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Cromwell (BBX31) 

Assembling the Cromwell

How to assemble your Cromwell Tanks

Step 1. First we will glue the tracks to the bottom of the body. Make sure the notches line up correctly. Step 2. Glue the top of the body to the bottom.
Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31)

Step 3. The back is still open, so you'll need to glue the back plate to the back of the hull.

For the Centaur proceed to step 4a

For the Cromwell (75mm) /(95mm) proceed to step 4b.

Step 4a. To finish the assembly of the hull add the front piece to the front of the hull.

The bottom right picture shows the correct orientation For the Centaur front hull piece.

Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31)
Step 4b. Glue the machine gun into the slot of the front hull piece. Step 4c. To finish the assembly of the hull add assembled front piece to the front of the hull in the location shown below.
Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31)
Step 5. Start assembly of the turret by glueing the bottom piece to the top piece. Step 6. Next, glue the back piece. Make sure it is the correct way around by lining up the notches (highlighted in red below).
Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31)
Step 7. Next add the front. This piece doesn't have a notch to ensure it is the correct way. So look at the image below carefully before glueing.

Step 8. When you're attaching your gun make sure the notches are aligned correct to ensure it is put in the corret way.

Note that the left barrel shown is the 95mm and the right side barrel is the 75mm. For the purposes of this guide we will use the 95mm gun but all steps are identical.

Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31)
Step 9. Next glue the hatch into the turret. Step 10. On the left side of the turret you'll see a little notch for the light. Make sure it is the right way before glueing. Step 11. Finally glue the pin to the bottom of the turret so you can securely place the turret onto the hull of the tank.
Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31)
Below. Complete assembly of the Centaur Below. Complete assembly of the Cromwell
Cromwell (BBX31) Cromwell (BBX31)

Last Updated On Wednesday, March 18, 2020