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Iron Cross
Fighting to Hall 7, Red October Factory,
October 23, 1942.

Continuing our look at Stalingrads Factory Fighting...

The 5th Company of Infantry Regiment 208 started their assault on the Red October Factory up the ravine or “Bulka” that ran all the way up to the railway embankment. They wound their way up the ravine, using only the paths as the area was heavily mined. An assault gun of StuG Abteilung 244 was lost when its tracks were shredded by the mines.

At the railway they lose more vehicles, but also destroy dug-in Soviet tanks. From the row of wrecked railway wagons they can see the factory buildings and the first groups move forward under cover of fire and smoke. They make their way to the first buildings through shell holes and rubble piles, making a dash as fast as they can while under fire from the Soviet defenders.

The company then headed straight up the works road that ran between Halls 3 and 5. 

The fight for Hall 3 becomes stalled and further reinforcements are bought up from Infantry Regiment 208 from the line of rail wagons.  

Red October Factory
The ruins and rubble between the factories By nightfall 5th Company has made their way to the Volga bank and Hall 7. They find themselves at the forward point of the German positions, with the rest of the attacking forces echeloned back on either side to the railway line.

Isolated pockets of resistance and snipers remain around their positions and fierce fighting is still to be had on either side of them.

Gaming Options

The Soviet counter attacks will follow in the following days, so rather than use one of the standard mission from the rulebook, use one of the Urban Assault missions from Iron Cross or Enemy at the Gates

The Soviets will be defending with reinforcements coming from other halls and positions.

Once you set up a table the obvious objectives for the Germans to get are exits of the Halls, to secure the next attack.

The ruins and rubble between the factories
An Assault Troop prepares to attack. Forces


Rather than give you a set force try using a Grenadier Company force of your own creation, the 5th Company, Infantry Regiment 208 seems to consist of the basic company with a special assault group added make up from Pioneers from the Battalion’s Pioneer Platoon.
The Luftwaffe ran several bombing runs on the hall, so some air support might be in order. There were also several Assault Gun platoons available, but these were pretty much halted by the densely packed, damaged and derailed railway wagons on the rail line.


A Hero Rifle Battalion should be the basis for this force.

You could make the reinforcements Factory Workers Militia companies. (Militia rules are found in the Enemy at the Gates Militia Battalion command card) There seems to have been several dug-in Soviet tanks scattered around the factory so a few T-34’s dug-in could be added to the force.

Dzershinzky Tractor Factory... 

The Fight for the “Red October”... 

An Assault Troop prepares to attack.

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