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On October 20th the German 79. Infanteriedivision was brought forward to take part in the attack on the “Red October” metallurgical works. They, along with the 14. Panzer Division, were tasked with taking the complex on 23rd October.

The 79th Division was divided into three Kampfgruppes for the assault; on the right were the 212. Infantry Regiment and elements of the 179. Reconnaissance Battalion, an anti-tank company (179. Anti-tank Battalion) and a light Nebelwerfer battalion.

In the centre were the 208. Infantry regiment, who’s initial deployment lay in a narrow sector between the 212. IR position and the 54. IR on their left, but it widened substantially as they approached the enemy positions.

They were to take the biggest and most important halls of the factory complex. They were supported by a heavy Nebelwerfer battalion, an assault gun company and a company from the 179. Pioneer Battalion.

On the left were the 54. IR who were attached to the 79. ID for the attack and had already been in Stalingrad for over two weeks. Because of its low strength the 54. IR had the narrowest sector to attack.

The battle was to be fought in three stages, the first objective was the works railway (Werk Bahn on map), there they were to wait on a bombardment of the Soviet 

Red October Factory
Soviets attack

positions before moving on to take the factory (building 3-10 on Map). Once the factory had been secured the next stage would see the 79. Infantry Division at the Volga banks.

The first wave of the attack moved forward  successfully to the railway, though resistance was meet at the railway wagons which had been linked together and proved a hindrance for both guns and vehicles. 

Soviets counter-attack

208. IR Kampfgruppe was organised into two groups, one from the 1st Battalion and the other the 2nd Battalion. Each group was organised in three waves, the first was the Assault party reinforced with engineers. They were equipped with SMGs, grenades, satchel charges and entrenching tools.

The second wave was the covering party consisting of troops armed with machine-guns, rifles, grenades and mortars. Their job was to cover the flanks of the Assault party and to clean up any pockets of resistance encountered.

The final wave was the clean-up group, which made final sweeps of the terrain

German Grenadier
Soviets defend a building

as well as bringing up supplies to the first two groups. 

Heavy support from artillery and the Luftwaffe was available through liaison officers present at the Regimental command post.

During phase two of the battle the fighting intensified, the right group of the 208. IR entered the factory complex taking the first two halls (5 and 5a on Map). By 13.30 hours they had reached the centre of the factory.

At this stage command lost communications with the forward troops and spent the next few tense hours waiting for situation reports…

Halls of the “Red October”


Use the Not One Step Back mission with the Street Fighting Rules (pages 221 to 226 of Flames Of War) pitting a Grenadier Company against a Soviet Strelkovy Battalion. Not One Step Back is a vicious free-for-all style mission where both sides fight across the difficult city terrain, taking advantage of terrain to assault the enemy and take more ground. 

German Grenadiers
Grenadierkompanie ~ 79. Infanteriedivision,
208. Infanterie Regiment (Ostfront)

Company HQ
Replace command teams with Command Panzerknacker SMG teams
Add Mortar section
40 points
10 points
70 points
1st Grenadier Platoon
HQ section with 3 Grenadier squads
Replace command with Command Panzerknacker SMG team

155 points
5 points
2nd Grenadier Platoon
HQ section with 3 Grenadier squads
Replace command with Command Panzerknacker SMG team

155 points
5 points
3rd Grenadier Platoon
HQ section with 3 Grenadier squads
Replace command with Command Panzerknacker SMG team

155 points
5 points
Infantry Gun Platoon
2 Infantry Gun sections
Upgrade to sIG33 guns

90 points
55 points
Scout Platoon
2 Scout squads

110 points
Rocket Launcher Battery
2 Sections

280 points
Assault Troop
2 Assault Squads
2 Heavy Squads*

140 points
140 points
Limited Air Support
135 points
1550 points
Grenadiers prepare for attack

*Assault teams are not set teams but can be chosen from the following list (see page 48 of Ostfront):

Pioneer SMG team
Pioneer MG team
Light Mortar team
HMG team
2cm FlaK38 gun
3.7cm PaK36 gun
or 7.5cm leIG18 gun

but an Assault Troop cannot have more than 2 Assault teams of the same type.

Strelkovey Batalon ~ 39th Guards Division (Ostfront)
Guards Strelkovy Batalon (Fearless Trained)

Battalion HQ
Company Command Rifle team, 2iC Command Rifle team,
and Battalion Komissar team
Add Anti-tank Platoon of 2 45mm obr 1937 guns

25 points
40 points
1st Strelkovy Company
3 Rifle Platoons
Add Komissar team
Add HMG team

285 points
5 points
20 points
2nd Strelkovy Company
2 Rifle Platoons
Add Komissar team

195 points
5 points
Machine-gun Company
2 Machine-gun Platoons of 3 HMG teams
add Komissar

140 points
5 points
Submachine-gun Company
3 Platoons of 7 SMG teams
add Komissar

320 points
5 points

Guards Rocket Mortar Battery
2 Rocket Mortar Platoons
Less discount for already being Guards

185 points
-40 points
Total (1200 to equal German 1550)
1190 points 

Germans advance

When full communications were restored and the dust of battle had cleared, good news arrived, the factory had been taken and the banks of the Volga reached, but in the days that follow the true cost of the victory is counted.

Fighting to Hall 7, Red October Factory...

Dzershinzky Tractor Factory...

German MG team

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