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Battlefront Black Friday Sale 2019

Sale Now Live

Battlefront Black Friday Sale Announcement
Between November 15 and December 2, we will be holding a Black Friday Sale on selected Flames Of War Mid War Desert, Fate of a Nation, ‘Nam, Battlefield in a Box, and Great War producton shop.battlefront.co.nz.

The Sale Is Now Live! Click here to go to the Battlefront Shop Website...

This sale is a little different to previous sales— only products already in stock will be on sale and once that stock has been sold out, that product will be removed from the sale. This means there is a limited supply of any given sale item, but it also means that your product will be shipped quickly and arrive on your doorstep in no time.

  • Flames Of War Mid War Desert terrain and models will be discounted by 40%
  • ‘Nam, Great War, Fate of a Nation product will be discounted by 30%

No matter what force you’re working on for whatever system, whether it’s a Desert Rats Valentine force, a US Marine for Great War, or an NVA ‘Nam army, there will be something for everyone over the sale period.

All Flames Of War Mid War Desert product will be reduced by 40%, so now is the perfect time to pick up whatever you need to finish off your Fighting First, Avanti, Armoured Fist, or Afrika Korps army. Desert terrain from Battlefield in a Box will also be reduced by a flat 40%, so you will be able to grab everything you need to setup the perfect North African battlefield for your home war room, club, or store gaming area.

‘Nam, Fate of a Nation, and Great War all have selected codes reduced by 30%, as well as their own specific Battlefield in a Box items so you can put together a force and battlefield from the trenches of France, all the way to the deserts of Syria or Egypt, to the jungles and rivers of Vietnam.

UPDATE: We have decided to add our NamFate Of A Nation and Great War Army Deals, Books and Unit Card Packs to the sale! These products have all be updated in the store and are ready to order now.

Once a product has sold out, it will be removed from the sale, so be sure to get in quick so you don’t miss out!

Sale Now Live

Q: How long will I have to order?
A: The Black Friday Sale closes Midnight, December 2. Any order before then will be valid. 

Q: What is going on sale?
A: Selected product that is IN STOCK for Flames Of War Mid War Desert, Great War, Fate of a Nation, and ‘Nam. Anything in on store.battlefront.co.nz with a Sale Banner.

Q: How much is the discount?
A: 40% off Flames Of War Mid War Desert product and Mid War Desert Terrain, and 30% off Fate of a Nation, Great War, and ‘Nam..

Q: Does all the terrain come fully pre-painted?
A: You bet.

Q: When will I be charged?
A: When you check out from the webstore.

Q: What happens when a particular item runs out of stock?
A: It will be removed from the sale.

Q: Can I buy multiple of the same item?
A: Of course you can.

Q: Can I get free shipping?
A: You will have your product shipped free to you if your order is placed at or above 60GBP in the UK, 80 EUR in Europe, or 100 USD in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Q. Are Battlefield in a Box Battle Mats on sale?
They are not, nor are any parts of any range that don’t have the Sale Banner attached

Sale Now Live

Items on Sale For Mid War Have a "Black Friday Sale Banner" or a Sale button

Battlefront Black Friday Sale 2019

Sale Now Live

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