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26 June 1944
Field status report of the current Byelorussia Defensive Line
It has become obvious to me that the depleted forces available to Army Group Centre will be insufficient to counter attack the Soviet thrust into our sector. Large areas of our defensive line have already been overrun, Vitebsk is surrounded and Orsha is vulnerable to attack.
As per your previous orders we have stripped our Panzer support forces and sent them to the Northern Ukraine sector were they sit and wait for the anticipated Soviet assault. I request that we be allowed to recall these units immediately to support our damaged line.
I have gathered my best field generals and we have worked out a plan to stretch the Soviet forces out and defeat them with a lack of supplies and equipment. We will aim to relieve Vitebsk and Orsha in the next few days and I will report to you soon as to the outcome of these conflicts.
Partisan activity has become a major inconvenience and I have given orders to the Sicherung commanders to ruthlessly seek out and destroy any and all opposition discovered amongst the general populace.
Again, I request further reinforcements and more Panzers to assist with our defence!

As ever your loyal servant,

__________________________ Generalfeldmarschall Henry
Army Group Centre
German Stamp

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