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Devil's Charge

Commandos vs. Engineers
Creating the Battle of Malmedy Scenario
with Mark Francis & Mike Haught

Mark and I have plans to try and meet up for a pre-Shifting Sands game that focuses on the battle of Malmedy, where our forces met in combat on 21 December 1944.

Like Bastogne and St. Vith, Malmedy is situated on an important crossroads. Peiper was under orders to avoid it in case the Americans held it in strengh, but in actual fact the only unit there was a company of the 291st Engineers. The Germans finally assaulted with Skorzeny's panzer brigade the village on 21 December, however in the time lost the Americans had reinforced the village with the 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate), the 526th Armored Rifle Battalion, and elements of the 30th Infantry DIvision. At that point the fight was on, which is where Mark and I will spar with our Flames Of War forces.

I've been pretty busy working with Steve MacLauchlan who is visiting our office this week, so I haven't made any progress on my painting, as you can tell by my painting table below! Fortunately, however, Mark has been hard at work putting together our Malmedy scenario table.

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Commandos vs. Engineers: Part Four
Our goal for this scenario is two-fold. We're not only designing this table to represent the battle at Malmedy for our game, its also going to be used as a table at Shifting Sands itself. So, here's a quick look at what is in store for at least a few players.
Commandos vs. Engineers: Part Four

Key buildings include the "TD House" and the paper mill, so we've included those. There was a large railroad embankment. Rather than having to build an embankment, we probably will just treat it as concealment and perhaps bulletproof cover. The details have yet to be worked out. Many thanks to Mark for setting this one up! Hopefully we'll be able to formalize it a bit more so that we can upload a Malmedy scenario for you to play at home.

Next week we'll get back to our regular painting schedule!

~ Mike

Last Updated On Thursday, November 29, 2012 by Mike at Battlefront