Tank Aces Downloads

Tank Aces Tank Aces Downloads
Whether you are new to tank forces or a seasoned veteran, Tank Aces will open up a whole new world of tactics for you to explore.
You will have to make full use of support weapons at your disposal, including mortars, assault guns, and self-propelled artillery, in order to achieve victory on the battlefields of the Lorraine.

To help make things run smoothly with your campaign, we've provided the Record Sheets from the end of Tank Aces as a printable PDF.

Download PDF versions of the Tank Aces Record Sheets here...

Sheets included are:

The Tank Aces Company Sheet The Tank Aces Results Sheet The Tank Aces Campaign Tracker Sheet
Tank Aces Company Sheet Tank Aces Results Sheet Tank Aces Campaign Tracker
Tactical Edge Tokens

Tactical Edge Tokens
In Tank Aces, the Tactical Edge Tokens act as special objectives that award players with small bonuses for whoever gets to them first. They can be used to give yourself a boost or make your opponent have to try something again.

Download a PDF version of the Tactical Edge Tokens here...

IMPORTANT NOTE: The PDF is setup on an A4-sized piece of paper, which is different than the normal US Letter size (8 1/2" x 11"). It will still print on US Letter paper, just make sure that page-scaling is turned off, and you should be set for any sized paper!

Examples of the Tactical Edge Tokens
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