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Road to Panzerschreck 2017, “The Fourth Editioning!”
Chris and Casey's Soviet EW Horde

As Wayne mentioned in his article a couple of weeks ago, Panzerschreck 2017 is just around the corner and like last year it will be an Early-war doubles event. Each team gets to build two 900 point forces with a little points sharing in between to help out with list construction.

Last year I teamed up with James to create a fairly unconventional force based around my Pacific Marine LVT tank company, and James' British Armoured Regiment. This year I have twisted Casey's arm and we will be heading south with a horde of Soviet armour and infantry.

Chris and Casey's Soviets
I've built my force list using Forces Of War, and as you can see it still has some elements from V3 Flames Of War such as the command teams from the Anti-tank Company and Regimental Gun Company. So I won’t be fielding those for the tournament under the Fourth Edition rules.
Forces Of War force list

At last years Panzerschreck I was lucky enough to buy the entire army (along with a range of other options) fully painted ready to hit the tabletop so I don't have to worry about any last minute work to get the army ready. For this years trip my only responsibility will be organsing the Panzerschreck Vengabus.

Chris and Casey's Soviets

In the HQ I have my two compulsory teams and have chosen to repurpose my Horse Limbers as Unarmed Pioneer teams. One of my pet peeves is seeing a massive Soviet infantry company and not being able to spot the specialist teams hidden amongst the mob of troops. Using these will make it easier for everyone playing to spot them. I've also included a couple of PTRD teams because more pew-pew is more good.

The core of my force is quite simple (although not as simple as Casey's) and is built around a strong core of two large Strelkovy Companies, one at full strength with 28 teams and the second with 19 teams. Thanks to the Wave Attack special rule I can count (hopefully) on getting the most out of these two companies. I will of course have to remember that the changes to the In Command rules will mean that I need to deploy within 8" of my unit leader rather than in long lines across the table.

Chris and Casey's Soviets
Chris and Casey's Soviets

Rounding out the army are a couple of gun companies. These are some of the units that really drew me to the Soviet armies in Flames Of War. These little batteries of small anti-tank and infantry guns, whilst fragile, are very cool as units and under V4 will benefit from a 3+ save rather than their old 5+ save. My expectation is that this, combined with their gun shields will keep a couple of them alive to return fire if enemy Panzers come looking for them.

Considering the size of the army the change from V3 to V4 really has not had a major impact. I can say I am pretty happy about the improvements to how my gun teams will perform on the tabletop.

Chris and Casey's Soviets
Now my Company is looking pretty static so it is up to Casey to bring along the mobile counter-attacking portion of the army and Mother Russia has really pulled out the stops here, supplying us with 7 of the oddest looking tanks you will find in WWII... The T-35!
Chris and Casey's Soviets

Casey's army is (like him) blunt, hard hitting, and coming through the front door. Each T-35 has more turrets than platoon of Panzers with a gun for every occassion. Of course they are also Slow, Overloaded and Unreliable, but that just means my infantry can keep up with them and he won't be tempted to try anything crazy like running off and doing his own thing.

Just like my army, the transition from V3 to V4 does not really change anything with Casey's T-35 tanks or how they will operate on the battlefield. If he is smart he will position them in a nice spot as early as possible and blaze away with all of his guns until there is nothing left, then move them on to their next firing point. Rinse and repeat!

Forces Of War force list

Stay tuned for more updates from the rest of the team. We may even hijack the Battlefront Twitter account over the weekend to share some images of the weekends gaming.


Last Updated On Sunday, June 11, 2017 by James at Battlefront