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Fighting for the factories: Part I

14-16 October ~ The Attack on the “Dzershinzky” Tractor Factory

‘In the north part of the city we now face the toughest job, namely to take the three big factories ~ the “Dzershinzky” tractor works, the “Red October” gun foundry and the “Red Barricade” metallurgical works ~ in order to reach the bank of the Volga there. 

The plan of attack is to assault the “Dzershinzky” factory first, then both the other factories and finally to roll up the oil tanks and the rest of the city centre from north to south. Two new divisions are assigned to this job, the 305th Infantry Division (General Oppenlander) and the 14th Panzer Division (General Heim)’ ~ General of Artillery Wather von Seydlitz-Kurzbach.

During the early morning of 14 October the German forces in the North of Stalingrad waited while their artillery and the Luftwaffe unleashed a devastating barrage on the Soviet defenders in and around the Stalingrad tractor factory.

Soon the Panzers and Panzergrenadiers of the 14th Panzer Division were rumbling towards the tractor works.

The effects of the bombing could be seen in the distance, clouds of black smoke billowed up from the burning oil tanks and a black haze hung over the factory district.

Through this the Panzergrenadiers and Grenadiers of LI Armeekorps advanced and began their assault on the factories of Stalingrad.

The initial attacks took them through the workers houses and apartments, fighting house-to-house, room-to-room through cellars and canals.

Stalingrad Map
Tractor Factory Hall

Their struggle eventually leading to the steps of the great factory halls. All the time the Soviets held on to every inch of ground with great tenacity.

The end of the first day saw men and machines with a foothold in the “Dzershinzky” Tractor Factory complex. Now the hard fighting would begin.

The 14th Panzer Division had made it to the northwestern side of the works, but progress had been halted by the barricaded railway carriages hindering movement of the Panzer troops tanks and halftracks. The 305th Infantry division had taken the majority of the eastern city suburbs to the northwest of the factory.

The Soviets still held the western half of the factory complex, and were to prove tough to shift and they were supported by their artillery from the other bank of the Volga river.

Fighting up to the factory steps

This is a great opportunity to combine the Street Fighting rules (pages 221-225 of Flames Of War) with the Big Push mission (page 220 of Flames Of War).

The Soviets have taken up positions on the outskirts of the of the factory works, barricading the streets and defending the worker’s housing. The Preliminary bombardment represents the initial bombardment of the artillery and Luftwaffe.

Factory building

Remember with Street Fighting you can’t dig-in on the hard surfaces of the buildings and streets, but with the big push mission you are well prepared and have had time to prepare proper defences so all normal big-push rules apply.

Fighting to Hall 7, Red October Factory... 

The Fight for the “Red October”... 

Factory table
Grenadierkompanie ~ 305. Infanteriedivision (Ostfront)
Company HQ
Replace command teams with Command Panzerknacker SMG teams
Add Mortar section
40 points
10 points
70 points
1st Grenadier Platoon
HQ section with 3 Grenadier squads
Replace command with Command Panzerknacker SMG team

155 points
5 points
2nd Grenadier Platoon
HQ section with 3 Grenadier squads
Replace command with Command Panzerknacker SMG team

155 points
5 points
3rd Grenadier Platoon
HQ section with 3 Grenadier squads
Replace command with Command Panzerknacker SMG team

155 points
5 points
Infantry Gun Platoon
2 Infantry Gun sections
Upgrade to sIG33 guns

90 points
55 points
Scout Platoon
2 Scout squads

110 points
Assault Tank Platoon
3 StuIG33B

300 points
Assault Troop
2 Assault Squads
2 Heavy Squads*

140 points
140 points
Looted Panzer Platoon
1 captured T-70
(Looted Panzers are Confident Trained and Unreliable)
 45 points
1480 points
Grenadiers prepare for attack

*Assault teams are not set teams but can be chosen from the following list (see page 48 of Ostfront):

Pioneer SMG team
Pioneer MG team
Light Mortar team
HMG team
2cm FlaK38 gun
3.7cm PaK36 gun
or 7.5cm leIG18 gun

but an Assault Troop cannot have more than 2 Assault teams of the same type.

Strelkovey Batalon ~ 95th Rifle Division (Ostfront)
Battalion HQ
Company Command Rifle team, 2iC Command Rifle team,
and Battalion Komissar team
Add Anti-tank Platoon of 2 45mm obr 1937 guns

25 points
40 points
1st Strelkovy Company
3 Rifle Platoons
Add Komissar team
Add HMG team

285 points
5 points
20 points
2nd Strelkovy Company
2 Rifle Platoons
Add Komissar team

195 points
5 points
Machine-gun Company
2 Machine-gun Platoons of 3 HMG teams
add Komissar

140 points
5 points
Submachine-gun Company
3 Platoons of 7 SMG teams
add Komissar

320 points
5 points

Regimental Gun Company
2 Regimental Gun Platoons of 2 76mm obr 1927 guns
Add Observer
add Komissar 

95 points
30 points
5 points
Tank Destruction Company
2 Anti-tank Platoons of 2 45mm obr 1937 guns
upgrade to 45mm obr 1942 guns
add Komissar

100 points
10 points
5 points

Guards Rocket Mortar Battery
2 Rocket Mortar Platoons

185 points
1475 points 

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