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Tank Aces

North American Office: Tank Aces League
The Introduction
with Joe Krone

The North American Battlefront Miniatures office was very excited about getting the Tank Aces campaign as a great excuse to build and collect some new forces. We created a lunch-time league and for the first week we busily assembled and prepared our tanks for battle. Over the league's remaining weeks, we played the three-round campaign and continued to work on our tanks so in the end we had a fully painted 900 -point force.

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Tank Aces
The Tank Aces campaign is a wonderful league to play because the games are quick and can easily be played in an hour (which is conveniently our lunch break at work). Players new to the hobby will also find Tank Aces a great way to be introduced to the rules because it concentrates on moving, shooting, and some morale without the additional rules confusing you. Once you understand how tanks work in the game you can work on learning other aspects of the rules such as assaults, artillery, and aircraft.
American Shermans

We selected our forces, set up the gaming tables and the league was off and running. Here is a breakdown of our players:

The Good Guys
Joe Krone fielding a US Tank Destroyer Company from Blood, Guts, & Glory.
Jordan Carasa fielding a US Tank Company from Blood, Guts, & Glory.
Dave Griffin fielding a US Tank Company from Blood, Guts, & Glory.

The Baddies
Brian Sayman fielding a German Tank Company from Grey Wolf.
Bruce Beardsley fielding a German Tank Company from Grey Wolf.
Rob Villnave fielding a Soviet Tank Batalon from Red Bear

Next week I will introduce all of the players complete with their army list they will be using throughout the campaign.

~ Joe.

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German Panthers

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