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Road to Panzerschreck 2017, “The Fourth Editioning!”

Wayne’s Hungarian Könnyüharckocsizó Század

Like it was last year, this year’s Panzerschreck doubles tournament is Early-war, but we have a new edition of the rules, so the forces have to undergo a few tweaks. Last year I ran some Italian tanks, but this year I’m taking a Hungarian light tank company, Könnyüharckocsizó Század, from the Barbarossa digital exclusive release. These are available from https://forces.flamesofwar.com/ or through the Flames Of War digital app in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Wayne's Panzerschreck 2017 force
Another change for Panzerschreck this year is that the forces sizes have been reduced to 900 points (from 1000 points last year) per player. Because of this, my partner, Victor, needed some points from me (the rules of the tournament allow you to use up to 100 points of your partners points). Luckily it was only 25 points, leaving me 875 points for my force.
Forces Of War force list

I made my force list using Forces Of War, and as you can see it still has some elements from V3 Flames Of War such as the command and staff teams from the Motorised Artillery Battery and Anti-aircraft Platoon. So I won’t be fielding those for the tournament under the Fourth Edition rules.

I have the army already painted, so don’t have to prepare any models for the tournament. However, since I have the time I made some cards for my force. 

Könnyüharckocsizó Század HQ

Of course you don’t need cards to play Fourth Edition Flames Of War, but I thought it would be an interesting exercise in getting to grips with how the change of rules effects my force. They’d also be easy for quick reference, as well a bit of extra bling for my army.

Left: Könnyüharckocsizó Század HQ, in Fourth Edition the the Huszár rule goes under the Motivation as a different rating for doing Follow Me movement orders.

Könnyüharckocsizó Század HQ and two Könnyüharckocsizó Platoons
Right: Könnyüharckocsizó Platoon. Another thing that making the cards will save me time on during games is looking up my dash movement rates. With these on the card (taken from the Toldi being Standard Tank, and looking up  Mobility and Movement table on page 18 of the Flames Of War, 1939-41 and 1944-45 rulebook) it shouldn't take any time at all find my speed and be racing about the battlefield. Könnyüharckocsizó Platoon
Motorised Artillery Battery
Motorised Artillery Battery

For my Motorised Artillery Battery I'm using some captured Stalinets instead of the Hansa-Llyod half-tracks that are usually this unit's gun tractors.

Left: Motorised Artillery Battery. On this card I have the guns save and you may note the Gun Shield rule note is at the top of the card rather than in the Arsenal.

I've also made a Transport Attachment card for the Tractors.

Gépkocsizó Lövész Platoon
Above and Right: My forces also has some motorised infantry in the form of the Gépkocsizó Lövész Platoon. I also made two cards for these guys, one for the Gépkocsizó Lövész Platoon itself and another for the Botond Truck Transport Attachment. Gépkocsizó Lövész Platoon
Botond Truck Transport Left: Botond Truck Transport. As it is not armed, the Botond Truck Transport card isn't very exciting.
Anti-aircraft Platoon

Right and Above: No doubt there will be some aircraft floating about and these guys will be ready to blow them out of the sky. You may notice they don't have a Tactic move, this is because their mobility rating under V3 was Immobile.

I had a look at making a Force card, but that my require some more thought as each Hungarian early-war company has a quite different arrangement of support units.

Anti-aircraft Platoon

The backs of the cards have a break down of he Units contents and short versions of the rules noted on the card fronts.


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