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Command Cards: FAQ Command Cards: FAQ

We provide the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions in regards to Command Cards.

Q: Why are they not in the books?
A: There are a few reasons for this:

Firstly, the gaming world has changed significantly over the past 16 years since Version 1 was released. We want the game to be accessible to the widest possible range of people, including those that have never tried miniature games before. The more focused books make it easier for new players to understand what they need to do to start building their first armies.

Secondly, to help people to understand that they are an optional part of the game. They are fun and flavourful but if they are not for you then that’s okay.

Lastly, there were some things we deliberately wanted to remove from the core game to make it more accessible. If players want to have that sort of thing going on (crazy infantry leaping out of their foxholes foaming at the mouth and charging at the slightest whiff of tanks), they can have it. If not, they don’t have to.

Q: Are Command Cards compulsory?
A: No.  
Q: Can Event Organisers choose to only allow certain types of cards?
Of course. Battlefront does not dictate to Event Organisers or stores how they should run their events. For example, Event Organisers could:

• not allow Command Cards at all.
• just allow Build Cards, for example, to allow players to access some of the additional Formations.
• give players a certain number of additional points for Command Cards as part of their army list.
• allow players to purchase Command Cards as part of their normal army build. 
Command Cards: FAQ Command Cards: FAQ 
Q: How many Command Card packs will there be?
A: One pack per Mid-war book. 
Q: Can I use them in Early and Late-war?
A: The Command Cards have been designed to work specifically with their respective books. The Fog Of War deck can be used in any period. 
Q: How do Command Cards work with the Reserves rule?
A: Command Cards are generally assigned to a unit, increasing their cost. A card that affects a Formation will be assigned to the Formation Commander, thereby increasing their cost. There are some special cards that affect and entire force. These cards are always in effect so are included in your on-table strength. 
Command Cards: FAQ Command Cards: FAQ
Q: The Tiger Rate Of Fire Upgrade seems expensive!
A: It needs to be points heavy as the synergies stack up.

Q: How many cards come in a deck of Command Cards or the Fog Of War Objectives?
A: The Desert Rats deck has 36 individual cards. The Afrika Korps deck has 34 individual cards. The Fog Of War deck has 15 unique cards, with 2 of each to make a pack of 30 cards.

To find out more information check out the rules below.

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