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2nd Armored Division (USAB13)

2nd Armored Division (USAB13)
The 2nd Armored Division was raised on 15 July 1940 under the command of Major General Charles L. Scott. Later that year Scott was promoted and com-mand of the division fell to one Brigadier General George S Patton. The division trained hard, prompting  Patton to boast that the 2nd Armored Division would be ‘Hell on Wheels’ when it met the enemy. The nick name stuck.

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2nd Armored Division includes:

• 8x M4 Sherman Tanks
• 3x Stuart Tanks
• 1x Rifle Company HQ
• 2x Rifle Platoons
• 2x M10 Tank-destroyers
• 1x M8 Greyhound Armored Car
• 2x Jeeps
• 4x 105mm Howitzers
• 10x Unit Cards

Army Deal Exclusive Items:

• 1x Crashed Kubelwagon Objective
• 1x Destroyed Stuart Objective
• 20x 2nd Armored Division Dice
• 20x 2nd Armored Division Tokens and 2x Objectives
• 2x 2nd Armored Division Decal Sheets


Sherman 75mm

 The M4 Medium Tank—best known by the nickname ‘Sherman’ given to it by the British— is the most famous American tank. It is operated in large numbers by the US and their allies across all theatres. Over the course of the war there were numerous variants, changing the engine and suspension, adding more armour and bigger guns, but all with the same tall, solid shape.

When the German Panther hit the battlefield in 1943, American engineers designed a new turret for the Sherman mounting a more powerful 76mm gun. This weapon has increased firepower against enemy tanks, giving tank formations a way to crack the front armour of Germany's heavier tanks. While redesigning the turret they added more armour protection as well as better ammo storage bins to stop ammo fires.

Sherman 76mm

M10 Tank-Destroyer

The most potent weapons the US Army has for dealing with enemy tanks is the M10 tank destroyer, officially named the M10 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage. It has one job: to stalk and destroy enemy tanks, breaking up the focused armoured attacks for which the German panzer divisions have become famous.

Some commanders have used the light tanks' speed to charge, acting as a distraction while the medium tanks follow up. Facing the choice between engaging the light tanks threatening to overrun your position and the more dangerous mediums behind, many German commanders have stumbled. Others send the light tanks in a flanking manoeuvre to draw the enemy’s forces away as he scurries to protect now vulnerable artillery, transport and anti-aircraft positions.


M8 Greyhound

M8 Greyhound

Cavalry patrols operate over large areas of ground, constantly reporting on German positions. Most cavalry patrols have a single M8 Greyhound armoured car backed by a pair of jeeps. While the jeeps scout out targets, the M8 Greyhound covers them.

The Jeep

The patrol has a pair of jeeps to extend the unit's eyes and ears. One of the jeeps carried a .30cal machine-gun, while the other carried a 60mm mortar aboard that could be rapidly dismounted and fired to cover the patrol's retreat or knock out a small target.

US Jeeps

Formation Command

Formation Command Team

Formation Command Team

The bulk of US infantry in Normandy are from the rifle companies. These are large formations, backed up by a tremendous amount of firepower support. American artillery, tanks, and reconnaissance are never in short supply for the American 'doughboys'.

Rifle Company

Rifle Company Rifle Company Rifle Company

105mm Howitzer

The M2A1 Howitzer has proven itself time and again throughout North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and now in Normandy. The field artillery batteries are well-trained to deliver massed firepower with devastating results.

105mm Howitzer

What's in the Box
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Plastic Sherman Sprue (x8)
Sherman Sprue
Plastic Sherman 76mm Upgrade Sprue (x3)
Sherman 76mm Sprue
Plastic M10 Sprue (x2)
M10 Sprue
Plastic Stuart/Scott Sprue (x3)
Stuart Sprue
Plastic Rifle Company Sprue (x6)
Rifle Company Sprue
Plastic Rifle Company Command sprue (x2) Plastic Tank Command Sprue (x5) Jeep Crew Sprue (x1)
Rifle Company HQ Sprue Tank Commanders Jeep Crew
Plastic M8 Greyhound/M20 Sprue (x1)
M8 Greyhound Sprue
Plastic 105mm Howitzer Sprue (x4)
105mm Howitzer Sprue
Plastic Gun Crew Sprue (x2)
Plastic Gun Crew Sprue
Artillery Bases
Infantry Bases
2nd Armored Division Decal Sheet (x2)
2nd Armored Division Decals
2nd Armored Division Token Set (20x Tokens, 2x Objectives)
2nd Armored Division Tokens
2nd Armored Division Dice (x20)
2nd Armored Division Dice
Crashed Kubelwagon Objective (x1)
Crashed Kubelwagon
Crashed Typhoon Objective (x1)
Crashed Typhoon
Unit Cards
American Force Card (x1)  Veteran M4 Sherman Tank Company HQ (x1) 
D-Day American Forces Veteran M4 Sherman HQ
Veteran M4 Sherman Tank Platoon (x1) Veteran M4 Sherman (76mm) Tank Platoon(x1)
Veteran M4 Sherman Platoon Veteran M4 Sherman 76mm Platoon
M5 Stuart Tank Platoon (x1) M10 Tank Destoryer Platoon (x1)
Veteran M5 Stuart Platoon M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon
Veteran Rifle Company HQ (x1) Veteran Rifle Platoon (x1)
Veteran Rifle Company HQ Veteran Rifle Platoon
M8 Greyhound Cavalry Recon Patrol (x1) Jeep (x1)
M8 Greyhound Card Jeep Card
105mm Field Artillery Battery (x1)
105mm Field Artillery Battery

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