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Mechanised Aces

Battlefront Studio Mechanised Aces
with Andrew Haught, Mike Haught & Chris Townley

Andrew, Mike, and Chris share their Mechanised Aces with us.

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Spencer Bedford
with Mike Haught
Spencer Bedford fully embraced the transition from anti-tank guns to self-propelled tank killers. He hated the thought of sitting still and quiet until the right moment, all the while feeling vulnerable and trapped. After earning a reputation as a lethal tank-killer commander throughout the Tunisian campaign, Spencer was given command of a Tank Destroyer company in Italy.

Spencer Bedford
His tank killers are the best, using poor visibility conditions as their trademark protection to sneak up on the enemy and rip them apart. Always in high demand by infantry and tank battalions alike, Bedford's Bloody Wolverines are the cutting edge of the US Fifth Army.

~ Mike.
Kurt Schell Kurt Schell
with Andrew Haught
“In the battle of extreme epicness one Ace rises above them all. Kurt Schell the awesome, leader of a Panzergrenadierkompanie is no mere hero; he is a hero’s hero! He once fought off the infamous Future Communist Bear armed with his bear rockets that were aimed at orphanages throughout Germany. Kurt was only armed with a Luger and still took down the beast. It is also rumoured that Kurt single handily ripped apart an IS-2 with his bare hands and sheer force of will.”
This extract was taken from the memoirs of Kurt Schell who was known to stretch the truth a bit; he even drew a picture of his battle versus the Future Communist Bear in the margins. Ivan died two days after making this entry; it is believed he died killing the re-animated corpse of Future Communist Bear.

~ Andrew.
Mikail Eisenstein
with Chris Townley
For as long as Mikail Eisenstein can remember he has been fighting against the Germans. From the opening days of the war, through the long retreat of 1941 he fought from the gunners platform on an SU-12 self-propelled gun until an artillery round destroyed his vehicle. Though the entire crew miraculously survived, from then on he found himself shuffled around from unit to unit as the Red Army threw everything it had into the meat grinder in an attempt to stop the fascist invaders.

In 1943 he once again found himself at the tip of the spear, commanding a SU-76 assault gun at the Battle of Kursk. Once again he witnessed the power of the German war machine as masses of tanks simply drove through the Soviet defensive lines. Through the confusion of battle, Mikail watched a lone Ferdinand emerge from the smoke and haze on the battlefield. Yelling at his crew Mikail quickly manoeuvred into the beast’s flank and poured put a shot after shot into its flank eventually stopping it cold.

Now as the invasion of Germany begins he finds himself in the thick of the action again, wondering what the last days of the war will bring.

~ Chris.

Mikail Eisenstein

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