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Mechanised Aces
What is Mechanised Aces?
Mechanised Aces is a build-up campaign system that allows players to expand their armies over time. Players start with 500-point lists and build up to 900-point lists throughout the campaign.

During the campaign each player gets to make their own Mechanised Ace and tell his heroic story during the Allied advance up Italy towards the gothic line.

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Wargames Illustrated
Mechanised Aces Heroes Mechanised Aces Heroes
To accompany last week’s Mechanised Aces contents, I decided to put together some background stories for some heroes I am thinking of running in future Mechanised Aces campaigns here at Battlefront.

Mechanised Aces Heroes...
Mechanised Aces Battle Report:
Armored Rifle Company vs. Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie

Andrew's Armored Rifle Company faces off against Blake's Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie in a Campaign Turn Two 700 point Mechanised Aces battle report.

Mechanised Aces Battle Report...
Mechanised Aces Battle Report
Battlefront Studio Mechanised Aces Battlefront Studio Mechanised Aces
Andrew, Mike, and Chris share their Mechanised Aces with us.

Battlefront Studio Mechanised Aces...
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The Story So Far
This Mechanised Aces campaign continues the story of Infantry Aces, as the Allies are now breaking out of Cassino and Anzio to fight their way to the Gothic Line.

Historically, after the Allies secured the Anzio beachhead they were supposed to help surround the German troops retreating from the Liri Valley. General Mark Clark instead took his men and invaded Rome, wanting the honour of taking the first of the Axis powers’ capital cities. The Axis troops retreating from Cassino and the Liri Valley were able to slip through the Allied lines and help fortify the German defences.

The choices made during these battles are now yours. As an Allied commander, will you go for the glory of taking Rome, or help capture the retreating Axis troops? As the Axis player, can you hold off the Allied advance and break through their lines to reinforce the Gothic line?

Are you doomed to repeat history or can you change it?
Additional Downloadable Content
The Final Mission
The Campaign Map
Core Mechanised / Infantry Aces Rules
The Final Mission
The Campaign Map
Core Mechanised / Infantry Aces Rules
Download the Gothic Line final mission here... Download the Mechanised Aces campaign map here... Download the Core Mechanised / Infantry Aces rules here...
Mechanised Aces FAQ

Q: Are the Infantry Aces rules needed in order to play Mechanised Aces?
A: Yes. Mechanised Aces uses the same core rules governing the upgrade of your Ace. Whenever you see the term Infantry Ace, read it as referring to your Mechanised Ace.

Q: I have an infantry command team in my Mechanised Ace, what abilities lists can I choose from and which ones do the Tank command team use?
A: The main Infantry ability list is Iron Horse. Hell On Wheels is made for both infantry Mechanised Aces and tank Mechanised Aces. Tank team Mechanised Aces can use the Hard and Fast as well as Hell On Wheels abilities.    

Q: Is filling out my Mechanised Ace sheet just like filling out an Infantry Ace sheet?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I play my Infantry Ace force versus a Mechanised Ace force?
A: Yes. Just remember that different list building rules apply to each army. The Infantry Ace player must follow the rules for building his level of army and the Mechanised Ace player must follow the Mechanised Ace rules for his army.

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