American Late War Painting and Hobby Resources

Late War Painting and Hobby Resources

Building a new army can be a exciting and fulfilling project, however it can be a little daunting to find all the most useful resources to help you get started.

On this page you will find a collection of links to the most useful articles throughout the Flames Of War website (and more) to help you make the most of this experience.

There are many great tutorials on how to paint Flames Of War miniatures, here you can find links to our favourite content. Use these to draw painting colour, technique tips and inspiration from. Just remember there is no right way to paint, there is just your way.
Painting the 15mm American Parachute Rifle Company
(Lights, Camera, Paint)
Build and Paint: Flames Of War LCVP 
(My Little Piece)
How To Paint M5 Stuart Tanks
(Pete The Wargamer)
How To Paint U.S Paratroopers 
(Pete The Wargamer)
How To Paint Sherman Tanks
(Pete The Wargamer)
How To Paint US Infantry 
(Pete The Wargamer)
How To Paint The M26 Pershing
How To Paint US Parachute Riflemen
Puttying Flames of War Bases Made Easy
(with our brown bases make this much easier now.)

The Big Four Of Late War

The Big Four Of Late War
Collectively the Big Four Of Late War, studio stalwarts Casey, Chris, Victor and Wayne and embarking on the Late War Journey to build new armies alongside Flames Of War players around the world.

This will be like no “Tale of Four Gamers” series of articles that you might have seen in the past. Instead it will be an epic journey (one with Tanks instead of Ringwraiths) that will take part over four years…

Follow their progress over on the dedicated Big Four website.
The Big Four Of Late War website...

And see whats happening behind the scenes over on their Instagram page.
Big Four Of Late War Instagram...

Guide To Painting US Infantry Uniforms
Nothing seems to cause as much confusion as colours of the uniforms worn by the United States Army during WWII. And this seems to be mainly due to the fact that the army entered the war in December 1941 wearing one uniform and finished the war in 1945 with another uniform, mixed them up in between, with a few other articles of clothing thrown in for good measure! In this article Evan will attempt to portray these uniforms with pictures of BF miniatures painted with Vallejos Acrylics colours that I’ve personally chosen.  So please treat all colour suggestions as a guide and not a decree. 

Guide To Painting US Infantry Uniforms...

Guide To Painting US Infantry Uniforms

Painting US Airborne Troops

Painting US Airborne troops
All my figures are painted with the Vallejo range of paints so if you use another brand then just check with the colour charts included in the article to find the closest match. These are my personal suggestions only so please treat them as a guide and not “gospel”. I’ve also refrained from my usual technique of adding a little white to the basic uniform colour and drybrushing highlights so you can see the actual colour more clearly.

Painting US Airborne Troops...

Added Protection:
Using the Sherman Improvised Armor
It was not uncommon for tank crews to add their own improvised armour - made of sandbags, tank tracks or whatever they could find - to the outside of their vehicle for additional protection against short-range infantry anti-tank weapons such as the German Panzerfaust or Panzerschreck.In this article I will show you how to model the Sherman tank using the new Sherman Improvised Armor

Added Protection: Using Sherman Improvised Armor...

Added Protection: Using the Sherman Improvised Armor

Colin's Sherman with Foliage

Now you see me... now you don't
Adding Foliage to your tanks

I had always been told that putting camouflage on 15mm tanks was not possible, in fact I was told that everything people had seen in the past not only looked like foam stuck onto a 15mm tank, but it was ugly and out of scale. I thought, having never tried it before, that I could give it a go. After my first half hour at the workbench experimenting, I realized that what I had been told was perhaps quite believable.This all started after a chat on the forum about camouflage netting and what worked and what didn’t. I was intrigued to see what could work.

Now you see me... now you don't: Adding Foliage to your tanks...

Blending In:
Using Foliage To Camouflage Your Tanks
As Monty Python told us, camouflage is the art of how not to be seen. One of the simplest ways to achieve this, when driving around in a natural environment, is to take some of that environment with you.

Blending In: Using Foliage To Camouflage Your Tanks...

Blending In

Decal Basics Techniques: Zimmerit
US941 Full Colour Sheet

Updated Late War US decals (US941)
The updated US941 decal pack comes with a total of four sheets. The first sheet is full colour and includes a range of symbols including ones for US Armor, Tank Destroyers, vehicle weights, US Flags, as well as a few other useful items.

The second sheet has vehicle registration number for the sides of your vehicles and names. The names were either placed on the side of vehicles or on the hull front.

Updated Late War US Decals...


Working with Plastic, Metal and Resin Miniatures
The Flames Of War range of miniatures are predominantly produced in Plastic, but there are some models made out of metal and/or resin. Each of these different mediums provide different benefits, however there are some things you need to know when working with them.

Plastic, Metal and Resin Miniatures...
Flexible Plastic Miniatures...

Plastic Figures

Tanks Vehicles
Sherman (75mm) (USAB10) M3 Half-track (USAB10)
Sherman (76mm) (USAB10) Airborne Jeep Recon Patrol (UBX65)
M10 or M36 (UBX89) Jeep (UBX76)
M5 Stuart (USAB10)
M20 Scout Car (UBX79)
M8 Scott (UBX70)  M8 Greyhound (37mm) (UBX79)
M4 Sherman (105mm) (UBX71) L4 Grasshopper (UBX79)
M4 Sherman (Late) (UBX88)  M15 (37mm & .50 cal) (UBX83)
M4 Easy Eight (UBX91)
M16 (Quad .50 cal) (UBX83)
M24 Chaffee (UBX94)
P-47 Thunderbolt (UBX85)
M4 Jumbo (UBX92) M15 & M16 (UBX87)
M26 Pershing (UBX90)  
Infantry Guns and Artillery
Armoured Rifle Platoon (USAB10) M7 Priest (USAB10)
Armoured Rifle Platoon (UBX75) Airborne 57mm Anti-tank Gun (UBX67)
 Paracute Rifle Company (UBX64)  57mm Anti-tank Platoon Gun (UBX81)
Rifle Company (UBX68)
Paracute 75mm Artillery Battery (UBX66)
 Armoured Rifle Company HQ Team (UBX74) Paracute Mortar Platoon (US794)
M1917 Machine-gun Platoon (US805) 81mm Mortar Platoon (US804)
  105mm Cannon (UBX82)
  M12 (155mm) Self-propelled (UBX84)
  3-inch Tank Destroyer (UBX80)
  105mm Field Artillery(UBX77)
  M4 81mm Armoured Mortar (UBX78)
  T27 Xylophone (US145)
  M4 Sherman (Calliope) (US147)