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Monty's Meatgrinder

Operations Totalize and Tractable Scenarios
Scenario 3: Assault on Epancy (Operation Tractable, 15 August 1944)

By Stuart Elle

Much of the remaining strength of the 12. SS-Panzerdivision and the 85. Infanterie Division are deployed along the ridge north of Falaise that overlooks the open ground toward Epancy and Olendon. Epancy is the anchor point for a screen of anti-tank guns that defends the approach to Falaise. If the Canadians can clear the village they may use it to further their attack toward Falaise along the ridge.

This mission uses the Across the Volga, Ambush, Close-In Fighting and Prepared Positions special rules.

Your Forces


The Algonquin Regiment

The Infantry Company is rated Confident Trained. See the Rifle Company Intelligence Briefing from Festung Europa or Monty's Meatgrinder for full details. The Armoured Platoon is rated Confident Trained.

Company HQ
Upgrade to Canadian Rifle Company

Combat Platoons

Rifle Platoon
Full Strength

Rifle Platoon
Full Strength

Rifle Platoon
Full Strength

Weapons Platoons

Mortar Platoon
3 Sections

Machine-gun Platoon
2 Sections 

Assault on Epancy
Canadians clear a building

Support Platoons

Field Artillery Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
2 Gun Troops with 25-punder guns

B Squadron, 29th Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (South Alberta Regiment)

Armoured Platoon
4 Sherman V
Add 0.5” AA MGs


1053/1054. Grenadierregiment/85. Infanterie-Division

The Grenadierregiment is rated Confident Veteran. See the Grenadiekompanie Intelligence Briefing from Festung Europa for full details.

Company HQ
Upgrade to the 2I/C to Command Panzerfaust SMG

Combat Platoons

Grenadier Platoon
Upgrade to Command Panzerfaust SMG
2 Squads

Grenadier Platoon
2 Squads

Canadian Shermans
German Grenadiers Weapons Platoons

Machine-gun Platoon
2 Sections

Machine-gun Platoon
1 Section

Mortar Platoon
2 Sections

Light Anti-tank Gun Platoon
3 5cm PaK38

Support Platoons

Rocket Artillery Battery
1 Launcher Section

Preparing for battle
1. Set up the table as shown in Map above. The table is 4’/120cm by 3’/90cm. Place both objectives as indicated in the village.
2. All artillery batteries are deployed using the Across the Volga special rules (page 225, Flames Of War).
3. The German player may nominate up to half of the platoons to be held in Ambush. The remaining platoons are deployed within the zone indicated on the map.
4. The Canadian player deploys their forces within 18”/30cm of the table edge, and not within 8”/20cm of a visible enemy team.
5. Both players now place their Independent teams in their areas starting with the Canadian player.
Beginning the Battle
1. The Germans begin the game in prepared positions, so their troops are in Foxholes and Gone to Ground.
2. The Canadians take the first turn.

Ending the Battle
The Battle ends when either:
1. The Canadians hold both of the objectives at the start of their turn, or
2. The start of the German player’s eighth turn.

Deciding who won
The Canadians win if the game ended with both objectives under their control.

The battle is a draw if each side holds one objective.

Otherwise the Germans win and the Canadians must regroup to make another assault.

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