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Assembling the 105mm Field Artillery Battery (UBX77)

How to assemble your 105mm Field Artillery Battery.

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Plastic 105mm Howitzer Sprue (x4)
Plastic Gun Crew Sprue (x1) Plastic Bases
Flexible Plastic Figures

Working With Flexible Plastic
Many of our new infantry and gun crew figures are have been produced using a new casting technique and material we have been developing.

To find out how easy it is to prepare and paint these new plastic figures click on the link below.

Working With Flexible Plastic...

Step 1. Begin assembly of the 105mm by attaching the gun shield to the trail. Step 2. Next, attach the right-hand side wheel.
Below: Wheel in position. Step 3. Attach the left-hand side wheel to the side of the trail.
Step 3. Mount the gun on the trail.
Step 4. Position gun crew.
Below: Gun crew in position. Step 5. Mount the 105mm on the base.
Below: A fully assembled 105mm Howitzer.

Last Updated On Thursday, August 8, 2019