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Firestorm: Bagration
Pre-Campaign Introduction

The Firestorm—Bagration Campaign is about to begin and the players have lined up their armies to strike forward to victory—Operation Bagration is underweigh! There 

In Firestorm—Bagration, there are two start-dates to play. The first start-date is 26 June 1944 where the players join Operation Bagration in progress, just after the intial Soviet thrusts broke through the German defensive line. The second Extended Campaign starts on the frontlines as they stood on 22 June 1944, at the very start of Operation Bagration. For our campaign, we have chosen to go with the 26 June version which lasts for four Campaign Turns (the 22 June Extended Version has six turns).

The Battlefront staff and the local playtest group divided themselves into Soviets and Germans for week one and met with their respective generals to talk about the grand strategy. Below are the intercepted messages from the Generals to their headquarters in Moscow and Berlin...

Turn 1 Overview...  

"Ultra" Decoded Documents 

German Situation Report, 25 June 1944 - Generalfeldmarschall K. Henry ...

Soviet Situation Report, 25 June 1944 - Marshal C. Townley ... 

Firestorm: Bagration Situation Map

Below is the map as we join the battle in progress. The Soviets have managed to secure some land beyond the German fortifications from which to launch a few breakthrough assaults. The City of Vitebsk, though surrounded and assailed from all directions, still remains in German hands. The onlsaught must not waiver, with Minsk as its objective!

 Situation Map
Map Key

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