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Light Up the Night

Light Up the Night

Choosing to make a Night Attack used to be an option that was not available to German commanders in Flames Of War. That has all changed with the release of Nachtjäger. Now some new products make it easier for you to bring an element of darkness to your Flames Of War games.

First, let's take a fresh look at some of the night-fighting rules:

Shooting at Night
Few things are as difficult as finding targets at night. Everything looks dangerous. Tanks look like houses and trees like tanks, making it tricky to pick your target, unless they shoot when their muzzle flash gives them away.

Each time you select a platoon to shoot with at night, roll a die and consult the Night Visibility table. The result is the maximum distance that Line of Sight can extend for the platoon’s teams against targets that did not shoot.

Night visibility
 1  4”/10cm
 2  8”/20cm
 3  12”/30cm
 4  16”/40cm
 5  20”/50cm
 6  24”/60cm
Muzzle Flash Tokens (TK905) Muzzle Flash Tokens (TK905)
includes ten laser-cut acrylic muzzle flash tokens.

Muzzle Flash Tokens allow you to mark which vehicles have fired their guns that turn, giving away their positions to the enemy.

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Infra-Red Equipment
Infra-red equipment allows troops to see further at night, using a spectrum of light not seen with the naked eye. This equipment allowed panzers to launch local spoiling attacks at night in conjunction with ZG 1229 Vampir-equipped infantry.

A player commanding a German company equipped with teams with Infra-red Equipment may elect to make a Night Attack in any mission. If they do so, their company has the Always Attack special rule. If a player that makes a Night Attack is the attacker, the game starts in Darkness and uses the Dawn rules.

When making a Night Attack all German platoons with Infra-red Equipment can use the Spearhead special rule.

Muzzle Flash Tokens (TK905) Muzzle Flash Tokens (TK905)

Nachtjägers (GSO143)
includes six metal figures.

Troops armed with the Zielgerät 1229 active infrared device along with the Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle are now available as Panzersturm Platoon (with Vampir IR equipment) (GE848).

But for those who already have plenty of Late-war German figures (for example the Plastic Panzergrenadier Platoon (GBX76), this new Special Order product lets you add Vampir-armed figures to your existing platoons.

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Nachtjäger (GSO143)

Infra-Red Visibility
Teams with Infra-red Equipment roll two dice when rolling on the Night Visibility Table and use the highest result.

SdKfz 251 IR Equipment (GSO206) SdKfz 251 IR Equipment (GSO206)
includes metal parts to add Infra-red Equipment to four SdKfz 251 Half-track models.

Your Nachtjäger Panzergrenadiers will want to ride into battle in style! This Special Order product allows you to add a ZG 1229 system, with Infra-red spotlight and receiver, to your SdKfz 251 half-tracks.

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SdKfz 251 IR Equipment (GSO206)

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