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Goum Token Set (TK027)

Goum Token Set (TK027) Goum Token Set (TK027)

The French Expeditionary Corps (or FEC) is attached to the US 5th Army. The French advocated using the seemingly impossible mountain routes to outflank the Gustav Line. As always, the fearsome Goums lead the way.

This product is no longer available.
"Gaming aids such as the Goum token set help you keep track of the status of your units while on the battlefield. Whether its remounting a bailed out tank, ranging in artillery or digging in your infantry; these tokens cover every situation you’ll come across in Flames Of War."
The Goum Token Set contains 26 full-colour gaming tokens:

4x Bailed Out tokens.
4x Bogged Down tokens.
4x Dug In tokens.
4x Gone To Ground tokens.
4x Pinned Down tokens.
2x Ranged In tokens.
2x Reorganising tokens.
2x At The Double tokens.
Goums in action
These Berbers come from the inhospitable Atlas Mountains in Morocco and are quite at home around Cassino. Fiercely loyal to their French officers, the Goums hack and slash their way through the mountains much to the surprise of both Allied and Axis generals.