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Great War
The Great War range is returning to shelves across the world!

US Stores have already started receiving their stock, whilst (thanks to some issues with international freight) our UK and European Partners should start receiving stock at the end of next week.

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Great War Retail Partners
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Mix and Match Armour – The Finnish T-26 Armoured Company

Mix and Match Armour – The Finnish T-26 Armoured Company
With Joe Saunders

Finland did not really have much in the way of domestic tank production in World War II. Instead, they relied on a mismatched series of tanks captured from the Soviets during the Winter War, older pre-war models they already possessed or whatever they could get from their German “allies”. In a few cases, the Germans handed over captured soviet T-34s to bolster the Finn’s ranks for armoured vehicles. The results created armoured companies that were very eclectic.

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Angriff! Or, Getting started with ‘Steiners Stosstruppen’ in Great War
With Matt Yakimoff

With Great War making a long-awaited and well-deserved comeback, I thought it would be a good opportunity to examine how new and returning players alike can make the most of the ‘Steiners Stosstruppen’ box set.

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Angriff! Or, Getting started with ‘Steiners Stosstruppen’ in Great War

Getting started with the French in Great War

Getting started with the French in Great War
With John Lee

With the re-release of Great War, I thought I would look at the French Starter Set and how a new player, or someone on a budget, could get a force on the table that would be competitive, or at least hold its own. For the new player, it opens the door to playing Great War without needing to buy, assemble or paint too much and get into playing the game quicker. 

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6th Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive

We are pleased to bring back the Toys for Tots Toy Drive for 2023!

Toys for Tots

Every year, The Marine Toys for Tots program sets out on a mission to bring the joy of Christmas and send the message of hope to America's less fortunate children. We are proud to once again support this worthy cause.

Make sure you get your FLGS involved for your chance to win a huge amount of prizes, and the awesome chance to support the United States Marine Corps Reserve!

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 2024 Tournament Points  

2024 North American Points and Locations

Tournaments provide an amazing opportunity to step outside of your regular playing meta, meet new players, see new armies, and perhaps learn a few new tricks. Every year Battlefront works with an amazing group of Tournament organisers across North America and to help people fine tune their lists for the coming season we set a points level to help keep players on their toes.

Click here to find the 2024 North American Points and Locations...

Wayne has been hard at work updating the old V3 scenarios and making them compatible with V4! Keep an eye on this segment to see the reworked scenarios and try them out in V4 yourself. 

Point 213
With its commanding views of the surrounding terrain, the high ground is critical. By taking Point 213 you will be able to observe the ground all around, thereby dominating the road all the way to Caen...

Read more about the Point 213 scenario here...

Wittmann's Wild Ride
Wittmann’s Wild Ride recreates the epic attack by Obersturmführer Michael Wittmann and his lone Tiger tank against A Company of the 1st Battalion, The Rifle Brigade on the road from Villers-Bocage to Point 213...

Read more about Wittmann's Wild Ride Scenario here...

French Light Cavalry in World War III

French Light Cavalry in World War III
With The Little General

One of the most exciting new options to arrive in the NATO book is that of the Escadron D’Eclairage or in English, Divisional Illumination Squadron. This nimble unit is equipped solely with the Panhard VBL light armoured car. Exported worldwide, the VBL commenced service in 1985 with the French Army as a pre-production run of 15 vehicles, with full operational service from 1990. Many a fine commander has struggled to maximise the troops under their command. With French Compagnie d’Infanterie, you have a pocket knife with a range of solutions that is practically a self-contained army...

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Dynamic Points for Mid-War: 2024 - Feedback Closed

Thank you for all of your feedback, either via the Facebook group or the Google Form. Starting tomorrow we will begin reviewing the comments so that we can lock down the final points changes and get Forces updated for the 2024 gaming season.

Last Shipping Dates for Mail Order

Ho Ho Ho! It’s that time of year when you find out if you have been naughty or nice and if Santa or your significant other has bought you what is on your Christmas list!

There is still time to place an order with us to arrive in time for Christmas. Click here to see the last shipping dates...

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Battlefront Events
Around the world, there are Flames Of War events happening all the time. To help organisers and players alike we have our rolling Events Calendar. To have your event included just follow the link to our events page, register, and share your event details for all to see. 

Click here to find the 2024 North American Points and Locations...

LVO 2024

LVO 2024 - West Coast Nationals
Saturday 20 - Sunday 21 January
RIO Convention Center, Las Vegas

LVO 2024 will be hosting the Flames Of War West Coast Nationals.

This will be a Late War era tournament at 95 points. The tournament will be using the Extended Battle Plans to generate missions from the More Missions pdf on the Battlefront website.  Matchups will use Swiss Pairings, with ties broken by strength of schedule and numbers of wins.

Read more and book your tickets here...

Adepticon 2024
Friday 22 - Saturday 23 March
Schaumburg IL

The clock is ticking down! Make sure to get your travel, accommodation and armies sorted for Adepticon 2024!

Flames Of War is back at Adepticon in 2024 with a 95-point Late War tournament.

Full details here...

Adepticon 2024: Flames Of War

Asia-Pacific Grand Championship 2024

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