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Armoured Fist Command Cards (FW245C)

Armoured Fist Command Cards (FW245C)

Armoured Fist Command Cards (FW245C)
Contains 53 cards to enhance your force, field iconic warriors and cutomise your units.

Command Cards allow Flames Of War generals to field iconic warriors, build new types of units, field new types of equipment, enhance your commander’s capabilities, and bring new tactics and strategems to the battlefield.

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Armoured Fist
The British Army has the Italian-German armies in Africa caught in a vice, and are steadily screwing the jaws shut. The Eighth Army is advancing from El Alamein in the east, while the First Army fights its way through Tunisia from the west. Their armoured divisions combine the dash of fast, light tanks like the Honey and Crusader, with the power of the heavy Grant and Sherman. Their infantry divisions have some of the toughest riflemen in the world, backed up by thickly-armoured Churchill and Valentine tanks and massed artillery. Together, they make up a force that can defeat anything the enemy brings against them, a force that will destroy the Axis forces in Africa.

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Command Cards are entirely optional and can be added to your force in two ways. You can add them to your normal point cost, just as you would add a unit to your force, or you and your opponent can agree on a set amount of points that each may use just to add Command Cards to your lists.

Many Command Cards are hidden until they are used, so you’re never quite sure what your opponent’s battle plans are until they are revealed. While hidden, Command Cards do not affect their attached unit—a player must reveal them if they wish to gain the benefits of the card. Some Command Cards must be revealed at the start of the game; these cards are used to build your army and have the keyword 'Build'.

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Armoured Fist Command Cards (FW245C)

The Armoured Fist Command Card List

  • Softskin Transport- Build, Unit
  • Pip Roberts – Force, Warrior
  • John Currie – Force, Warrior
  • Rupert Lobb – Force, Warrior
  • Charles Upham – Formation, Warrior
  • Portees – Build, Formation
  • Sticky Bombs – Unit
  • Piat   Unit
  • Humber Armoured Car Squadron – Build, Formation
  • Daimler Armoured Car Squadron – Build, Formation
  • Mailed Fist Armoured Car Squadron – Build, Formation
  • Australian Divisional Cavalry  Build, Formation
  • New Zealand Divisional Cavalry  Build, Formation
  • Indian Motor Company  Build, Formation
  • Guards Rifle Company  Build, Formation
  • Bagpiper  Build, Formation
  • White Knees– Force
  • Anzac Rifle Company – Build, Formation
  • Indian Rifle Company – Build, Formation
  • South African Rifle Company – Build Formation
  • SAS Raid – Force
  • LRDG Raid – Force
  • Diversionary Tactics – Force
  • Dummy Minefield – Force
  • Artillery Expert – Force
  • Lucky – Force
  • Planned Raid – Force
  • Charmed Life – Formation
  • Cut Them Down  Formation
  • Ferocious Valour   Formation
  • Fortify The Building  Formation
  • Captured Tank - Formation
  • For King And Country  Formation
  • Hidden In Plain Sight – Formation
  • Marksman  Formation
  • Tenacity – Formation
  • They Don't Like It Up'em – Formation
  • Dead Eye – Unit
  • Scout Tanks  Build, Unit
  • Cavalry Commander – Unit
  • Roll Over Them – Unit
  • Broadside  Formation
  • Short Halts – Formation
  • Sweet Shooting – Formation
  • Death Or Glory - Formation
  • Semi-Indirect Fire – Formation
  • Big Guns – Formation
  • Teamwork – Formation
  • Infantry Support – Formation
  • Charge! – Unit
  • Good Shit – Unit
  • Mad Tanks – Unit

Command Card Previews
with Phil Yates

The Bagpiper card is one of the Build cards for Armoured Fist. Like all build cards, it lets you customise your force. In this case it is one of the variants you can use to make your Rifle Company reflect the Scots (and some Irish) regiments who went into battle inspired by their bagpipers. This card gives those close to your piper a better chance to Rally and continue their advance under heavy fire.



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Armoured Fist Command Cards (FW245C)
Armoured Fist Command Cards (FW245C)

ANZAC Rifle Company
Being a New Zealander, this is one of my favourite Command Cards for Armoured Fist as it allows me to field a specifically New Zealand force (along with the New Zealand Divisional Cavalry card). It’s similar to the Bagpiper card in that it gives my company a better Rally rating, but unlike the Bagpiper, they don’t need to be close to the Formation Commander to benefit. The downside is that it only applies to infantry units, and it costs a little more. The Armoured Fist cards include similar options for Guards, Indian and other rifle companies, including one for an inexperienced company who still have ‘white knees’, unlike the desert veterans. 

Mad Tanks
This card reflects the exploits of the North Irish Horse in the mountains of Tunisia where the Germans thought they were mad to attempt to use tanks at all! It gives one of your Churchill Tank Platoons the ability to use the Cross Here movement order while still shooting or assaulting. As the Churchill tank has a Cross rating of 2+, this means that they will automatically pass Cross checks for Difficult Terrain in the Movement Step so that they can recreate their historical forebears’ heroic achievements.

Armoured Fist Command Cards (FW245C)

Armoured Fist Command Cards (FW245C)

Scout Tanks
The Scout Tanks card is an updated version of the one found in the Desert Rats Command Card pack. Like the previous version, it allows you to field Crusaders and Honeys from the later part of the desert war, once the light squadron had been relegated to the scouting role for the heavy Grant and Sherman heavy squadrons. All of the cards from the Desert Rats set are included in Armoured Fist, so there’s no need to buy the old pack if you are just starting to collect British.