North American Office: Tank Aces League - Conclusions

Tank Aces North American Office: Tank Aces League
with Joe Krone

The process of organising and running a league can be a lot of work and it takes a special breed of person to step up and take responsibility for everyone else’s enjoyment. The survival of the campaign hinges on the organisers ability to maintain discipline and keep the level of excitement high. Most wargamers are very quick to get excited about new projects only to be distracted by a new project soon after. I myself am guilty of what is bright shiny object syndrome and this is where the discipline of the organiser is important. 

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Posting results quickly, updating the standings and/or maps, encouraging players to challenge new opponents, and supporting new players are all part of the organisers responsibilities. A great group of gamers will assist the organiser and each participant will add their own expertise to the mix in order to make the whole experience great.
North American Office: Tank Aces League
For me, I realised our campaign needed to be played during our lunch break because many of the employees have families and long commutes to and from work. It would have been difficult to run a league after work hours so Tank Aces worked perfectly for our gaming needs.
North American Office: Tank Aces League
We also have some newly hired employees and with the third edition switchover it was a great opportunity for the staff to learn the new rules together. Since most of the staff were at the same place rules and hobby wise it created a bonding experience which will strengthen both their personal and professional relationships.
North American Office: Tank Aces League
In many instances what was a priority for me as an organiser wasn’t necessarily a priority for the players so I had to be very diligent about following up on record keeping and scheduling the next round of activities. Some players enjoy gaming more than the hobby and vice versa while others really enjoy a narrative campaign and goals to obtain during a campaign. These are all factors to consider when running a league and spending a little time with each participant to identify their interests could generate very faithful and happy players.
North American Office: Tank Aces League
I will often challenge or cater particular portions of the campaign so each player feels individually taken care of and their personal satisfaction is met throughout the experience. I often find that a little extra work to make the league unique and fun rewards me with joy because I know that I made so many other people happy. This encourages me to run another league and continue to give back to the community knowing that I have made so many people happy.

~ Joe.
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