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Firestorm: Bagration - Turn 1

The Soviet onslaught has begun! The first assaults have been made, offically launching our Firestorm Campaign. Tensions are high as the German and Soviet players square off in epic fights over Byelorussian soil.

The first week of the campaign started off with a massive German counterattack! German players rolled well on their initiative and took the Soviets by surprise by capturing four areas in rapid succession! Luckily, not all the news delivered to Stalin this morning was bad. The Red Army managed to secure a few territories in the north and south which opened the way for future efforts against Minsk!

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Turn 1 Documents 

Battle Reports for Turn 1 ...

German Status Report - Generalfeldmarschall K. Henry ...

Soviet Status Report - Marshal C. Townley ...

Firestorm: Bagration Turn 1 Progress

The Germans caught the Soviets off guard with a massive counterattack in the middle of the map. The Soviets reacted by capturing areas to the north and south. The campaign is off to a rocky start, with both sides capturing areas.

Turn 1
Map Key

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