (Direct Only) (BSO908)


March Releases Continued
Churchill Armoured Squadron (Plastic) (BBX56)
Cromwell Armoured Troop (Plastic) (BBX57)
Stuart Recce Armoured Troop (Plastic) (BBX58)
Sherman Armoured Troop (Plastic) (BBX60)

April Releases
6 pdr Anti-tank Platoon (Plastic) (BBX54)
17 pdr Anti-tank Platoon (Plastic) (BBX52)
25 pdr Field Troop (Plastic) (BBX63)
Bofors Light AA Troop (Plastic) (BBX65)

Priest Field Troop (Plastic) (BBX64)
Daimler Armoured Car Troop (Plastic) (BBX64)
M10 SP Anti-tank Troop (Plastic) (BBX62)

Crusader Armoured AA Troop (Plastic) (BBX59)
Typoon Fighter-bomber Flight (Plastic) (BBX66)
Auster OP Observation Post (BR951)

January Releases
Large Rocky Hill (BB502)
Extra Large Rocky Hill (BB533)
Escapments (BB536) 

March Releases
Manor House (BB175)
Bocage - Straights (BB165)
Bocage - Extras (BB166)

June Releases
Ruined Buildings  (BB199)
Church (ruined) - Lile  (BB177)
European House - Dunkirk (BB154)

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