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Assembling The Airborne 57mm Anti-tank Platoon (UBX67)

How to assemble your Airborne 57mm Anti-tank guns

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Plastic 57mm Anti-Tank Sprue
   British Late War 6 pdr 
   US 57mm M1 A/T Gun
  British 6 pdr (Desert)

Note that the US 57mm M1 A/T Gun the part you should use in this assembly Guide.

Step 1. Begin assembly of the 57mm gun by attaching the outer gun shield to the gun carriage. The best glue to use with the hard plastic gun parts is plastic cement. Superglue is also fine.

Step 2: Attach the right-hand side wheel to the gun carriage.
Below: The right-hand side wheel attached. 
Step 3. Next, attach the left-hand side wheel to the gun carriage.

Step 4. Attach the inner gun shield to the gun barrel.

Below: The inner gun shield in position.  
Step 5. Next, affix the gun assembly to the gun carriage. Below: The complete gun assembly.

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