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OnTableTop Previews our D-Day Anniversary Army Deals
By Brennon

In the build-up to D-Day, Battlefront Miniatures are putting together some new bundled armies for those looking to play out an accurate clash on the tabletop in their 15mm wargame, Flames Of War. If you're looking to take on the role of the Axis or the Allies, you should have a set for you.

OnTableTop D-Day Army Deal Previews...

Enhance Your Bunker

Part I: Basic Modelling & Painting

by Mike Haught

Having had a hand in designing this line of bunkers, I was extremely excited to have a crack at enhancing one out with all the bells and whistles that were too difficult to include in the model. I have a passion for both bunkers and terrain modelling, so the chance to combine the two was one I couldn’t resist. I gathered several of my favorite bunker books and set to work. 

Enhance Your Bunker...

Anti-tank Pillboxes

New Releases 

21st Panzerdivision Pre-order

D-Day: Forces in Normandy
Pre-orders Now Live

The D-Day pre-orders are all up on the webstore, including the much anticipated 80th Anniversary Army Deals. 

Click the link below to check out the full range.

D-Day: Forces in Normandy Pre-orders...

2 Weeks Left To Get Your Free D-Day Reinforcement Unit Cards!
To accompany all the new options added to D-Day: Forces in Normandy 1944 we're giving free D-Day: Reinforcement Unit Card packs to all those who pre-order.

Two weeks left, click the link below to order now.

Pre-Order D-Day: Forces in Normandy 1944...

D-Day Free Unit Cards

 Recent Articles
Breakthrough Assault

Another Longest Day – D-Day Compilation Review
By Lee Parnell

Starting in June 2019, the original D-Day books built on Fortress Europe’s launch of late war for v4 and, in general, did a pretty job making up for the version’s rocky mid-war start. The team at Breakthrough Assault and Shoot and Scoot saw the focus on more variety of formation, historically focused “Title” command cards to theme formations around specific units and themed missions such as bocage fighting and beach landings as positive, although the absence of some units such as the Jagdpanther caused grumbles.

Another Longest Day – D-Day Compilation Review...

The Longest Day Has The Heftier Book
By Paolo Paglianti

Just as it had happened for the Mid period, Battlefront is about to release the first “compendium” of Late War books, starting with D-Day. The hefty tome, comprising more than 320 pages, includes the two German volumes (SS and D-Day German), as well as the British and American ones.

The Longest Day has the Heftier Book...

No Dice No Glory
D-Day: Forces in Normandy, 1944

D-Day: Forces in Normandy, 1944
With Wayne Turner

It started with an Airborne assault, hitting vital defences behind the enemy lines. It was followed by a full-scale amphibious invasion on the beaches of Normandy. Operation Overlord was in full swing, with about 160,000 men crossing the English Channel to land on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day alone. 

D-Day: Forces in Normandy, 1944...

Late-War Just Got Bigger!
The Leviathans are Coming!

During the course of World War II all the major powers were working on new and radical designs of weapons and equipment, the most famous of them being the German Wunderwaffen, Wonder-Weapons, like the Maus superheavy tank. The Allies were also busy developing the new designs incorporating lessons learned from the fighting as well as newly developed technology. Many of these new weapons were armoured vehicles like tanks and assault guns.

Late-War Just Got Bigger!...

German Maus
Clash of Steel 

Clash of Steel American vs Soviet

Clash of Steel is Out!
Clash of Steel is now out, check out the the Operation: Unthinkable - American vs Soviet starter set featuring the American T-28 and the Soviet ISU-100. We also have additional platoon boxes to support your initial Clash of Steel army.

Click the link below to check out the full range.

Check out the full Clash of Steel range...

Whats Happening... 
UK & Ireland National Team Championships 2024

WWIII: Team Yankee UK & Ireland National Team Championships 2024
By Shaun Carlyon

On the 17th and 18th of February, four teams descended on Firestorm Games in Cardiff to compete in the National Team Championship 2024.In this two-day tournament, these teams of four players would represent their countries as they competed to find who amongst them would be crowned the Champion Team.

UK & Ireland Team National Championships...

 Community Content

Click here to go to the Battlefront Events Website 

Battlefront Events
Around the world, there are WWIII: Team Yankee events happening all the time. To help organisers and players alike we have our rolling Events Calendar. To have your event included just follow the link to our events page, register, and share your event details for all to see.

Check out the Battlefront Events website here...

Click here to find the 2024 North American Points and Locations...

Asia-Pacific Grand Championship
 Asia-Pacific Grand Championship 2024

Join the Battlefront Miniatures Studio team along with players from all over Australia and New Zealand (and much further away...) for a weekend of miniature gaming at one of the most amazing venues in the world:
The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum in Cairns, Australia.

With four games (two each day) in the middle of the museum and surrounded by tanks and artillery, this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime event and we cannot wait to see you there.

Download the Players Pack...

Visit the Facebook Page...

Tickets for the Battlefront Asia Pacific Grand Championship are on sale now.

Get Your Tickets...

What's Happening at the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum this Week?

AusArmour Assistant Manager, Jason Belgrave, gives us a tour of The AZP S-60 Anti-Aircraft Gun!



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