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D-Day German Preorders
The Germans had spent years building up their defences along the French coast. Behind this Atlantic Wall, a dozen veteran panzer and parachute divisions, rebuilding after desperate battles on the Eastern Front, prepared to throw any Allied landing back into the sea. On D-Day, 6 June 1944, the greatest air and sea invasion of the war crossed the English Channel to land on the beaches of Normandy. Although they were unable to throw the Allies back into the sea, the German forces held back the Allied tide for more than three months in some of the most intense fighting of the Second World War. The battle for Europe had begun in earnest.

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Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign (FW262B)
Bloody Omaha is the first in a series of Ace Campaigns, a narrative-driven system of Flames Of War battles. Ace Campaigns are extremely flexible in allowing players to tailor their campaign to fit their playgroups needs. There are three different modes that you can play the campaign in: Story Mode, Extended Mode, and Aces Mode. Story mode is your shortest campaign that only uses the Story and Reward cards, while Extended allows you to play longer campaigns by adding in side missions. The Aces mode can be used with Story Mode or Extended Mode an allows players to create their own unique commander with special abilities that will give them an edge during the course of the campaign.

Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign (FW262B)...

Hobby League Landing Page

 With our 50 points officially finished (or near enough to it) we are gearing up for a week of clashes in the 1st tournament of the Hobby League for a whole slew of exciting prizes

Hobby League Landing Page...

Battlefront will be supporting the Hobby League with regular prizes for gamers who share their Hobby League photos to Instagram and Facebook.
Battlefront Instagram
Battlefront Facebook Page
tag @battlefrontminiatures and use the #HobbyLeague hashtag. Visit our Facebook page, and post your photos to our Woobox to enter
During the league, three winners on Instagram and three winners on Facebook will be randomly selected each month to win the following awesome prize! • a Flames Of War double-sided Mat (4'/120cm x 6'/180cm), • D-Day Landing Terrain Set, and • their choice of either D-Day Landing Craft or D-Day Beach Bunkers.

Designing Airborne Figures

Designing Airborne Figures
Hi! My name is Ales, and I am a designer behind some of the figure miniatures produced for Flames of War. For this article, I will guide you through the process of creation from beginning to final product. It is quite a specific line of work since the production of miniatures requires knowledge in different areas; such as 3D sculpting, casting processes, working with small scales, materials, and prototyping equipment.

Designing Airborne Figures...

“Spearhead”: US D-Day Shermans Aggressive
The Armoured forces of the United States of America had rapidly grown to become a modern fighting force. Now using reliable designs and constantly revising and improving their vehicles to be as deadly, fast and safe as they could. The aim of these Breakout themed articles is to help new or returning players build up their understanding of the US Late War forces in D-Day: American, for use in Flames Of War Version 4 games. 

“Spearhead”: US D-Day Shermans Aggressive...

“Spearhead”: US D-Day Shermans Aggressive
Magnets - XX105

Rare Earth Magnets, Battlefront and You!
Rare earth magnets are a great way to set your tank turrets. We have updated with images and instructions for working with magnets and plastic kits, Chris' article on the subject is back to show you the ropes. 

Rare Earth Magnets, Battlefront and You!...

Big Four Of Late-War
Wayne's Panzer Company - The Panzers!
Wayne is counting down till the launch of D-Day: Germans and has 79 points of his Force ready to go with 10 Panzer IVs and 2 Tigers completed.

Check out all of his progress over on the Big Four website.

Wayne’s Panzer IV Tank Company Progress Report...

The Big Four Of Late War

A Tale Of Four Gamers like no other!
Over the next FOUR YEARS Casey, Chris, Victor and Wayne are building new armies for Late-War, starting with the Fortress Europe Starter Army Deals and then progressively tweaking them, adding new units and painting new models as the Late-War Journey progresses.

Over on their Instagram page you can keep up with all the behind the scenes developments as they share images from their painting desks at home. Who knows what you might see...

Big Four Of Late-War Website... Big Four Of Late-War Instagram...

The Bundesheer at War
The Bundesheer is an army we’ve seen mentioned in passing in several of the books describing World War Three in Team Yankee, but it is a force we’ve not seen in action directly. In our timeline the Bundesheer’s goal was primarily to stall for time against invasion if their neutrality was ever violated, Team Yankee represents an opportunity to see how that force would be able to defend their neutrality and independence from foreign invasion. In the current timeline of the game it is an underdog story ripe for narrative exploration, just like the conflict further north in West Germany. 

The Bundsheer at War...

