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 Tank Aces
Tank Aces

Tank Aces was our third Aces campaign system, following on from Infantry Aces and Raiding AcesThe Aces campaign systems are escalation campaigns in which players start with a small force of 500 points.

Over the course of the campaign, a player’s force will grow to 700, then finally 900 points in the end: the start of a proper Flames Of War tank force!

Download Tank Aces

Tank Aces originally featured in Blood, Guts and Glory. Now that the lists from that book have been compiled in the hardcover Allied complilation The Battle of the Bulge, you can still play Tank Aces by downloading this free PDF of the campaign system.

Tank Aces Download Tank Aces (3.5MB)...
Tank Aces Downloads
Record Sheets and Tactical Edge Tokens

In the Aces systems you have a hero that is you. You have been given command of a tank company, and this is your time to shine. Tank Aces is a fast-paced system. You will play many quick games, since you have a few models. This means that each victory matters when advancing your Ace through the campaign.

Download printable PDFs of the Tank Aces Record Sheets and Tactical Edge tokens, to help keep track of the progress of your Tank Ace.

Tank Aces Downloads...

Tank Aces Record Sheets
Tank Aces 
Tank Aces Design Notes Tank Aces Design Notes

Andrew Haught had a blast writing Tank Aces and seeing it progress through the playtesting stage to print. He tells you all about the development of Tank Aces and how it you can have fun playing the campaign, while having the perfect excuse to dust off some old tank models or assemble some new ones.

Tank Aces Design Notes...

Tank Aces 

 Tank Aces
Tank Aces North American Office: Tank Aces League

Battlefront's US office siezed on Tank Aces as an opportunity to start new tank companies. They created a lunch-time league and for the first week the busily assembled and prepared their tanks for battle. Over the league's remaining weeks they played the three-round campaign and continued to work on more tanks, so in the end they had a fully painted 900-point force.

Tank Aces League – Introduction...

Tank Aces League – The Players...

Tank Aces League – The Games...

Tank Aces League – Conclusions...

 Tank Aces

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