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British Starter Force - Comet Armoured Squadron (BRAB14)

British Comet Armoured Squadron (BRAB14)

British Comet Armoured Squadron (BRAB14)
“Target, Tank, 1 O Clock, Fire!" Lieutenant Lee ordered.  The turret swung to the left, there was a pause, then the gunner fired. Boom!

Smoke billowed over the trees - a hit!  One down, one more to go.  Two overlapping crashes told him that the troop's other two tanks were engaging the other tank.  More smoke told him of their success.

He waited a moment longer, scanning for any further threat.  When none appeared, he radioed "Troop advance!" Thankful that all of his tanks now had a gun that could take on Tigers and Panthers head-on.  It was so much easier than having to work around the flanks. "Finally", he thought for the tenth time that day, "a tank that can go toe to toe with Jerry but also had speed when you needed it..."

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Bulge British
Following the breakout from Normandy in August 1944, the British Army made some of the fastest advances in history, racing across northern France and Belgium.  When German resistance stiffened in the Netherlands, the British paused briefly to resupply, then set out again.  The armoured divisions of Operation Garden pushed North to where Operation Market's 1st Airborne Division held a precarious foorhold across the Rhine, only to be stopped by the revitalised German Army.  With the days of rapid advances over, the British and Canadian Armies turned to clearing the Scheldt Estuary to open the vital supply port of Antwerp, opening it to shipping in November 1944.
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British Comet Armoured Squadron includes:

• Four Comet (77mm) Tanks
• Two Cromwell CS (95mm) Tanks
• Three Chaffee (75mm) Tanks
• Four Challenger (17pdr) Tanks
• One Kangaroo Rifle Platoon
• Three Ram Kangaroo Transports

• Two Archer (17pdr) Tank Destroyers
• Two Sexton (25pdr) Self Propelled Guns
• Complete A5 Flames Of War rulebook
• One British "Start Here" Guide
• Two Decal Sheets
• Ten Unit cards.

British Comet Armoured Squadron (BRAB14)

Comet title Bar

British Comet Armoured Squadron (BRAB14)

The Comet is a much upgraded Cromwell tank packing the 77mm gun, a slightly shorter version of the 17pdr.  It's fast, mobile, well-armoured and deadly.  Easily one of the best medium tanks of the war, the comet is the ultimate British Cruiser tank

Cromwell Title Bar

The Cromwell is a fast medium tank with decent armour and a 75mm gun.  Like the other British cruiser tanks, it is powered by a Rolls-Royce Meteor engine, the tank version of the Merlin that powered the Spitfire, giving it an astounding turn of speed.

Bulge British CS Cromwell

Chaffee title bar

British Comet Armoured Squadron (BRAB14)

The addition of the Chaffee light tank to the US arsenal greatly enhanced the utility of the light tank company. It had greater mobility than the M5 Stuart, combined with a more powerful 75mm gun, allowing it to serve in its roles to provide reconnaissance, protection of flanks, covering force, as well as direct assault or support by fire.

Challenger Title bar

The Challenger was developed as an up-gunned Cromwell mounting the immensely powerful 17pdr gun.  Unfortunately, the large gun required a large turret and lengthened hull, significantly reducing its mobility

British Comet Armoured Squadron (BRAB14)

Sexton Title bar


The Sexton self-propelled gun mounts a 25pdr artillery piece on a Canadian-built Ram chassis.  Its mobility and armour make it ideal for supporting armoured operations where it can bombard or smoke-screen troublesome anti-tank guns, freeing the tanks to keep on with their attack.

RAM Kangaroo Transports

Canadian-built Ram tanks have been converted into Ram Kangaroo armoured personnel carriers.  Combining the armour and mobility of tanks with the ability to carry infantry, they make British infantry assaults very hard to fend off.

Ram Kangaroo Transports

The Archer

British Comet Armoured Squadron (BRAB14)

The Archer mounts a powerful 17pdr anti-tank gun on the light valentine chassis.  To make it fit, it has been mounted pointing to the rear.

 Kangaroo Rifle Platoon

Kangaroo Rifle Platoon

Kangaroo Rifle Platoon

Kangaroo Rifle Platoon  
Kangaroo Rifle Platoon

Rifle Battalions are the core of the British Army, making up every infantry division and the infantry brigade of each armoured division.  They display the traditional British determination to take their objectives and then hold them against any counterattack.  In this, they are aided by the new Kangaroo armoured personnel carriers that keep them safe right up until the moment of assault.  Their commanders know the importance of giving them sufficient fire support, and protection, as an element of war weariness has crept in, reducing their willingness to push on in the face of heavy enemy fire.

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Flames Of War 4th Edition Mini Rulebook (x1)
Quick Start Guide (x1)
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Click here to download the Start Here Guide
Plastic Comet Sprue (x4)
British Comet Sprue
Plastic Cromwell Sprue (x2)
British Cromwell Sprue
British Comet Second Sprue
Plastic Chaffee Sprue (x3)
American Spearhead Force (USAB11)
The Challenger Sprue
 Challenger Sprue
The Sexton / Kangaroo Transports Sprue
 Sexton Sprue
The Archer Sprue
 Archer Sprue
Kangaroo, Sexton & Archer Crew (x1) Tank Commander Sprue (x1)
Crew Sprue  American Spearhead Force (USAB11)
Plastic Bases
Parachute Rifle Platoon (Plastic) (US792)
British Decal Sheet (x2) 
British Decals British Decals
Unit Cards
Archer Card (x1)  Chaffee (75mm) Card
 Archer Command Card Chaffee 75mm Card 
Challenger Card (x1) Comet Card (x1)
 Challenger Card  Comet Card
Comet HQ Card (x1) Cromwell CS Card (x1)
 Comet HQ card  Cromwell CS Card
Formation Card (x1) Kangaroo Rifle Platoon (x1)
 Formation Card  Kangaroo Rifle Platoon Card
Ram Kangaroo Transport Card (x1) Sexton Card (x1)
 Ram Kangaroo Card  Sexton Card

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