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Landships Damage Token Set (TK906)

Landships Damage Token Set (TK906)

Landship Damage Token Set (TK906)
Includes six Damge tokens for Landships in Great War.

Many early tanks were designed as massive landships with main guns and machine-guns covering the tank in all four directions. Large and ponderous, with crew spread out between different compartments,they could take a lot of punishment and fight on regardless. 

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Landship Damage Token Set (TK906)

In Flames Of War, some tanks are Landships and use the special rules on pages 6-7 of Great War, in addition to the other Great War Tanks rules.

Specially designed to break the stalemate of trench warfare, Landships have particular advantages in how they move through obstacles. And their many machine-guns make them formidable in assaults.

But most notably, Landships can withstand a lot of punishment and still keep fighting. When shooting or artillery would usually destroy a Landship, a second Firepower Test is made, and if it fails, the Landship is only Damaged, and a Damage marker is placed on the Landship. 

These laser-cut acrylic tokens are perfect for marking when one of your Landship tanks has suffered one or more hits, but continues to fight on.

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Landships Damage Token Set (TK906)
Landships Damage Token Set (TK906)