The Bundesheer at War

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'Nam Forces Builder Now Live!
‘Nam has hit Forces! Whether you’re experimenting with a new formation or champing at the bit to punch your tried and trued army into that classic Forces printout, Forces for ‘Nam gives you all the great weapons and units of the Vietnam War in one place and makes list-building easy as ever.

Click here to go to the 'Nam Forces Website....

Tournament Organiser Announcement
Tournament Organiser Announcement UPDATE
Tournament Organisers can now take full advantage of 30 days free and full access to Flames Of War forces to help with checking and vetting entrants’ army lists. Simply contact [email protected] with the details of your events and you will be sent a unique login to give you 30 days of access to Forces.

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition
Last Updated 25 July 2019
A new rules set always results in questions about how the finer points of the game should work so Lessons From The Front is the place to go to find answers to some of the harder questions.

These are living documents that we will update as often as possible but please bear in mind that whilst we listen to feedback in the forums (and other places) we need to take a considered approach before implementing any changes.

Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition

Lessons From The Front: V4 (PDF download)...
Lessons From The Front: V4 - Printer Friendly (PDF download)...

Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war (PDF download)...
Lessons From The Front: Early and Late-war - Printer Friendly (PDF download)...

Job Opportunities at Battlefront The Battlefront Team Needs You!
We are currently looking for an Account Manager to join our Trade Sales Team in Battlefront Miniatures US office.

We are looking for enthusiastic, results driven people who enjoy maintaining long term relationships and growing sales with existing business partners. Being a gamer helps but is not essential as long as you have a passion for hobbies.

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No Dice, No Glory - D-Day German Previews
No Dice, No Glory is taking an early look at what you'll find in the D-Day German book.

No Dice, No Glory - Awake the Fuhrer, The German D-Day Book is Spoiled...
No Dice, No Glory - List building for Beach Defense and FJ Kompanies...
No Dice, No Glory - Learning the Lehr: Panzergrenadiers in D-Day German Forces, 1944...

No Dice, No Glory

Breakthrough Assault

Breakthrough Assault - D-Day German Previews
Check out Breakthrough Assaults D-Day German previews in the links below as they dive into what you'll find in the latest book early.

Breakthrough Assault - D-Day Oberbefehlshaber West...
Breakthrough Assault - D-Day German Command Cards...
Breakthrough Assault - D-Day German Forces - Too Hot or Not!...

Shoot and Scoot Podcast - Episode 17 - Germans At The Beach..

Barbus In Game - D-Day German Preview
Leon in Barbus in game has reviewed D-Day German.

Barbus In Game - D-Day German Preview...

Barbus In Game

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Battlefront Events Website
Tournament and Event organisers can now publish their events on a dedicated event calendar that keeps all the fixtures of tournament season in one place. Easy to navigate for those searching for events to attend, events.battlefront.co.nz is designed to allow organisers to share the details of their events on a comprehensive tournament calendar.

Click here to go to the Battlefront Events Website... 

2019 Canadian Flames Of War and Team Yankee Nationals
 August 30th - September 1st 2019 - 161 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5J2, Canada.

Click here to see the Event on the Battlefront Events Website...

This is just one of many great events happening all over the world in the Flames Of War community.

Check out Battlefront Events Website to find an event near you...

2019 Canadian Nationals

Battlefront Miniatures Beeston Thursday Games Night

Battlefront Miniatures Beeston: Thursday Games Night 
Thursday 1700 to 2200 - Battlefront Miniatures Europe Ltd, Unit 4C Tissington Close, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 6QG, United Kingdom

Every Thursday night, in the hobby club at Battlefront HQ, we hold a games club. There’s a thriving D&D group, and several tables to play any of our games on, Star Trek Ascendancy, Dr Who,  or if you’re a fan of Serenity/Firefly, we’ve got Brigands and Browncoat’s or Firefly the game.If table top gaming is your thing, we’re all about 15mm, with Great War, Team Yankee, Flames of War and ‘Nam and Fate of a NationWe’ve also got a dedicated hobby area where you can build or paint your models, and get advice on modelling tips too.So why not come and join us every Thursday.

Battlefront Miniatures Beeston: Thurday Games Night...

Looking For More Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire website dedicated to tournaments and events, you can use it to find events near you or even sign up to promote your own. check it out.

Battlefront Events Website...
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?

