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Great War
The Great War range has returned to shelves across the world!

US Stores have already started receiving their stock, whilst (thanks to some issues with international freight) our UK and European Partners should start receiving stock at the end of next week.

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Great War Retail Partners
The Great War range is available now in both the US and ROW on our online store! Click here to shop the range...

Assembling the City Ruins

The battles of Stalingrad, Warsaw and Berlin are iconic moments in the history of World War II and the City Ruins pack is a simple way to build an amazing city table to fight over.


The City Ruins is a versatile plastic kit that allows you to configure a wide range of city buildings, from mostly intact structures right down to freestanding walls and rubble. Check out Chris's guide on how you can make the most of these plastic sets.

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Assembling the City Ruins

Getting Started in the Great War with Brett’s Brawlers

Getting Started in the Great War with Brett’s Brawlers
With For Warned Forearmed

Hi all, and welcome back to another article with your local S2. This time we are taking a trip into history as we look at starting a new army in the Great War. The group I game with is looking at trying something different, and we decided it would be interesting to give Great War a go as it’s a niche game with interesting game mechanics that are similar to Flames Of War and Team Yankee for the base rules but change slightly to show just how much it was a war of attrition until the invention of the Tank.

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With Duane McAndrew

Well… exciting times!! Great War is about to receive some welcome attention, so I thought I’d put my two cents (or two bob’s) worth in on the British starter box. For those returning to this era (or never left) and those that are new to this era, getting a British starter box, Mitchell’s Marauders is a great starting point to build or enlarge an existing army.

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 2024 Tournament Points

2024 North American Points and Locations

Tournaments provide an amazing opportunity to step outside of your regular playing meta, meet new players, see new armies, and perhaps learn a few new tricks. Every year Battlefront works with an amazing group of Tournament organisers across North America and to help people fine tune their lists for the coming season we set a points level to help keep players on their toes.

Click here to find the 2024 North American Points and Locations...

Wayne has been hard at work updating the old V3 scenarios and making them compatible with V4! Keep an eye on this segment to see the reworked scenarios and try them out in V4 yourself. 

Little Fish
On the night of 6 June, Kurt Meyer was given the orders to take part in an attack the following afternoon against the Allied beach head northeast of Caen. Upon receiving his order Meyer was reported to have said, “Little fish we shall throw them back into the sea....

Read more about the Little Fish scenario here...

St Aignan de Cramesnil
All previous attempts to push the Germans off the Bourgebus Ridge have been disastrous failures resulting in massive losses to British armour and morale. Something different was called for, and what followed – “Operation Totalise” was certainly that. A Canadian plan, Totalise was breathtakingly daring (or bloody stupid depending on your viewpoint!)...

Read more about the St Aignan de Cramesnil Scenario here...

Canadian Painting Templates

Canadian Painting Templates

4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group was a formation of the Canadian Army, then Mobile Command of the unified Canadian Forces. It was part of the European formation known as Canadian Forces Europe. The formation served as the main forward-deployed land element of Canada's armed forces and was stationed in West Germany from 1957 until it was disbanded in 1993.

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2023 WWIII: Team Yankee Oceanic Championships
With Andrew Thompson

The Simpson Barracks Gamin Group hosted the 2023 WWIII: Team Yankee Oceanic Championships 18-19 November 2023. Twenty-two players from across Australia and New Zealand gathered at Simpson Barracks, Watsonia, Victoria, Australia for EXERCISE Kangaroo 23. The Oceanic’s were named after the Australian Armies exercise of the 80s and 90s...

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2023 WWIII: Team Yankee Oceanic Championships

Last Shipping Dates for Mail Order

Ho Ho Ho! It’s that time of year when you find out if you have been naughty or nice and if Santa or your significant other has bought you what is on your Christmas list!

There is still time to place an order with us to arrive in time for Christmas. Click here to see the last shipping dates...

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Battlefront Events
Around the world, there are Flames Of War events happening all the time. To help organisers and players alike we have our rolling Events Calendar. To have your event included just follow the link to our events page, register, and share your event details for all to see. 

Click here to find the 2024 North American Points and Locations...

LVO 2024

LVO 2024 - West Coast Nationals
Saturday 20 - Sunday 21 January
RIO Convention Center, Las Vegas

LVO 2024 will be hosting the Flames Of War West Coast Nationals.

This will be a Late War era tournament at 95 points. The tournament will be using the Extended Battle Plans to generate missions from the More Missions pdf on the Battlefront website.  Matchups will use Swiss Pairings, with ties broken by strength of schedule and numbers of wins.

Read more and book your tickets here...

Adepticon 2024
Friday 22 - Saturday 23 March
Schaumburg IL

The clock is ticking down! Make sure to get your travel, accommodation and armies sorted for Adepticon 2024!

Flames Of War is back at Adepticon in 2024 with a 95-point Late War tournament.

Full details here...

Adepticon 2024: Flames Of War

Asia-Pacific Grand Championship 2024

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