D-Day American Releases
D-Day Americans (FW262)
D-Day Americans Unit Cards (FW262U)
D-Day: Americans Command Cards (FW262C)

Parachute Rifle Company (Plastic) (UBX64)
Airborne Recon Section (Plastic) (UBX65)
Parachute 75mm Artillery Battery (Plastic) (UBX66)
Parachute 57mm Anti-tank Platoon (Plastic) (UBX67)
Parachute Rifle Platoon (Plastic) (US792)
Parachute Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (US794)

Assault Company (UBX86)
82nd Airborne Division Dice (US904)
82nd Airborne Division Tokens & Objectives (US905)
101st Airborne Division Dice (US908)
101st Airborne Division Tokens & Objectives (US909)

M4 Sherman Tank Platoon (Plastic) (UBX69)
M5 Stuart Light Tank Platoon (UBX70)
57mm Anti-tank Platoon (UBX81)
105mm Cannon Platoon (UBX82)

Rifle Company (Plastic) (UBX68)
Armoured Rifle Company HQ (Plastic) (UBX74)
Armoured Rifle Platoon (Plastic) (UBX75)
M3 Halftrack Transport Platoon (Plastic) (UBX76)

M4 Sherman (105mm) (Plastic) (UBX71)
M7 Priest Artillery (Plastic) (UBX73)
M8 Cavalry Recon Platoon (Plastic) (UBX79)
M1917 Machine-gun Platoon (Plastic) (US805)
M12 155mm Artillery Battery (UBX84)

M10 3-Inch Tank Destoryer Platoon (Plastic) (UBX72)
105mm Field Artillery Battery (Plastic) (UBX77)
3 inch Towed Tank Destroyer Platoon (UBX80)
L4 Grassshopper Observation Post (US951)

P-47 Thunderbolt Flight (UBX85)
M4 81mm Armored Mortar Platoon (UBX78)
Self Propelled M15/M16 GMC AAA Platoon (UBX83)
81mm Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (US805)

D-Day German Releases

Early September Releases
D-Day Germans (FW263)
D-Day German" Unit Cards (FW263U)

Fallschirmjager Company (Plastic) (GBX136)
Fallschirmjager 7.5cm Tank Hunter Platoon (Plastic) (GBX139)
Fallschirmjager Platoon (Plastic) (GE768)
Fallschirmjager Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (GE769)
Fallschirmjager HMG Platoon (Plastic) (GE770)
Falschirmjager Dice (x20) (GE906)
Fallschirmjager Tokens (x20) & Objectives (x2) (GE907)

Mid September Releases
Grenadier Company (Plastic) (GBX170)
Panzergrenadier Platoon (Plastic) (GBX169)
Panzergrenadier Company HQ (Plastic) (GBX168)
8cm Mortar Platoon (x6 Plastic) (GE785)
MG34 Machine-gun Platoon (x4 Plastic) (GE784)

Panther Tank Platoon (Plastic) (GBX161)
Sd Kfz 251 Platoon (Plastic) (GBX177)
Sd Kfz 251 Flamethrower Platoon (Plastic) (GBX156)
12cm Mortar Platoon (Plastic) (GE771)
Grille 15cm Gun Platoon (GE151)

Late September Releases
8.8cm Heavy AA Platoon (Plastic) (GBX149)
15cm Rocket Launcher Battery (Plastic) (GBX146)
Tiger Heavy Tank Platoon (Plastic) (GBX140)
StuG (Late) Assault Gun Platoon (Plastic) (GBX143)
10.5cm Artillery Battery (Plastic) (GBX145)

Early October Releases
Sd Kfz 250 Reconnaissance (MG and 3.7cm) Platoon (Plastic) (GBX129)
Sd Kfz 250 8cm/7.5cm/2cm Scout Platoon (Plastic) (GBX176)
Reconnaissance HQ Platoon (Plastic) (GBX150)
7.5cm Infantry Gun Platoon (GE579)

Mid October Releases
8.8cm Tank-Hunter Platton (Plastic) (GBX175)
Puma Scout Troop (Plastic) (GBX172)
7.5cm Tank Hunter Platoon (Plastic) (GBX148)

Mobelwagen 3.7cm AA Tank Platton (GBX174)
SdKfz 10/4 Light AA Platoon (Plastic) (GBX147)
Panzer IV Platoon (Plastic) (GBX142)
5cm Tank Hunter Platoon (Plastic) (GBX144)
15cm Infantry Gun Platoon (GE570)

Late October Releases
Wespe 10.5cm SP Artillery Battery (GBX155)
SdKfz 7/1 Quad AA Platoon (GBX159)
Hummel 15cm SP Artillery Battery (GBX158)
Jagdpanzer IV Tank-Hunter Platoon (GBX151)

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